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AIOPM is a slang term that describes mentally challenged TikTokers with special needs who are treated and exploited similarly to lolcows. The word is not an acronym but is instead a nonsensical combination of letters that TikToker Eduardo Majin (@eduardomajin4) would often write in the bios of his videos starting in late 2019. Inspired by Eduardo's fanbase calling him an "AIOPM" and wondering what it meant, other TikTokers were eventually lumped into the slang term, including Daniel Larson, Joshua Block (@worldoftshirts) and Huncho (@bandit.huncho).


On October 17th, 2019, TikToker[1] eduardomajin4 posted a duet in which he crudely lip-dubbed the song "Absolutely Anything (feat. Or3o)" by CG5. The video's bio simply read, "AIOPM," and over the course of three years, it received over 7,700 plays and 330 likes (shown below, left). In the days that followed, eduardomajin4 posted multiple duets of a similar nature, writing in the caption of many "AIOPM." For instance, on October 30th, 2022, he posted a lip-dub TikTok[2] with "AIOPM" written in the caption, earning roughly 23,600 plays and 1,700 likes in three years (shown below, right).



♬ Absolutely Anything (feat. Or3o) – CG5



♬ Coming Home – Diddy – Dirty Money


Thereafter, in the comment sections of eduardomajin4's videos, many users would spam "AIOPM" and ask him what it meant. Most likely due to his mental disabilities, eduardomajin4 never elaborated on the term and left it up for speculation.

In late 2020, "AIOPM" started to be referenced in accordance with TikToker bandit.huncho. For instance, on December 18th, 2020, TikToker[3] guccifamousjoshfan posted a compilation of bandit.huncho videos and used "#aiopm" in the description, earning roughly 104,200 plays and 16,700 likes in two years (shown below).

@guccifamousjoshfan What Are Are You Choosing? #aiopm #hunchohop #hunchotwerk #woo ♬ original sound – Huncho Gucci Gang!

Going into 2021, TikTokers like worldoftshirts and Daniel Larson started to be called AIOPMs. For instance, on August 21st, 2021, TikToker[4] itsyaboijacobyyy pinned TikToker akamrstealyourgirl and TikToker Daniel Larson against each other in an AIOPM powerscaling edit, earning roughly 1.6 million plays and 265,600 likes in a year and a half (shown below).

@itsyaboijacobyyy @akamrstealyourgirl your in trouble 😈 #aiopm #daniellarson #huncho #MyTeacherWins #MicroRaveWithRoni #bandit2000000 #roaringthunder #roringthunder ♬ original sound – ItsYaBoiJacoby

Notable AIOPMs

Daniel Larson

Daniel Larson is a TikTok creator and personality most known for his controversial and confusing lore. Starting in 2020, Larson started posting content to TikTok that many read as cryptic or mentally ill, prompting users to lean in out of curiosity. He grew a cult following throughout 2020 and 2021 for various arcs in his channel's history including running for President of the United States, the fog on his camera disappearing and reappearing, his obsession with pop singer Grace Vanderwaal, as well as his multiple bans due to NSFW nudity on livestreams.

Joshua Block / World Of T-Shirts

World Of T-Shirts or WorldOfTshirts is the social media handle of online comedian and personality Joshua Block, as well as the name of his online T-shirt store. Block gained significant notoriety on TikTok around October 2020 for his comedy videos, live streams and vlogs, particularly for his eccentric, extroverted and naturally entertaining personality. Block has been criticized for charging his fans to take pictures and videos with him. In May 2021, Block paid to have a billboard in Times Square display him dancing along with his TikTok handle.

Brent Peterson

Brent Peterson (@brent1330metalfunk) is a West Virginia-based TikToker most known for his bait-and-switch stitches in which he states that he's running for President of the United States in 2024 while using a low-quality phone camera and multiple TikTok filters. His videos gained attention on TikTok due to his schizoposting signifiers and saying "Vote for me for President of the United States. I am Brent Peterson" in every video. He started posting in mid-2022 and received multiple fan edits as his videos gained more engagement.

James Droz

James Droz (@jamesdroz566) is a sports TikToker known for the What Happened? or What Happeneduhh? NFL meme in which after every football or basketball game, he asks the losing team his catchphrase, "What happened?" Jamesdroz566 is a "Special Needs TikToker" who grew a cult following throughout the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 NFL, NBA and NCAA seasons. His videos are often shared on Twitter and elsewhere as a way for sports fans to troll their opponents when they lost. He is considered by some to be an AIOPM, however, he's generally more accepted by the mainstream audience that has come to adore him.

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