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Robbaz is the alias of the Swedish YouTube videogame commentator and lets-player Robert Öberg.
His alias came from a nickname Öberg was called at school, as a common nickname for the name Robert in Sweden is Robban and by turning the N on its side you get Robbaz. He is most well known for his Skyrim, Sims 3 and Kerbal Space Program videos. His style of lets play differs between either roleplaying as the player character of the game (Skyrim, Mount and Blade) or as a standard commentator (Kerbal Space Program, Sims 3).

Online History

Robert Öberg started his YouTube account on May 31st 2006, he began by uploading short videos of him testing video-games at different levels of quality and short lets-plays of Fallout, Mass Effect and Dead Rising 2. Öberg's Youtube channel began to gain large amounts of viewers with the release of his Dead Rising 2 ending video which has gained over one million views and his "Welcome to moonbase alpha" video which has achieved over 400000 views since being released in 2010.

Shortly after this, his modding videos of minecraft managed to also receive huge viewer numbers. In 2011 Robbaz took his channel in a new direction with the release of his "Duke Nukem Forever Whiteboard – Operation: Homo Moose" video in which Robbaz fully voiceovers the video instead of using captions. This video was very well received and has since gained 1.1 million views.

Since then Robbaz started doing multiple lets-plays which include his Viking Commentary series of lets-plays using the title of "Robbaz King of Sweden" playing games like Fallout, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Call of Cthulhu and Kerbal Space Program.

Skyrim Viking series

One of Robbaz's first series, here he roleplays as the Nord "Badass" in which Robbaz plays through Skyrim's story using his fists as primary weapons along with his trusty Walrus named "Walrus" and Polar Bear "Oslo"

Viking Space Program

Robbaz's play-throughs of Kerbal Space Program. This series is one of Robbaz's longest running series where Robbaz creates and sends different types and complex crafts into space, these range from a Ship Tanker, a Massive Cube and other unusual creations.

Sims 3 RedNeck Brothers

In this series Robbaz plays the Sims 3 and roleplay's a stereotypical American redneck family living in the lap of luxury. This lets-play has given rise to fan favourite creations such as King, Clyde and Bertram and currently this series is on the 30th episode making it the longest Robbaz series.

Pay To Win

In this Series, Robbaz attempts to find out if games which are titled Pay to Win by the video game community live up to this description or if it is an unfair description.

Robbaz King of Sweden

When Robbaz first started his Viking commentary series, his starting phase for all videos was Robbaz King of Sweden. He continued this until late 2012 however stopped saying this phase along with his King of Nipples phase as he started to feel it was becoming childish and boring and that there were other YouTubers who used these type of phases to attract young teen audiences and Robbaz wanted to do something new.


Robbaz's catchphrase, a frequent line which Robbaz uses to compliment his video game situations, it has also been taken and used by fans Robbaz due to its uniqueness to his videos.

Goat Island

A collection of Videos in which Robbaz has modded Far Cry 3, 4 and Arma 3. In the videos Robbaz role-plays as a soldier who is tasked with taking down the goat army of goat island and their pig allies.

Cooking With the Kock

This is a series of cooking videos where Robbaz cooks unusual meals and tastes them. He did these videos due to his Chef experience and from popular demand from his fans, it was originally done for a 400 video special but turned into a occasional series.

House Corgi

In this series Robbaz roleplay's as his own creation Lord Corgi of House Corgi in the Game Of Thrones mod (A Clash of Kings) for Mount and Blade Warband with Robbaz attempting full domination of Westeros with his trusty arrow-headed servant Yohnas.

Personal Life and Trivia

Robbaz has created over 500 videos and has amassed over one million subscribers as of February 2015.

He currently lives in Northern Sweden and has a gymnasium (High School) degree as a chef. Before becoming a YouTuber he has had to deal with depression and anxiety due to his father passing away. However he has since recovered and stated that doing YouTube has helped greatly and that by talking to other people got him through, hence he tells others who where in his situation to do the same.

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