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Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks is an American actor best known for his Academy Award winning roles in Forrest Gump and Philadelphia, in addition to appearing in dozens of other films and voice-acting as the main character Woody in Pixar’s movie Toy Story trilogy.

Acting Career

From 1980-1982 Hanks starred in Bosom Buddies, a sitcom about two men that dress as women to qualify for their apartment.[1] He acted in several films in the mid-80s, but his break-out role was in the film Big (1988), a comedy about a pre-teen boy who wishes to be big and wakes up in the body of a grown man. The film earned Hanks his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role. He went on to win two Oscars for Best Actor in a Leading Role; one in 1994 for Philadelphia and one in 1995 for Forrest Gump. He voiced the role of Woody in the animated film Toy Story in 1995, going on to reprise the role in the trilogy's second and third film.

Online History

On February 27th, 2011, Jimmy Kimmel Live uploaded a segment from their show to their YouTube channel featuring Hanks and an actress playing his young daughter competing in a beauty pageant. The video is parody of the TLC reality show Toddlers and Tiaras. As of February 2014, the video has more than 7.9 million views.

On October 7th, 2013, Official Comedy uploaded a video to their YouTube channel titled, "Tom Hanks: The Movie." The video is a mash-up of many of Hank's most famous roles, such as Forrest Gump and Jim Lovell (Apollo 13) stitched together to form a single narrative. As of February 2014, the video has over 480,000 views.

On October 12th, 2013, The Jonathan Ross Show, a British talk show, uploaded a segment from their show featuring Hanks dancing on giant floor keyboard like he did in the film Big. As of February 2014, the video has over 4.8 million views.

As of February 2014, Hank's Facebook page[2] has over 4.1 million likes and Twitter acount[3] has over 7.8 million followers. Popular Tumblr blogs dedicated to the actor include hellyeahtomhanks[4] and fuckyeahtomjhanks.[5]

Ask Me Anything

On September 30th, 2013, Tom Hanks joined Reddit to host his very first Ask Me Anything (AMA) interview.[10] During the Q&A event, which was self-admittedly started to promote his then-upcoming film Captain Phillips, the actor offered candid, witty, and at times surprising, answers to a selection of 86 questions from a vast pool of more than 13,200 comments submitted by his fans, from his favorite films and food to his thoughts on Friends and dating advice for men on Reddit.

[-] locomotors 9 points 38 minutes ago Mr Hanks, would you ever do a sequel to Apollo 13? permalink -1 Tom Hanks Tom Hanks (S1 27 points 6 minutes ago Apollo 14? permalink parent [-] chatoboi 12 points 49 minutes ago Thanks (that's what I'm referring to you as), what was the outcome of the movie? permalink role you played in that you were most disappointed in the ↑ [-] Tom_Hanks Norte Torm Hanks [5] 31 points 46 minutes ago Not a one. permalink parent ↑ [-] Ginge-unit 1 point 39 minutes ago If you were a Friends character, which would you be and why? permalink ↑ (-120M, Tom, Hanks [5] 5 points 55 seconds ago Tom_Hanks The naked guy out the window across the back alley. permalink parent

[-] King igglypuff 10 points 41 minutes ago Hi, Mr. Hanks. I'm having a hard time "closing the deal" with women. I'm really strong on the cold opening and I am able to keep them interested but when it come to asking for their phone number or asking them out on a date I have a hard time finishing the job. Do you have any advice on my problem or perhaps ways to make this initial step intoa eother? (Cite your sources please.) permalink [-] K ke Torm Hanks [S] 23 points 14 minutes ago Be a gentleman and tell the truth and things might be better for you. And, mustache? Shave it off! permalink parent [-] swampfunk 50 points 46 minutes ago Howdy Tom Hanks, I want you to know, I work for a major university and as part of our marketing strategy planning, we had to decide what type of celebrity our school wanted to be like. We chose you. That's how awesome you are, entire universities attempt to mold their students to be like you. With that being said, if you could go back in time to send one message to yourself at age 30, what would you say? permalink [-] Tom Hanks [S] 127 points 26 minutes ago Floss more often permalink parent Czolgosz2 2 points 7 minutes ago Tom, in case my first comment gets buried, and it will, I thought I'd make a more specific one. My mom and dad worked at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival during the summer of '79. My mom, Sara O'Neil, was the house manager, and the two of you were mutual friends with a woman named Joanne VanDeVort. If yo see this, my dad's birthday was this month, and it would just make his year to know that you remember them at al. Thanks so much! permalink ↑ t-j NNNAM Tom_Hanks Did Jo work in the box office? she once told me her pipes burst in winter permalink parent Tom Hanks [5] 4 points 2 minutes ago

Reddit Hangout

On September 28th, 2015, almost exactly two years after joining Reddit to host his first and only AMA event, Tom Hanks returned to the site, without any prior announcement, and randomly chimed in with replies to a total of 13 unique threads[12] on /r/AskReddit, /r/movies and /r/AskHistorians. On the following day, Redditor Roadr submitted a post titled "Tom Hanks has not posted in a year, and today post 13 times to multiple subs" to /r/movies[13], where it garnered nearly 4000 upvotes and more than 890 comments in the following 48 hours.

What is the best quote you have ever heard? by Dastolanin AskReddit -1 Tom Hanks 407 points 2 days ago "Throw deep, baby" Kenny Stabler. Oakland Raiders permalink context full comments (87) What's your favorite theme song from a TV show? by Aks95in AskReddit 个[-] Tom-Hanks- 318 points 2 days ago From the first season of True Detective:The Handsome Family. I can't get it out of my soul! permalink context full comments (121) [Serious] When you feel that tickle in your throat and know a sore throat is imminent, what do you do? by jamiegandolfin AskReddit [-] Tom-Hanks_ - 379 points 2 days ago Cancel tomorrow. Get in bed. Sleep at least ten hours. permalink context full comments (104) What is a luxury item, under $150, that would fill a hole in my life I never knew I had? by Reapingkneesn AskReddit [-] Tom-Hanks_.-397 points 2 days ago A typewriter in good working order. permalink context full comments (212) what would be the most underwhelming announcement that NASA scientists make on Monday concerning Mars? by shiba Hook in AskReddit [-] Tom-Hanks-… 263 points 2 days ago No one there! permalink context full comments (3218) Reddit, what is the scariest or weirdest six-word story you can make up? by Rapapazzi in AskReddit 个[-] Tom-Hanks_ CE 571 points 2 days ago @ Godzilla is angry. Not at me. permalink context full comments (139) What is the biggest scam we have accepted and just go with? by naniig9 in AskReddit [-] Tom-Hanks_ -475 points 2 days ago Again: Reality TV permalink context full comments (4063)
What do you think is the scariest single moment in any movie? by XanderLustin movies + [-] Tom-Hanks- 1092 points 2 days ago Alien. The eggs open, and there is something squirming around in there. I have never allowed myself to see what happens next. permalink context full comments (1359) what is a little-known fact about your job? [serious by PastaAndwine 个 Tom-Hanks- 3766 points 2 days ago in AskReddit Looping AKA ADR. Additional Dialog Replacement. Long after shooting, you have to show up at a recording studio and replace, one by one, the lines that have been marred by the editing process or were unusable in the first place, by airplanes or lawn mowers or bad mics. Sometimes, the lines are changed by the director. You must take the time to pace out the line, match the pitch of your voice and recreate the emotion of the scene, all this months after the fact. A single line can take 2 hours to get right. For me, I have to put in about 3 days of ADR/Looping on every movie.. permalink context full comments (3339) What are the best books on Soviet History? by herpaladerpala 个[-] Tom-Hanks-.. 227 points 2 days ago in AskHistorians Lenin's Tomb by David Remnick of The New Yorker. Hands down. It's from a verifiable period of USSR history. Much of the very early stuff was/is fraught with propaganda.. permalink context full comments (38) What is something you thought was awesome as a teenager, but now as an adult think is totally ridiculous? by hgdusnjv883 in AskReddit - Tom Hanks 411 points 2 days ago Pop Tarts. permalink context full comments (18931) What's your favorite move starring a well known actor that doesn't usually come up when talking about their careers by karpo alice 个[-] Tom-Hanks- 2628 points 2 days ago movies Look, I'd go back to That Thing You Do! -- as I think pound for pound it's as accurate a film as any I've been in. permalink context full comments (484)

Tom Hanks Is a Bunch of Animals

On January 27th, 2011, the Tumblr blog Tom Hanks Is a Bunch of Animals[6] was created. The blog features pictures or GIFs of animals with Hanks' face superimposed on the animal's face. The blog was reported on by several websites including Buzzfeed,[7] The Laughing Squid,[8] and The Chive.[9]

On February 1st, 2011, Tom Hanks tweeted a link to the blog from his own Twitter account.

Personal Life

Tom Hanks was born on July 9th, 1956, in Concord, California. He attended Chabot College and California State University, but never graduated. Hanks is married to actress Rita Wilson. They have two children and Hanks has two more children with ex-wife Samantha Lewes.

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For me, Tom Hanks and Sean Penn kind of fit into the same category: I don't agree with their politics per se, but you'd be hard pressed to name a really bad movie they've made. Consummate professionals.


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