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Perhaps refers to an image of cow Otis from 2006 animated film Barnyard paired with the caption "Perhaps". Starting in 2017, the image macro has been circulated online as a subtle way of admitting something morally or legally questionable. The meme is based on the same scene as Mmmm Cow.


On August 4th, 2006, German-American animated film Barnyard [1] premiered in the United States. In one scene of the movie, character Otis, a cow, teases a mailman by dancing and making faces behind his back, while quickly assuming a neutral pose when looked at.


On May 3rd, 2017, Facebook account funnylookingdog posted an image of Otis. The post received more than 100 likes and 80 shares.[5] That day, they published a four-panel meme [4] featuring the image and the caption "Perhaps." The post received more than 745 shares and 100 reactions (shown below).

I only respect people who earn my respect Women aren't automatically respected by me just because they are a woman 0 respect w omen gee hct's PERHAPS

On May 29th, 2017, Redditor [2] 4packgo4 posted a close-up of Otis paired with the caption "Perhaps" to /r/dankmemes subreddit. The post gained over 380 upvotes in four hours before it was removed by the subreddit moderators.

When the police break through your door and ask you if you have 24 terabytes of child p--- on your hd PERHAPS

On June 5th, 2017, Redditor[3] DaddyFarquar posted another meme based on the macro to /r/MemeEconomy subreddit. The post gained over 7,800 upvotes in six months.

When you're staring down the girl witha thicc ass and she turns around and asks if you're staring PERHAPS

In the following years, the image macro has seen consistent use on Reddit and other online platforms, often as a way of indirectly confirming deviant inclinations in order to safely check for the other person's intentions.

Mmmm Cow

Mmmm Cow refers to a series of video edits of a scene from Barnyard in which Otis teases a mailman behind his back. In the videos, Otis is either replaced with other While the first video within the format went viral in October 2020, it did not achieve popularity until February 2021. The meme is based on the same scene as Perhaps.



Various Examples

When a P--- site asks if you are +18 years old PERHAPS ourefinewithgettingsoggywithmyurine La PERHAPS When the farmer asks if you're a talking cow PERHAPs
When the priest asks if you were the one who nutted inside that corpse. r/ dankmemes Perhaps When you get an invite to a neighborhood ross burning PERHAPS

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