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Dr. Pig is an anthropomorphic pig character in the Nickelodeon computer-animated TV show Back at the Barnyard wearing a lab coat and stethoscope. Online the character has been parodied in Tumblr blogs and an image macro series often captioned with variations of the phrase "I diagnose you with dead", a play on the English translation of "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru" (translation: “You Are Already Dead”) from Fist of the North Star.


The television series Back at the Barnyard, a spin-off of the 2006 film Barnyard, premiered on Nickelodeon on September 29th, 2007. The series ran until November 12th, 2011, when the final episode was broadcast on Nicktoons. In the show, a recurring segment featured the character Pig hosting a mock television show titled "Ask Dr. Pig," in which he discusses various health issues (shown below).


On February 1st, 2017, Instagram user @whaleweaves posted a screenshot of a text message conversation role-playing as Dr. Pig (shown below, left). On April 16th, Redditor CuteTorbjorn submitted a picture of Dr. Pig with the caption "When you told her she needs some vitamin D as a joke but then she actually dies of cancer" to /r/dankmemes[2] (shown below, right).

Ask Dr. Pig do i have mesothelioma No but you have testicular cancer thanks This wraps up this episode of ask Dr. Pig When you told her she needs some vitamin D as a joke but then she actually dies of cancer

On July 2nd, the AskDrPig[6] Tumblr blog was launched, featuring posts written from the perspective of the character. On July 20th, a post about Dr. Pig was submitted to the /co/ (Comics & Cartoons) board on 4chan (shown below).[1]

Anonymous Thu 20 Jul 2017 18:58:41 No.94021548 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >94022285 >>94022419 >>94022603 >94025268 >>9402974994030638 >9403 Who can stop Dr.Pig, /co/ Anonymous Thu 20 Jul 2017 19:24:23 No.94022285 Quoted By: >>94022617 Report >94021548 life. 51KIB, 640x472 IMG 2007 jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO幽tumblr-o58un4u6Rzluj6v2g01-500.png 417KiB, 500x457 View Same Google iqdb SauceNA。 ' . Anonymous Thu 20 Jul 2017 19:28:59 No.94022419 Report Quoted By: >>94022643 >94021548 This is a force that can not be stopped, for all that tries to stop it gets stopped itself. View Same Google liqdb C4qjQMRUYAA4UBAjpg, 22KiB,472x346 SauceNAO Dr. Pig Thu 20 Jul 2017 19:36:50 No.94022584 Quoted By: >:94027683 YOU CAN NEVER STOP ME! Report

On October 12th, Tumblr user notorious-business-man posted a screenshot of Dr. Pig with the caption "I diagnose you with dead" in a post referencing the Me, an Intellectual and Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru memes (shown below). Within two weeks, the post gathered more than 35,400 notes. On October 27th, Redditor PigMayor submitted a post titled "We🅱️MD" followed by the same captioned screenshot of Dr. Pig. Within one week, the post received upwards of 2,300 points (97% upvoted) on /r/dankmemes.[5]

notorious-business-man Follow You, a simpleton: omae wa mou shindeiru Me, an intellectual: i diagnose you with dead 0

On October 30th, Redditor submitted a Dr. Pig image macro to /r/MemeEconomy,[4] asking "should I invest?" On October 31st, Instagram user @smiffmaff[3] posted a variation of the image featuring a joke about the Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegations (shown below).

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