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#PitBullDropOff is a hashtag campaign urging people to euthanize pit bull dogs as a public safety measure. In mid-May 2018, various posters on 4chan's /pol/ board took responsibility for the hashtag, claiming it was a hoax meant to inspire outrage in pit bull enthusiasts.


On May 3rd, 2018, Twitter user @BixterN[7] posted a tweet claiming to have joined "the growing wave of activists who are adopting pitbulls and taking them directly to kill shelters" along with the hashtag "#PitbullDropOff" (shown below).

Bixxy Noodles @BixterN This pitbull thing is getting out of hand. So I've decided to join the growing wave of activists who are adopting pitbulls and taking them directly to kill shelters. #PitbullDropOff


On May 5th, 2018, Twitter user coochiepls posted a tweeted claiming to "adopt pitbulls on Craigslist and then put them down" in order to keep "children safe" (shown below). Prior to their suspension from the site, the tweet gained upwards of 850 likes and 200 retweets.[1]

DREAD Raptor @G4U_raptor May 5 Share pictures of your pitbulls with #harmlesspitbull 15 12 156 @coochiepls Replying to@G4U_raptor @WildGoose999 l adopt pitbulls on Craigslist and then put them down, you'll never be able to stop me I'm keeping children safe.

On May 13th, 2018, Memebase[3] published an article about the tweets titled "People Are Adopting Pitbulls For This Majorly F*cked Up Reason." That day, several 4chans posts claiming the hashtag was a hoax campaign began appearing on 4chan's /pol/ board (shown below).[4][5][6]

] Operation #Pitbul!DropOff Anonymous (ID: CHMEENO) 05/13/18(Sun)11:36:59 No.171467987171463522 22171468579 22171468715 Just dropped my pit off at the pound to be put to sleep, it was sad seeing him go but no civilian should own millitary grade assault dogs like these PitbullDropotf 171470378 17147045171470541 171470962171471019171471029 171471319 1711281 171475176 171474139 3171474286 3-171474336 1714743533171474509 171475060 2 171476159 171476388 >> 171476801 #Pitbul!DropOff has been simmering on twitter for two days now, naive pitmommies and various other low IQ individuals are falling for the bait. This will be a major news story by Monday so it's best to escalate the hysteria before the national news breaks for max effect. All you have to do is post a photo of a pitbull you say you picked up and dropped off at a kill shelter under #pitbul!dropoff Rinse and repeat for maximum pitmommie hysteria. Be aware it's best to use burner accounts as pitmommies are mobilizing on facebook to bring down posts. https://twitter.com/hashtag/pitbulldropoff?f-tweets&vertical-default&src-hash

On May 14th, Redditor crockrox submitted a post asking "What is up with the #PitbullDropOff movement?" to the /r/OutOfTheLoop[2] subreddit. In the comments section, Redditor Sullimen replied the hashtag is "a planned 4chan troll movement, not real."

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in reply to Dameon Dice

I don't know.

#Bald4Bieber was funny, #Cutting4Bieber was legitimately malicious. #PitBullDropOff is actually closer to that happy medium of harmless-but-humiliating, even if it is pretty amateurish and clearly based on shock value. Ultimately this is just back-to-the-basics trolling: making an outlandish claim and tricking people into believing it.


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