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Oomfie, Oomf, or, #oomf is an Internet slang acronym meaning “one of my friends” or “one of my followers.” It is commonly used on Twitter as a hashtag in "subtweets," or tweets that subliminally address a specific person or group of people without directly mentioning them. The phrase "oomfie" is used to refer to oomfs in an admirable, or sometimes ironically degrading way.


Though it is unknown where the hashtag #oomf[13] originated, one of the earliest tweets using the hashtag was posted on February 21st, 2011 by @MissShantae_, who was upset that one of her followers did not text her back.

A January 27th, 2011 tweet by @Meme_Hayess is the earliest recorded use of the acronym "Oomf" on Twitter (seen below).


"Oomf" was first added to hashtag dictionary Twittonary[1] on February 27th, 2011, describing the term as a Twitter shorthand for “one of my followers.” On March 7th, it was similarly defined on Urban Dictionary[2]
with an alternate meaning of “one of my friends.” Later that month, A Yahoo! Answers user inquired[3] about the hashtag’s meaning, to which the top voted answer explained that people use #oomf so other people would not know who the tweet was about. In September 2011, the International Business Times[4] included #oomf in a list of hashtag acronyms that trend frequently on Twitter. In December that year, Tumblr blogger 1week1project[5] reported that #oomf was trending and logged a number of tweets using the hashtag.

Tweek! project 。 #oomf A trending topic this Friday night, is #oomf. Based upon extensive research and contemplation, #oomf is either 1) a person, or 2) several people. He/she/they appear to be very well known in the black community. Wait, we are just getting something in it appears that #oomf is now single again. This recent development isn't unexpected as #oomf apparently is quite desirable. However, #oomf also appears to swing both ways. This is just as confusing you as it is to me. #oomf could be an acronym (other oxen make food?) or it could be a play on oomph' the onomatopoeia. Really I have no freakin clue Even though I don't think I came across anything conclusive, I found out some Ik はー

In January 2012, members of the LipstickAlley forums[6] discussed the pros and cons of using #oomf as a covert way to air one's grievances without actually talking to the person in question. In August 2012, the single topic Tumblr The #oomf Diary[7] was created, posting a handful of open-letter style romantic messages directed at an anonymous follower. Around the same time, the Twitter account @OhDearOOMf[8] launched, tweeting similar messages using the hashtag #oomf. As of July 2013, the account has nearly 295,000 followers and the messages get retweeted thousands of times each.[9]

On November 21st, 2012, Buzzfeed[10] reported on the notable resurgence of the "subtweet" hashtag in an article titled "Introducing #Oomf, Twitter’s Best Ever Hashtag." In February 2013, Storify user the_toney compiled[11] dozens of tweets using the hashtag in several different ways, from playful subtweets seeking to interact with anonymous crushes in real life, as well as confrontational tweets aimed at specific individuals. In July 2013, The Daily Dot[12] also reported on the widespread use of the hashtag.

Submissive And Breedable Oomfie

Normalize Platonically Telling Your Bros They Look Submissive And Breedable refers to a viral tweet posted in June 2021 that received significant spread as a copypasta and catchphrase, often attached to image macros, starting that month. The phrase gained significant popularity on Instagram and Twitter. The phrase Submissive and Breedable Oomfie also gained significant traction at this time (example shown below).

Notable Examples

As of July 2013, #oomf has been used on Twitter more than 25 million times, according to Topsy Analytics.[14] According to Twee.co[15], it has been a worldwide trend nearly a dozen times between November 2011 and May 2013. The hashtag can also be found on Tumblr[16] and Instagram[17], where more than 260,000 photos have been tagged #oomf.

Follow Kool Kids Don't Die @BlueFoxsAreCool Tbh; I'd still date #oomf if he'd make the effort to talk to me. Reply Retweet ★ Favorite .Storify More 6:02 PM-8 Jul 13 (GMT-04:00) Follow Sierra Leonet @LOvelye #Oomf Starting To Get On My Nerves, I Hope He Get His S--- Together & Fast Reply Retweet ★ Favorite Storify More 6:19 PM-8 Jul 13 (GMT-04:00) Follow reed miller Greedmilla Didn't realize #oomf had that ass ←Reply Retweet ★ Favorite .Storify More 6:18 PM-8 Jul 13 (GMT-04:00)
▼ 步Follow @kell 21 21 favi is so damn false advertising it makes no sense I seen this hoe today and thought she was a extra for Jurassic park Reply Retweet ★ Favorite Storify More 18 53 RETWEETS FAVORITES 1:08 AM- 8 Jul 13 (GMT-04:00) Follow IG TaylorrMadee24 @Goldyy25 I wish I knew #oomf foreal. Besides just twitter Reply Retweet ★ Favorite .Storify More 21 8:11 PM-7 Jul 13 (GMT-04:00) thugg ▼ 步Follow Thuggidy_Thugg Me & #OOmf Could NEVER Be Done With Each Other, Like It's Literally Impossible. Reply Retweet ★ Favorite Storify More RETWEETSFAVORITES 11:56 PM-7 Jul 13 (GMT-04:00)

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