Problematic Fave / Laughing Chris Evans

Problematic Fave / Laughing Chris Evans

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"Problematic Fave" is an expression used to describe popular celebrities or fictional characters that have been accused of some form of prejudice or bigotry. The phrase is often associated with social justice blogging on the website Tumblr.


On March 17th, 2013, the "Your Fave is Problematic" Tumblr[3] blog was launched, which features blog posts about various celebrities along with examples of gaffes, jokes or public statements that are perceived as "problematic". The first post featured a list of points about comedian Louis C.K., accusing many of his jokes of being racist or misogynistic (shown below).

YOUR FAVE IS PROBLEMATIC yourfaveisproblematic Follow Louis C.K Routinely says "c---", the n-word, and the f-slur in his standup "When a black woman tells you to get a job.. It just hurts more He defended Daniel Tosh after his r--- jokes "I am like a stereotypical Indian with rum The women are sa women I say now that we've heard y minute. And let's all get back together and, vou know, kill the Jews About Sarah Palin: "She has a rd-aking c--- For me, any joke about anything bad is great. That's how I feel. Any joke about r---, the Holocaust, the Mets ahhhhhh! whatever. Any joke about something bad is a positive thing. · . · here's how I feel about this' but they're also saying ' feelings should be everyone's primary concern.. To t u know, shut the f--- up for a · . These tweets about Sarah Palin In a skit about a heckler for his show Louie, he tells a woman (played by . Megan Hilty) complaining that his r--- jokes are offensive that you wouldn't even exist if your mom hadn't r---- that homeless Chinese guy however many years ago" and "Can you do me a favor? Can y just die of AIDS? Does anyone have AIDS that can just put their d--- in her face and get her started on that?" and "l called you a c--- because vour mother is one and she had one" Says that people with nut allergies deserve to die through natural selection ou please "It's not good to r--- people, right? It's not okay to r--- people. But what about Jews? Oh my god did I say that?" “Find a woman late 30s, Jewish girl, smokes, and gives tough · handjobs. I love Jewish girls, cause they just go Come aaaan!' and they're awesome! I'm gonna suck it. Alright? You ready? Totally! Suck it, you dirty Jew, I love you!" . Joked about banning Jews from his shows . His antisemitic Hasidic C-- Tissues" routine. (TW for t-slur at the link. He just sat there and listened to someone else use the t-slur and didn't say anything about it) .On r----- Hitler (I know, what the f---? It's like he's just looking to combine offensive buzzwords) I guess if we were 69ing, then his mustache would tickle my balls, but then that wouldn't really be r--- You can't r--- people into a 69! I'm sure there's much much more, so please submit any links you have #louis ck ouis c.k. #racism #sexism #misogyny #slurs #racial slurs #able 1,293 notes


On May 22nd, 2013, The Daily Dot[5] published an article about the Tumblr blog. On September 22nd, 2014, YouTuber AConMann posted a video titled "Your Fave is Problematic," which criticized the expression for being too judgmental and unforgiving (shown below). On October 30th, the Tumblr "Your Fave is Shit" was launched, which accuses various celebrities of bigotry.

On February 6th, 2015, Urban Dictionary[4] user merger submitted an entry for "problematic fave," defining it as a favorite character "who has problematic views and opinions."

Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans Controversy

On April 22nd, 2015, the pop culture news blog Digital Spy posted a video interview with the Avengers: Age of Ultron actors Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) and Chris Evans (Captain America). At the beginning of the video, the interviewer asks the pair a question about shipping the character Black Widow (portrayed by Scarlett Johansson) to which Renner replied "She's a slut." leading Evans to burst into laughter (shown below).

Following the release of the video, many accused actors of slut shaming on various social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr (shown below).

Spooky Arthur @Samhainix 44m Why would someone say something like that, people have been defending it as banter but it's just f*"ked up #JeremyRenner stevebucky emma @PRESERUMPINING 12h YES its okay to like chris evans and jeremy renner NO its not okay to try to justify what they said it was problematic accept it and move on わ 2-149 ★95 Naacal. @Ricky TheBandit 47m Jeremy Renner in Louie is his best role ever Eric Lee @daguang12 3m @Renner4Real you and @ChrisEvans should say sorry to all women and you2 not on my model list anvmore Meg Linehan @itsmeglinehan 48m @Renner4Real @ChrisEvans do better, because this s--- is awful m youtube. com/watch?v=acJzw2 View conversation NICEY SPICEY @megoney - 23m Is this the only way Jeremy Renner can get attention smgdh View media ian&nikki2015 @somereedspecial 51m @sansaslady @JaneBenn333 @ChrisEvans @Renner4Real Why would you teresa s eserlions call out others for doing something you happily allow for another female @Renner4Real @ChrisEvans I never would have expected such a comment from you guys. You've broken my heart and made me lose all respect for u View conversation View conversatior lauren @nicepizzolatto 59m are people still going to call chris evans and jeremy renner 'unproblematic faves' after that s--- they said about black widow's character teresa s @malteserlions 30m @Renner4Real @ChrisEvans I never would have expected such a comment from you guys. You've broken my heart and made me lose all respect for u View conversation Jake Kitley-Gibbons @j_kitley 2005 1h 38m Very disappointed with some remarks made by @Renner4Real in an interview today, regarding Black Widow and the supposed romance SIDA LI @sidadada Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans called black widow a slut/w----. That totally make me sick. haley @rnercury 1h chris evans and jeremy renner slut shamed natasha romanoff hahah what the f--- dude Kristoph Liu @NineGreta 2m Just want to say one thing.No one is perfect.people make mistakes.they made a mistake yesterday.Still I love Jeremy Renner,now and future Christina Darling @VoodooDarling 1h I wonder what @josswhedon thinks about Jeremy Renner calling Black Widow's character a slut and a w---- during an interview Hege @Hegexo 5nm @Renner4Real Slut shaming and being ableist is not cool, expected better of you!

On April 23rd, 2015, the video found its way to 4chan's /tv/ (television and film) board[2], where many defended Renner's statement as a joke. Following that, numerous reaction images and various other derivatives had been made, primarily featuring the a shot of Chris Evans laughing (shown below).


"Your Fave Is" Twitter Accounts

Since as early as 2014, a variety of Twitter accounts using variations of the phrasal template "your fave is" have been reporting which celebrity falls into specific designations. One of the earliest accounts, @faveisbisexual[6] or "your fave is bisexual" has been posting images of famous bisexuals. The account launched on October 14th, 2014.

Over the next four years, more accounts utilized the format to post "faves" that are pansexual,[7] "a dumbass,"[8] emo[9] and more, either for sincere or humorous and sarcastic purposes (examples below).

your fave is an a------ @urfaveisanass nicolas cage is an a------ your fave is pansexual @faveispan luna lovegood is pansexual your fave is bisexual @faveisbisexual YOU are bisexual

Your Fave Is Problematic Author Reveal

On February 25th, 2021, the New York Times[11] published "My Year of Grief and Cancellation," an editorial by Liat Kaplan, who says they ran the blog "Your Fave is Problematic." In the article, they explain that they started the blog following the sudden death of their sister, but later came to regret their work. They write:

In the years since, I’ve looked back on my blog with shame and regret -- about my pettiness, my motivating rage, my hard-and-fast assumptions that people were either good or bad. Who was I to lump together known misogynists with people who got tattoos in languages they didn’t speak? I just wanted to see someone face consequences; no one who’d hurt me ever had.

There’s something almost quaint about it all now: teenage me, teaching myself about social justice on Tumblr while also posturing as an authority on that very subject, thinking I was making a difference while engaging in a bit of schadenfreude. Meanwhile, other movements -- local, global, unified in their purposes and rooted in progressive philosophies -- were organizing for actual justice. Looking back, I was more of a cop than a social justice warrior, as people on Tumblr had come to think of me.

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