Rainbolt *Click* Yep. I'll Take It. Meme

Rainbolt *Click* Nice. I'll Take It.

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Rainbolt *Click* Nice. I'll Take It refers to a phrasal template used to caption images of professional GeoGuessr player Trevor Rainbolt guessing non-geographical concepts with intense accuracy. The most common image macro shows Rainbolt wearing a blue sweater and focusing on his computer. The phrase is supposed to mimic the sounds of his fast gameplay. The meme format especially trended on Twitter, starting in October 2022. Going into 2023, the snowclone became increasingly exploited as did the image of Rainbolt which was photoshopped in accordance with what he was imagined to be guessing.


On August 10th, 2022, Rainbolt posted a Reel to Instagram [1] that was a compilation of his "best guesses on Google Maps in one second but the image is black and white, inverted and scrambled," earning roughly 32,900 likes in five months. In the video, he's seen wearing a blue sweater. A screenshot of the video was used by Vice [2] in an article about Rainbolt published on September 9th, 2022.

On October 13th, 2022, Twitter[3] user funeralpig tweeted the screenshot of Rainbolt, captioning it as if he was guessing online pornography films with great accuracy. Over the course of three months, the tweet received roughly 7,600 likes (shown below).

wargen @funeralpig B------ Sandwich vol 12 *click* nice T---- Creampies vol 7 *click* close enough Stepsister Needs Help With Homework *click* we'll take it 11:44 AM. Oct 13, 2022 :

Blowjob Sandwich vol 12
Titty Creampies vol 7
close enough
Stepsister Needs Help With Homework
we'll take it


On October 14th, 2022, Twitter[4] StevieBlunder__ tweeted the first variant of the format, instead referencing the body parts of female characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! such as "Magi Magi Magician Gal’s collarbone" and "Tearlament Havnis’ thighs." The tweet received over 140 likes in four months (shown below, left). More iterations surfaced in November 2022. For instance, Twitter[5] user pissboymcgee tweeted an iteration on November 4th, 2022, that showed the guessing of Family Guy characters, gaining roughly 30,800 likes in three months (shown below, right). Twitter's pissboymcgee's tweet was then screenshotted and reposted to Instagram,[6][7] additionally earning viral engagement.

Stevie Blunder @StevieBlunder___ Magi Magi Magician Gal's collarbone *click* Tearlament Havnis' thighs *click* El Shaddoll Construct's armpit *click* Evil Twin Lil-la's ass *click* Underworld Goddess' forearm *click* we'll take it 7:45 AM. Oct 14, 2022 : kelbin @pissboymcgee peter griffin .. *click* ..nice.. lois .. *click* ..yup .. quagmire .. *click* .. I'll take it 7:11 PM . Nov 3, 2022 :

In the months that followed, more iterations surfaced on Twitter which became increasingly meta as time went on. For instance, on December 6th, 2022, Twitter[8] user chowderjulius tweeted a version in which Rainbolt was humorously stumped, gaining roughly 56,500 likes in one month (shown below, left). On January 4th, 2022, Twitter[9] user jakebrodes tweeted a version that made Rainbolt appear fat using a FaceApp filter. The tweet then imagined that Rainbolt was guessing objectively unhealthy foods with great accuracy, gaining roughly 9,700 likes in one day (shown below, right).

Liam @chowderjulius Dont know *click* No idea *click* Beats me *click* No clue *click* 1:32 PM Dec 6, 2022 jake @jakebrodes that's a big hot dog. Yep. Mustard and ketchup. Classic. Mahi mahi tacos we'll take that. Frito Pie wow can't believe that but alright. That's a cheese burger for sure. Rack of ribs. 8:38 PM Jan 4, 2023 : FaceApp

Various Examples

xay / dstress @arcanelimbonoir doomer soyjak .. *click* ..nice.. based kinocel .. *click* ..yup .. sneed .. *click* .. I'll take it 12:20 PM Nov 5, 2022 flowwt ☆ @flowwt ... duck.. *click* ..yep.. level 2.. *click* ..nice .. tier 3 unit.. *click* good enough nice.. kinda pog .. *click* .. I'll take it.. garlic armor *click*.. Ryan Letourneau 8:18 AM Dec 9, 2022 Sam @BigWillyITGuy99 george costanza .. *click* ..nice.. elaine .. *click* .. yup .. newman .. *click* .. I'll take it.. uncle leo .. *click* .. close enough 2:47 AM Nov 12, 2022 : Miami Vice Apologist @ViceApologist Bridgehead City... *click* .. nice ... the old shack.. *click* yup.. Three Brothers Rocks ... *click* ...ill take it.. Hallelujah Mountains.. you usually only see these type of trees on the eastern continent... *click* ... nice RDA : 9:30 AM Dec 20, 2022 fat stanley @xamstermale that's cow, he goes moo... nice. pig, he goes oink... nice. that's sheep, he goes baa... i'll take it. 1:48 PM Nov 27, 2022 Twitter for iPhone : David Bowie Innocence Project @sofreakingfun : square peg... goes into square hole *click* nice. triangle peg goes into... semicircle *click* ill take it. star peg goes... star *click* too easy 9:18 PM Dec 12, 2022



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