Refuses to Elaborate Further copypasta example with a Gigachad pictured below.

Refuses to Elaborate Further

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Refuses to Elaborate Further is a copypasta that describes a person barging into a discussion, making a statement and leaving without elaborating further. Usually paired with an image of GigaChad 2, the copypasta gained popularity in memes in March 2021.


On February 26th, 2021, iFunny[1] user Armory posted a screenshot of a Discord post describing a person who "barges into any discussion," says "the jews did it" and leaves without elaborating, with the text followed by an image of Russian model Batyr Suleymanov, also known as "GigaChad 2." The post (shown below) received over 1,700 smiles in three weeks.

>Barges into any discussion or argument >The Jews did it >Refuses to elaborate further >Leaves


On February 27th, 2021, Redditor Cyan-Gost reposted the meme to /r/PolitcalCompassMemes[2] subreddit, editing the Authoritarian Right political compass quadrant onto GigaChad 2's face. The post received over 5,800 upvotes in three weeks (shown below, top right). On February 28th, Redditor[3] UMR_Doma and another unknown Redditor[4][5] posted three versions of the meme for the other three quadrants, with memes gaining over 17,300, 6,800 and 3,400 upvotes, respectively *shown below, top left, bottom left and bottom right).

>Barges into any discussion or argument >It's capitalism's fault >Refuses to elaborate further >Leaves >Barges into any discussion or argument >The Jews did it >Refuses to elaborate further >Leaves Authoritarian Righ Economic
>Barges into any discussion or argument Republicans are fascists >Refuses to elaborate further >Leaves >Barges into any discussion or argument >It's the government's fault >Refuses to elaborate further >Leaves

In the following days, more Redditors posted versions of the meme in /r/PoliticalCompassMemes.[6][7]

On March 1st, 2021, Facebook[8][9] groups PoLITical Compass Memes and Chadposting reposted collections of Refuses to Elaborate Further memes from the subreddit, gaining over 600 reactions and 90 shares and 680 reactions and 120 shares, respectively.

In the following weeks, the format achieved notable spread online, primarily on Facebook.

Various Examples

Daily Roman Updates @UpdatingOnRome >Barges into any discussion or argument > Carthago delenda est >Refuses to elaborate further >leaves >Barges into 3rd world nation > Proceeds to declare war >Refuses to elaborate further > Refuses to leave >Barges into any discussion or argument >1984 >Refuses to elaborate further >Leaves
>Barges into any discussion or argument > Members of my clan died on the death star >Refuses to elaborate further >Leaves >Barges into any history argument or discussion >Says "Greeks did it first" >Refuses to elaborate farther >Leaves रयय सयसयरेस >Barges into a room full of zombies >Yells "POOWEEEEEEEERR!" >Refuses to elaborate >Proceeds to kill all zombies


>Barges into any discussion or argument >Refuses to elaborate further >Leaves

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For some reason, the line "refuses to elaborate further" makes me imagine that he stays around a little while before he leaves, so that people can ask him to explain what he means, just for him to say no to them.


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