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Say the Line, Wojak

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Say the Line, Wojak is a catchphrase and phrasal template used in a series of Wojak Comics memes that post-ironically mock Overly Specific Wojaks, such as Bearjak and Meowjak, with GigaChad requesting they say a pun based on their appearance. Many of the object-shaped Wojaks also had Impjak's face. Spawned by a viral tweet, the format saw a minor presence on Twitter in 2022.


On January 30th, 2022, Twitter user @ActualFishReal posted a Wojak Comic meme imagining an interaction between GigaChad and a Squirrel Wojak, referred to as "Squirreljak" (tweet no longer available, repost shown below). In the comic, GigaChad asks Squrreljak to "say the line," with the character replying with a squirrel-based pun. On February 1st, 2022, Redditor koonsbmw1 reposted a screenshot of the tweet to the /r/LesbianInsectBrothel[1] subreddit (shown below), gaining over 1,400 upvotes in eight months, with more reposts following in early February 2022.

Fish @ActualFish Real "Say the line, squirreljak" "This guy is NUTS!" "hahaha, i love this little fella" 6 8:26 PM 1/30/22 Twitter for iPhone


On February 5th, 2022, iFunny[2] user SelfAwareCalzone posted the earliest derivative Wojak Comic within the trend, a meme about "tennisjak" that received over 2,700 smiles in eight months (shown below, left).

In February and March 2022, more Wojak Comics memes based on the joke were posted online. For example, on February 22nd, Twitter[3] user @Chudayeen posted a Meowjak and Impjak meme that gained over 80 retweets and 460 likes (shown below, right).

Fish @ActualFish Real "Say the line, squirreljak" "This guy is NUTS!" "hahaha, i love this little fella" 6 8:26 PM 1/30/22 Twitter for iPhone Chudayeen @Chudayeen "Come on...say the line meowjak” "Guess I've just been Feline down" "Oh meowjak, yuo need to be more pawsitive with a catitude like that" 12:30 PM. Feb 22, 2022. Twitter for iPhone :

On September 26th, 2022, Twitter[4] user @2seatlimousine posted a tweet about Overly Specific Wojaks that gained over 910 retweets and 10,200 likes in three days, inspiring other users to post more Say the Line, Wojak memes featuring them. For example, on September 26th, Twitter[5] user @2seatlimousine posted a meme that gained over 3,200 retweets and 19,100 likes in three days (shown below).

KY @2seatlimousine "SAY THE LINE FROSTEDSUGARCOOKIEJAK!!!!" "This oughta *sweeten* the deal!" "Hahaha I love this delicious little fella" og KY @2seatlimousine . Sep 26 Wojaks that make absolutely no sense and have zero reason to exist be funny as hell 9:23 PM. Sep 26, 2022. Twitter for iPhone :

Say the Line, Bart

Say the Line, Bart! refers to a three-panel series of exploitable stills from The Simpsons in which the classmates of character Bart Simpson look at him expectedly, asking him to say the catchphrase that made him famous in the episode. After he says it dejectedly, the classmates celebrate. In the exploitables, the line Bart says is changed.

When the OP of a post says some real dumb s--- and gets roasted SAYTHE LINE OP! Deactivated SAY THE LINE KENSHIRO OMAE WA MOUSHINDEIRO SAY YOUR PHRASE, BILLS DESTROY

Suspiciously Shaped Wojaks

Suspiciously Shaped Belly and Suspiciously Shaped Wojaks refer to a series of memes in which various objects go missing, with an object-shaped person who obviously just swallowed it whole claiming that they have no idea where went. Spawned by a viral Soyjak meme and sometimes referencing vore, the format gained prominence on Twitter and iFunny in Summer 2022.

ganii @gahhnie "hey has anyone seen that large emplacement, i swear a crane just deployed it here" conspicuously-ruptura-shaped-throat-jak: "mmph, n- n-nope! no emplacements ive seen around here lately! and certainly no 75mms that looked mighty appetizing! haha nosiree!" 8:52 PM Sep 22, 2022 · Twitter Web App Me: "Has anyone seen Sasha? Heavy swears he put her in bed before he went outside." Conspicuously-Sasha-shaped-scout-jak: U U U RIMURU маучем H theodora @femalekissinger zelensky:"where did crimea go?" putin with a suspiciously crimean shaped belly: " *burp* i don't know hehe.. 7:41 AM. Aug 16, 2022. Twitter for Android II :

Various Examples

"Say the line, icejak!" "Learn to COOL OFF!" "hahaha, i love this little fella" Salmon @MuncherSalmon Replying to @Hm_Spooky "Say the line, vacuumjak" "This really SUCKS" "Haha, I love this little fella" 6:52 PM Sep 28, 2022 Twitter for Android JUKE INC. (amoeba arc @Juke_InThe_Box "im having a rough day, could you cheer me up plankjak?" "it wood be my pleasure!" "ha ha i love this little guy" 5:55 PM. Sep 27, 2022. Twitter Web App 8:
"He's gonna say it! Say the line bowlingballjak!!" "This s--- is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!" Tex Big A-ron @little_paisano "say the line, cubejak!" "be there! or be square!" "ha ha oooh yes, you're my little man thats makes me laugh" 2.000 8:07 PM Mar 1, 2022. Twitter Web App "Say the line, bulbjak!" "Learn to LIGHTEN up!" "hahaha, i love this little fella" el

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