Shroomer meme depicting a coomer wojak with a mushroom head and the caption "ugh I'm shroomin."


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This is an entry for mushroom-themed versions of Oomer Wojaks. For 2021 Shroom Wojak, please refer to Shroomjak



Shroomer is a slang term used across the web in reference to people who enjoy taking hallucinogenic mushrooms. The term has notably inspired a number of Oomer Wojak comics representing various stereotypical shroomers, and is the name of the psychedelic mushroom subreddit /r/shroomers. The shroomer is sometimes associated with Shroomjak, although the two are not directly related.


Hallucinogenic mushrooms are often known simply as "shrooms," making "shroomer" a fast way of referring to people who take magic mushrooms. It is unknown when the term "shroomer" first appeared in reference to hallucinogenic mushroom enjoyers. It was added to Urban Dictionary[1] on August 18th, 2009, by KevinH112, becoming the top definition in 12 years. The /r/Shroomers[2] subreddit, a forum for sharing magic mushroom experiences, grows and related content, was started in September 2010, gaining over 75,000 members in 11 years.


Shroomer Wojaks

Various types of shroomers are often depicted through Wojaks, most often in relation to magic mushroom takers. One of the earliest examples of this was posted to 4chan's /pol/[3] board on September 25th, 2018, showing a base Wojak with a psychedelic background and a mushroom-cap-like head (shown below).

On February 1st, 2020, a now-deleted Redditor posted a Wojak comic featuring a "30,000-year-old shroomer" to /r/Cyberdelinaut[4] (shown below, left). On June 13th, iFunny[5] user AFoxinSpace posted a similar meme depicting a mushroom with a coomer face as the shroomer (shown below, right).

The 30,000 year old SHROOMER lost his keys, likely still in the fridge >cant stop the backwards flow of time >listens to Shpongle unironically believes fungus is an alien species ever-watchful for the >"uhhhhhh" headgnomes tracks reindeer just stares at the wall just to drink their piss for hours experienced eons in a single trip, probably 32 years old irl >ffw rejected by the void >k-k-k-k-kakumba Psychotherapy East &West Alan W Watts The 4,000 year old Shroomer >hates photosynthetics >metabolizes them anyways Spreads massive spores His mere existence puts fear into hikers everywhere, doesn't care Doesn't even know anything about ego death, just f------ shrooms Only trips on his own toxins "AAAAAA I'M SHROOMING!!!" +10000 revelations about the human \soul, doesn't even know god's name Extremely aesthetic cap, massive lamellae has never even heard of a phallic symbol Shows the duality of eukaryotic life merely by his existence

On July 1st, 2021, Instagram[6] user @0gptara and iFunny[7] user nikolas posted a shroomer comic using the Shroomjak character as the shroomer, garnering over 1,000 likes and 1,600 smiles in five days (shown below).

The 22 year old shroomer "haha yeah I guess "omg you're so you could say I'm just a fun guy looking for a fun gal" fun, Gus!" >everyone just assumes he's toxic >only has 25 friends on MyCelium >spores asexually at least once a day "haha ur like a brother to me.. why can't I find a fun guy like you?"


Shroomjak or Mushroom Wojak, also known as Shrigma Male is a variation of the Wojak character that resembles a mushroom, adorned with a smiling face. The Wojak was first posted to 4chan's /b/ board in January 2021, becoming popularized later in the year as it was shared around social media and spread to other platforms.

: Anonymous 01/30/21(Sat)00:31:34 No.846098794 i made my own wojak 12 KB PNG 1 Reply View Thread : Anonymous 01/30/21(Sat)00:32:12 No.846098834 >>846098794 (OP) # kys

Oomer Wojaks

Oomer Wojaks or Oomers refer to a subset of Wojak characters that are meant to represent different types of human personalities and are used either to mock specific groups of people or to associate with them. Stemming from the 30 Year Old Boomer meme which originated on the /biz/ board of 4chan in April 2018, the characters gained mainstream popularity online in the second half of 2019, earning comparisons to Rage Comics due to both the multitude of their versions and the ways they have been used online.

Various Examples

UGHHHGHHHH I'M SHROOMIN Dang plants, thinking they're so cool with their Photosynthesis OK SHROOMER Old = man toad = shroomer OK (SHROOMER RMY SHROOM &R When my friend is getting fried off of shrooms and trying to tell me how life really is. Okay Shroomer

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