Nothing To Do Here / Jet Pack Guy

Nothing To Do Here / Jet Pack Guy

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"Nothing To Do Here" is a catchphrase associated with the rage comic character Jet Pack Guy who escapes awkward or difficult situations by flying away with his jet pack. It is used in a similar fashion to the jet pack sprouting "Spontaneous Snail" featured in abandon thread images.


The character was created on the Spanish rage comic site Cuanto Cabrón by user premutos[1] on April 21st, 2011. The comic featured a man fleeing from a woman with his jet pack after she informs him that she has a boyfriend.

Oh que simpático! ¡Eso me iQuién me diria a mi que estando de fiesta conoceria a dijo mi novio cuando nos alguien con mis aficiones! conocimos 0 リし NOTHING TO DO HERE


An English translated version of premutos' comic was posted to 9gag[3] in May of 2011. The first known Jet Pack Guy comic on Reddit[4] was posted by user romanpppp on October 1st, 2011. The thread managed to reach the front page of the f7u12 subreddit.

Woow! What a colncldence! Oh Cute!: The same thing my we have much in common! boyfriend told me when we met NOTHING TO DO HERE le me talking to female at new school so derpina what kind of music do you like? oh I'm what you call a Juggolette I love ICP and sometimesI dress up like them NOTHING TO DO HERE POKER FCE

Since April 2011, Cuanto Cabron[10] has featured nearly 50 “nothing to do here” tagged comics and several pages of derivatives can be found on deviantArt[5], 9gag[7], Tumblr[6][11] and FunnyJunk.[8] As of March 2012, a MemeGenerator[9] page for Jet Pack Guy has over 250 submissions and a Facebook[2] fan page for the character has over 120,000 likes.

Various Examples

OTHING TO DO HERE passionate love-making OH YEAH MAKE ME PREGNANT BABY! I SAID STICK A F------ BABY IN ME NOPE what? Come back, we can try a---! yeah, I've always wanted to fuek a guy with my dildo O...GO ON OH MY F--- NOTHING TO DO HERE look at reflectio window store Walking down the street, like a boss... yeah, i wear a scarf. Make eye-contact wih anda NOTHING TO DO HERE hind WindoW... The Jet Pack Guy is the trend of the day on f7u12 NOTHNG TO I'll make a rage comic, including him, DO HERL just for the karma Downvotes? NOTHING TO DO HERE

Search Interest

Search queries for "nothing to do here" picked up in April of 2011, the same month the first comic was posted to Cuanto Cabrón. Search hit an all time high in February 2012.

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