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HustleGPT is a project started in Mid-March 2023 by graphic designer Jackson Greathouse Fall in which he starts an online business with $100 entirely by following the directions of OpenAI's ChatGPT 4. Calling himself a "human liaison" to the artificial intelligence, the experiment involves Fall doing everything that HustleGPT tells him to do in order to launch the business and then recording their progress as it happens on Twitter. The experimental AI project began garnering attention online shortly after it launched with media outlets covering the story and others attempting to replicate it themselves.


ChatGPT 4, the latest advancement in artificial intelligence technology using GPT-4 from OpenAI, was released on March 14th, 2023. The release of ChatGPT 3 at the end of 2022 had already generated a large amount of buzz online, especially among investing and entrepreneurial communities.

Jackson Greathouse Fall, a graphic designer, began his project on March 15th, 2023, giving ChatGPT 4 access to a hundred dollars and explaining his project to it (seen below). This original tweet received over 95,000 likes in five days.[1]

Jackson Greathouse Fall @jacksonfall I gave GPT-4 a budget of $100 and told it to make as much money as possible. I'm acting as its human liaison, buying anything it says to. Do you think it'll be able to make smart investments and build an online business? Follow along 0 Model: GPT-4 : n entrepreneurial Al. I am your human counterpart. I can physical world. You have $100, and your only goal is to t ible in the shortest time possible, without doing anythin y and keep you updated on our current cash total. No m 9:48 PM Mar 15, 2023 20M Views 14K Retweets 3,338 Quotes 95.2K Likes

HustleGPT decided to start (with Fall) a business reselling environmentally friendly gadgets called Green Gadget Guru, and set up a website for the service shortly after his proposal.[2] Each day on Twitter, Fall reported on HustleGPT's progress.

By March 16th, 2023, Fall had received money from investors from the viral tweet. On March 17th, he started a Discord server that charged $5 for entry, and quickly over 1,000 people joined it.[3] By March 19th, Fall had made over $7,000 and earned over 80,000 new Twitter followers (seen below).[1]

How it started: 3,713 on Twitter .O on Discord $0 revenue ● Jackson Greathouse Fall @jacksonfall ● How it's going: β€’ 87,903 on Twitter β€’ 1,501 on Discord ● β€’ $130 revenue 3:21 PM Mar 19, 2023 163.8K Views ● 7 Retweets 2 Quotes 424 Likes

By March 19th, Fall had appeared on CNN to talk about HustleGPT and hired two freelance content writers for the blog of GreenGadgetGuru.[4] He still had made no revenue or money other than through the Twitter thread itself, however.

Some, like Twitter user @angrelim (seen below, left) who received almost 100 likes on March 16th, criticized Fall and the HustleGPT, claiming that its virality had made the experiment no longer accurate, and it was more so Fall than HustleGPT leading the business. Others, like user @5teveGray (seen below, right), criticized the hustle culture vibe of HustleGPT, calling it "tacky."[6]

NicoΞ»ns @Nicos_AV. Mar 19 Replying to @jacksonfall You do have to take note that because of the publicity of this remarkable idea, it has taken a different trajectory. The results at the end will be because of the power of Al, or the publicity this has gained? Not so interesting anymore, but I hope I'm wrong and still following! 2 27 ₁3,046 stephen gray @5tevegray 23 ↑ Replying to @Nicos_AV and @jacksonfall I totally agree, disappointed that this experiment took a cheap, loud, tacky turn. You have to buy access to the discord... 8:26 AM Mar 20, 2023 69 Views Ramburger Hamlethal @angremlin : Replying to @jacksonfall You realize that by making this thread which was not HustleGPTs idea and is apparently your main source of income, you've made all of this completely meaningless (other than you getting money which, gotta grift someone i guess and it might as well be whoever is investing in this) 4:03 AM Mar 16, 2023 10.6K Views 1 Retweet 1 Quote 94 Likes

Other people started doing the #HustleGPT Challenge, starting businesses with the artificial intelligence leading the decisions. Fall posted an image of a GitHub repository showing a number of side hustles registered with HustleGPT (seen below).[7]

8 Endeavors " P Name ID ChatCode Tutor Green Gadget Guru Xaitoolsdigest MeowMatters Furry Friends Supply Co SpeakSphere Epochs of Pepe EntrepreneurGPT neckflexpro GreenPawPets SnippetSage EcoSoberBrews Keto Life HQ GreenCharmBeauty StressLess Naturals Gourmet Savant HarmonAlze Project Let Al Try SuperDroid Robots TacoDownload Description Empowering Your Programming Journey with Al- Powered Conversations. Discover the Best Eco-Friendly Products & Tips for Sustainable Living. Cater to Your Purrfect Companion Your Al powered oracle ? Innovative language learning platform Al-generated NFT collection Al Products Affiliate website Autonomous GPT-4 Boost your neck strength training and performance with our Adjustable Straps. Go-to source for eco-friendly and pet-related tips Code snippets at your fingertips! Non Alcoholic / Eco Friendly Products Dropshipping Ketogenic Lifestyle products through Shopify Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Beauty and Personal Care Find calm and balance in your daily life Food and beverage affiliate website Crafting innovative, sustainable solutions for common well-being & global positive impact through Al-human collaboration. Letting Al try to solve the world's problems Robots making dangerous and dirty jobs safer and cleaner Discover hot sauces, cool merch, and tasty recipes @Banjoe_ Co-Founder @jacksonfall @xnuonux @FollowRobJ ? @visbeek.eth @Legendary_NFT @Peter Machowski @SigGravitas @PythiaWhispers @btcrates @wooing0306 @soberbeachclub @TheUCFDad ? @YashasviVashis1 @annieuoaky @HarmonAlzeGPT @andrew_nyu @stevenuecke @TacoDownload


The #HustleGPT challenge means entrusting ChatGPT 4 with $100 and asking it to start a business with that money. Human users then ask the AI what to do, and execute its commands, often involving other AI applications such as DALL-E or Midjourney to create graphics. Generally, the AI will start an online business and attempt to sell products from a website.

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I think this is usually called "scalping", and it's the most typical grift underlying any given random clickbait "person made X amount of money working from home" articles.


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