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/r/LinkedInLunatics or LinkedIn Lunatics is a subreddit dedicated to gathering bizarre, cringeworthy, sociopathic and humorous content from the business and employment-focused social media platform LinkedIn. Content posted in the subreddit, which was created in late 2019, has repeatedly gone viral online as was shared on other social platforms.


On October 1st, 2019, Redditor Kerbal27 launched /r/LinkedInLunatics,[1] a subreddit dedicated to collecting cringeworthy, sociopathic, humorous and bizarre content posted by users on the employment-centered social media website LinkedIn.

Scroll through LinkedIn and you will find a mix of rampant virtue signaling, cringeworthy titles, and stories that could come from r/thathappened. This subreddit is for sharing and discussing these LinkedIn characters.

The subreddit experienced slow but steady growth in the first year and a half, reaching 10,000 followers by mid-March 2021.[2] The subreddit reached 100,000 followers by June 2022 and had over 540,000 followers as of early June 2024.

On April 9th and 27th, 2021, the subreddit[3][4] had two of its earliest viral posts, submitted by Redditor Looking4OpposingView and an unknown user. The posts (shown below, left and right) garnered over 27,000 upvotes and 18,000 upvotes in three years, respectively.

Kajol Srinivasan 46m → Stories on LinkedIn be like: "Yesterday we had a zoom meeting and Sanjay was reluctant to turn on his cam. I insisted that he did, and we saw that he was presenting from a bed in the ICU where his mother lay dying. He apologized profusely for the inconvenience. I said "Don't apologize for being human Sanjay" and I didn't fire him. I just cut his salary. Show compassion to your employees. Like Comment Share Ethan A. • 3rd+ 1w Edited I am excited to announce I don't have an internship 2,887 73 comments < ... Well deserved... Inspiring... Love this... Good > ✓ Like Like Comment Share Send


The /r/LinkedInLunatics subreddit is used to collect LinkedIn posts that stand out in a certain way, be it humor, virtue signaling, promoting grind culture or a poster's perceived lack of connection with reality (examples[5][6] shown below).

Adam Karpiak ⚫ 2nd My resumes and job search strategies get people hired. Looking for a jo... + Follow Visit my website 7h Singapore Airlines will pay staff a bonus worth 8 months of salary after record $5.1B profit! Meanwhile in America: Ryan Stewart. 3rd+ Fractional CMO for hire → Get customer acquisition on track in 90 days or less. 1w. A I told myself I wasn't going to work on vacation. But with hotel lobbies like this, how can I not F 117 S ** M. G &AM 100 M end G с 18811 ⓇO AAAAA888 MOMBAOMO JABOBODDO 2XCVBNM Y H OS U P Google x ******** OO O D. ; 0 0 | . L 1 P > P T ( i ? T + Follow 3 1 30 comments

Over the years, the subreddit developed a set of in-jokes that mock the way people often compose LinkedIn posts, such as ending the post with the open questions "Thoughts?" or "Agree?"


Here's What It Taught Me About B2B Enterprise Sales

Here's What It Taught Me About B2B Sales refers to a viral satirical LinkedIn post in which a user described seven things about B2B sales his proposal to his girlfriend supposedly taught him. The post went viral across social media in late April and early May 2024, inspiring parody memes using it as a catchphrase.

Bryan Shankman • 3rd+ Owner @ SuperSeller | Get meetings with ... Book an appointment 2d. I proposed to my girlfriend this weekend. Ŏ Here's what it taught me about B2B sales: + Follow Like a well-run sales cycle, key milestones must be met throughout the relationship to ensure a Closed Won status at the end. 1. Prospecting: Not every prospect or partner will be the right fit. Identifying the right fit takes time. You can't be afraid to say "No" to find the person you know will value your offer most. 2. Discovery: Doing deep discovery is critical. Getting happy ears after a positive first date is easy, but you must continue to dig to understand the long-term fit. Understanding and calculating ROI is crucial in this early stage. 3. Demo: If you're confident there is a strong fit, showing your product to potential buyers is essential. Don't simply speak to the features or functionality; explain the results the other person can expect. Ideally, include a trial so they can try the product and get a feel for it. Bryan Shankman. Following Owner @ SuperSeller | Get meetings with qualifie... Book an appointment 31m → I proposed to my girlfriend this weekend. Here's what it taught me about B2B sales: ...see more


As of early June 2024, the /r/LinkedInLunatics subreddit had over 540,000 followers.

Various Examples

Frank Linkedin expert providing advertising for CPAS and B2... 1d. Edited The other day, I interviewed a potential manager to work with my company. He requested to be paid $40 an hour to which I replied, "The most I pay anyone initially is $20 until I can trust them". He then went on to tell me about his depth of experience and how he is not in the 'try out' phase of his life anymore. Then, he hung up. When I was 24, I worked 20-40 hours a week as an intern with no pay. I learned more than any high paying job could have taught me. Furthermore, my experience opened the door to so many incredible opportunities that I could not have gotten otherwise. 12h One of my employees resigned back in the 90s, bright guy, I hated to see him go. He wanted to go start some kinda computer company. I said to him "hey kid, good luck out there", he winked and tipped his hat (he was wearing a hat). That man's name was BILL GATES. • 7 likes 2 replies Ben Spencer 3rd+ Head of Mobile Portfolio at EE 28m Bill Gates started Microsoft in the 70's so this can't be real James Roberts • 3rd+ Senior Customer Experience Manager at Virgi... 24m Ben Spencer different Bill Gates, the one I'm talking about didn't do that well in the end Brandon Bornancin . 3rd+ CEO @ Seamless.Al | 4x Best-Selling Author | Sales Secrets Podcast Host | Top 10 Linkedi... Visit my website 9h. $1 Million a Year is only $83,333 a month. $1 Million a Year is only $19,230 a week. $1 Million a Year is only $2,739 a day. You can do it. Go make it happen. Whatever It Takes. 107 Like Comment + Follow 23 comments . 1 repost Repost Send
Skills & Endorsements + Financial Analysis. 7 + Microsoft Office - 6 + Investment Banking 3 Accomplishments TEST SCORES Blood Pressure 124/82 LANGUAGES See all Korean Native or bilingual proficiency ← William (Bill) Crowder • 3rd+ Talent Acquisition Lead at... 1d. + Follow I asked my boss for a raise. He said what for? I told him 3 different companies are after me. He asked which ones? I said: Gas, Water, and Electric. C 20,217 844 comments • 354 shares 8:43 ... LTE ← + Follow I'm so grateful for my career! I'm not bragging, but just want to thank God! I went from homeless, to living paycheck to paycheck, to saving enough money to purchase an excellent internet data plan that allowed me to download this picture. 12,598 魚 1,670 comments ve your thoughts here... @ Post + Home My Network Post Notifications Jobs

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