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Wattpad is a website where people can read and write original stories. It was founded by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen in 2006 and has gathered over 90 million users as of 2020. The website is most commonly associated with romance fiction with several Wattpad stories being published and adapted into major films. Wattpad is also strongly associated with fanfiction and "Y/N imagines," where the writer allows the reader to insert themselves into the story by replacing their name in the place of the placeholder, which stands for "your/name." Stories on the website are often considered to be rife with clichés and tropes, with boybands like One Direction and various YouTubers being popular subjects of fanfction around the year 2012.


Wattpad was founded by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen in 2006 and is based out of Ontario, Canada. By June 2009, the android app had been downloaded over 5 million times, with an iPhone app being released in March 2009. By 2019, the app had gathered over 90 million users who spend over 15 billion minutes each month using the literature portal. As of 2019, there were more than 400 million fanfiction uploads on the website.[1] 80% of all Wattpad users are female, of which 80% are Millennial or Gen Z women and teens.[2]

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Wattpad is a popular destination for readers of fanfiction, with various Wattpad-famous stories going on to receive mainstream publishing and film success. A notable example of this is the After series by Anna Todd, which Wattpad originally hosted in the form of a "Harry Styles" fan fiction. It currently has over 710 million reads.[3] The story became the most-read book on Wattpad and went on to become a New York Times Best Seller.[4] In 2019, the book was adapted into a commercially successful, though critically panned, feature-length film, grossing over $69 million against a $14 million budget. A trailer for the movie can be seen below.[5]

Wattpad literature is often deemed to be low-brow teen romance, with people using the phrase "straight out of Wattpad," or "Wattpad romance" as a means to convey wish fulfillment, stereotypical or clichéd character development, cringey or predictable tropes and other hallmarks of simplistic fanfiction literature.

On April 19th, 2017, Twitter[6] user @thesharkfiend posted a tweet that read, "me: hi / wattpad fanfic writer: im an orphan and the popular girls bully me, but my favorite youtubers adopt me and they spoil me," gathering over 1,000 likes in over five years (seen below, left). On May 3rd, 2017, Twitter[7] user @buffysummere quoted tweeted J.K. Rowling, saying, "why does this read like an fanfic author's note on a wattpad fic from 2007," gathering over 6,000 likes in over 5 years (seen below, right.

justine @thesharkfiend me: hi wattpad fanfic writer: im an orphan and the popular girls bully me, but my favorite youtubers adopt me and they spoil me 10:39 AM. Apr 19, 2017 922 Retweets 26 Quote Tweets 1,837 Likes diana @buffysummere why does this read like an fanfic author's note on a wattpad fic from 2007 J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling May 2, 2017 OK, here it is. Please don't start flame wars over it, but this year I'd like to apologise for killing (whispers)... Snape. *runs for cover* 12:44 AM. May 3, 2017 3,797 Retweets 46 Quote Tweets 6,293 Likes ...

On August 30th, 2018, Twitter[8] user @lgbtgarfield quoted tweeted Noah Centenio, saying "why does y'alls man tweet like he's out of 2012 wattpad," gathering over 72,000 likes in over four years (seen below, left). On December 27th, 2018, Twitter[9] user @NamjoonNila posted a tweet that read, "Every Y/n wattpad bitch looked like this / But she wasn't like other girls." The post gathered over 17,000 likes in over four years (seen below, right).

cami @lgbtgarfield why does y'alls man tweet like he's out of 2012 wattpad Noah @noahcent Aug 30, 2018 How long does it take to fall in Love? Depends how fast you jump. 4:17 PM. Aug 30, 2018 15.3K Retweets 358 Quote Tweets 72.4K Likes : Amaia 7 @NamjoonNila Every Y/n wattpad bitch looked like this But she wasn't like other girls MMM? 9:50 PM Dec 27, 2018 mangorabbitrab 4,888 Retweets 427 Quote Tweets 17.8K Likes : ...

Various Examples

sai @Saisailu97 · Dec 17, 2022 Men writing Wattpad stories: Troll Football @TrollFootball Dec 16, 2022 With both sets of fans holding hands and jumping together. O 32 . Just imagine if Argentina win the World Cup final and then Messi invites Ronaldo on field to share the experience w/ him & lift the trophy together. What a beautiful ending 305 that would be... t 6,530 60.1K ₁1.9M 15.0K 875 ↑ : rza @reeldn. Aug 3, 2020 Does he think this is wattpad? LOOOOOOOOL 13m ayu uy Lawi lifrotáprMate 77m ago 80 Tom Camera Buil 8:44 pm if you chat to another boy ever again I will slit your f------ throat in your sleep idc if you don't want to chat to me anymore ur f------ mine I will make you see me idgaf ur mine. TODAY Woouhhh Samera Roll t 1,043 Cha this is very beautiful THIS RIGHT HERE I'm like damn okai daddy yes "is it I want better for my gender because a man is threatening you and you're addy ***** p 4,492 trish @ULTRAGLOSS : no one: 2011 wattpad fic: i was getting ready for school, putting my long brown hair into a messy bun. as i looked at my blue eyes in the mirror, my mom came in. "i sold you to pay our debts" she said. "come meet your new master." i went downstairs and there he was...harry styles 7:47 AM Jan 31, 2019 38.8K Retweets 3,377 Quote Tweets 183.1K Likes JP @jpbrammer Wattpad has assumed control of the simulation rachel @canyonmoonblu Oct 28, 2020 harry's car broke down so a fans dad let him in his house and while they waited harry fed their fish and left notes for the fan and for that reason your honor, he is the only man to ever exist Show this thread 5:46 AM - Oct 29, 2020 THE ADORA, MY CAR BROKE DOWN ON YOUR STREET AND YOUR DAD'S FRIEND KINDLY LET ME WAT AT YOUR HOUSE WITH A CUP OF TEA I'M DEVASTATED THAT WE MISSED EACH OTHER LeckING FOR BARD TO MEETING YOU SOON DREAS PEOPLE WITH ANONG's vic My ant P.S. : FISH IN TOUCH I'LL SE A SH lis @katesanthny this would've been the cover of several wattpad novels in 2014 8:59 AM Aug 31, 2022 5,652 Retweets 869 Quote Tweets 108.6K Likes : dee @deekassim_ life isn't wattpad, wake up . 551 May 21, 2020 @ashalostinhell. May 16, 2020 a right woman can change a devil t 67.6K 258.3K = ↑ :

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Wattpad's getting an entry, huh?

Here's my one Wattpad experience:
I sometimes reverse image search my art to see where it ends up, and last year I found that my drawing of an Umbreon girl had been used for the cover of someone's smut fic. Morbid curiosity piqued, I took a look…

The alarm bells started immediately because the self-insert character was 16 😬

His parents went away on a trip and left him with the Charizard housekeeper, then he met a starving Umbreon in the street and brought her home too. Unfortunately, as soon as there were multiple girls it became the most annoying harem anime schtick with them fighting over a literal child while he's somehow completely oblivious

And for some reason there kept being interludes where "y/n" would go to his room and put on headphones just so the writer could post links to music. His reasoning? "I'm training to be a DJ, I have to awkwardly shoehorn music suggestions into my horny Pokemon fantasy!" There was even a bit where y/n played Fortnite, because of course. The match was described in a weirdly high level of detail too

And that's aside from the spelling and grammar being ATROCIOUS throughout, but y'know

Anyway, after a series of contrived events where y/n accidentally got into intimate situations with the girls (oopsie!) and looked even more like an idiot…

…he banged the completely superfluous Vaporeon girl who showed up halfway through the story and then the writer gave up and that was it.


in reply to GreenLinzerd

I felt like my emotions had been toyed with, what with the guy sticking MY art on the cover, and then after all the harem anime stuff, the attempts at DJ practice, and bloomin' FORTNITE COMMENTARY, it ended in the most anticlimactic way possible, lol

But I guess, then again:


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