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So Hardcore

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So Hardcore is a catchphrase used to sarcastically react to another's actions, which the poster framed as being intense or experienced. The phrase was commonly used in Rage Comics Forever Alone image macro memes.


The phrase likely predates its internet usage as a means of qualifying or commenting on another's actions, sarcastically responding to another's attempts to appear passionate about their actions or brag about how intense they took an action. On September 23rd, 1997, rapper Busta Rhymes released the album When Disaster Strikes…, which featured the song "So Hardcore."[1] The song uses the expression to exemplify intensity, with the lyrics "So hardcore like Quickdraw McGraw / Fuck what you heard, you ain't heard this before" (shown below, left).

On November 1st, 2011, Blogspot[2] user benmarvin shared the earliest available version of the Rage Comics (shown below, right).



Throughout the remainder of 2011, the meme continued to spread around the internet. On November 10th, 2011, FunnyJunk [3] user xxspoonxx posted the image in response to an image of a person pretending smoke a packet of Mentos candies (shown below, left). The post received more than 355 upvotes in less than 10 years.

The following year, the meme persisted as a reaction to other comments. For example, on May 6th, 2012, MinecraftForum.net [4] user Peavler posted in the thread "Have you ever stayed up late to play minecraft past your bedtime?" They posted the image with the caption, "So you're telling me you actually defied your parents and stayed up passed your BEDTIME!?" (shown below, right).

SO HARDCORE May 6, 2012 . ... .. Peavler v So you're telling me you actually defied your parents and stayed up passed your BEDTIME!? Zombie Killer so Join Date: 6/13/2011 Posts: 144 HARDCORE Minecraft: NihilistJester

Various Examples

not sure if SOHARDCORE Karmen Going to mall with marla and about to get crazy at starbucks with these drinks! We were born to be wild! -Like . Comment , Yesterday at 12:09pm via mobile , ch 4 people like this. Write a comment... SO HARDCORE SO HARDCORE
BUCKEYES心 G. HARDCORE So HARD OLDSCHL GE Alisa Bitch, I am not cutting down on smoking. Fuuuuck Chu Like-Comment . 12 minutes ago via mobile-触 Ariele A en O and Anthony like t Andrewp 11 minutes ago Like Alisax a few seconds ago Like Write a comment. HARDCORE

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