"Speak to the Manager" Haircut

"Speak to the Manager" Haircut

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"Speak to the Manager" haircut refers to variations of a women's haircut style that is short in the back and longer in the front, which is sometimes referred to as a "tannie haircut." Online, the hairstyle is often mocked as representative of middle-aged women who insist on complaining to managers at retail stores and restaurants.


On August 5th, 2014, Facebook user Crush Rush submitted a picture of a woman's profile with the haircut, along with the caption "The 'can I speak to the manager' haircut"[5] (shown below).



On September 12th, 2014, Redditor johnnylogic re-uploaded the image to /r/funny[1]. Prior to being archived, the post gained over 3,100 points (72% upvoted) and 370 comments.
On December 13th, 2014, a photograph of the haircut was featured in a "Can I speak to the manager" starter pack submitted to the /r/starterpacks[2] subreddit (shown below, left). On July 27th, 2017, the @MensHumor[4] Twitter feed posted a photograph of a dog with a side-swept hairstyle captioned with a joke about it being named "Kim" and wanting "to speak to your manager" (shown below, right).

The "can I speak to the manager" starter pack Kim, 35, has 2 boys ages 7 and 13, cooks a mean boiled egg, drives a Ford Flex, and wants to speak to your manager

On February 10th, 2018, a collection of photographs of the haircut was published on Ebaum's World.[7]

On September 30th, Redditor vidoardes submitted a screenshot of a Facebook conversation about the haircut to /r/FuckYouKaren,[3] where it garnered more than 6.1k upvotes (100% upvoted) and 20 comments within three months. On October 9th, the Vice site Broadly[6] published an article titled "Can I Speak to Your Manager?: The Beauty & Necessity of A Notorious Haircut," chronicling the history of the hairstyle.

THEΔ°CANI SPEAK TO A MANAGER" HAIRCUT Wow I really can't believe how people can be so judgemental over a flipping hair cut! Yes!! My hair has been different lengths of this style for years! I've gotten nothing but compliments on my hair. But then again everyone's entitled to their own opinions.... but you don't have to be such jerks about it. Like Comment Yesterdaye 9 people like this. Would you like to speak to the page administrator about this? 20 minutes ao Like 19

Various Examples

When you ask to speak to the manager and they tell you the same thing the cashier did visible confusion I'll bet my entire life savings that she's standing there because she's waiting to talk to the manager Hello, yes WE'D like to speak to the manager funny.ce "I'd like to talk to the manager" "I need to speak with the regional director" β€œI demand a parley with the Chief Executive Officer" 60 Barber: what you want? Justin: can i get that "can l speak to the manager" haircut Barber: say no more funny.ce "I don't care if the coupon is expired. They told me on the phone that if I came into the store, I'd get the discount. Well, here I am."

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