Spronkus Kronkus yellow rabbit character and mascot for the r/193 subreddit.

Spronkus Kronkus

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Spronkus Kronkus is an anthropomorphic yellow rabbit character and the mascot for the /r/196 subreddit. The character's name is a reference to the Scrimblo Bimblo meme. He is portrayed as a supporter of trans rights and an anti-fascist. The character was first shared on the board in December 2021 and became increasingly popularized in fan art and memes over the following months into early 2022.


On December 13th, 2021, Redditor not_a_stick posted a comparison meme to /r/196,[1] a subreddit running on the loose rule where you must post before you leave, depicting a yellow rabbit-like character with a gun and a trans flag under the label "leftist shitposting," saying, "I am a recogniseable cartoon character i say trans rights and shoot fascists." On the right, labeled "Rightist shitposting," is a crudely drawn representation of George Floyd alongside the text, "George floyd. in an offensive context we are ironic i promise" (shown below).

Leftist shitposting Rightist shitposting I am a recogniseab le cartoon George floyd. in an offensive charachter i context say trans rights and shoot Jfascists we are ironic i this is promise a gun

On the same day, Redditor u/Flyte_less posted a drawing of Spronkus to /r/196[2] titled, "recognizable cartoon character rule," showing Spronkus with the trans flag and gun (shown below). That day, u/BastioFox commented, "i want yellow cartoon character to be a mascot of r/196, but only for 1 day."

trans rights! shoot fascists! this is a gun2 Leftist shitposting I am a recogniseab le cartoon charachter i say trans rights and shoot fascists Flyte Tess this is a gun


Fan art depicting Spronkus became popularized on /r/196[4][5] following the original post in mid-December 2021. For example, on December 14th, Redditor AetherResonant posted a more realistic rendering of the character, gaining over 250 upvotes in four months (shown below, left). The next day, Redditor Clowns-and-Bugs posted a femboy version of the character, gaining over 4,000 upvotes in roughly the same span of time (shown below, right).

Trans Spronkus Flag

On December 20th, Redditor darkshinymew posted a meme to /r/196[6] depicting the character in two different styles, gaining over 4,500 upvotes in four months (shown below).

the character the fanart design

On January 10th, 2022, Redditor Clowns-and-Bugs posted a meme to /r/196[7] showing Spronkus about to commit an act of arson on a crypto farm, gaining over 5,900 upvotes in three months (shown below).

Remember Arson is okay * Hts ag anst ๅ•† w2-28 farmers

On April 1st, 2022, for April Fools' Day, the members of /r/196 created a drawing of Spronkus at coordinates "196, 645"[3] on /r/place, featuring Spronkus over the colors of the trans flag next to a Floppa head (shown below). They ran a campaign on their subreddit and Discord server to defend the drawing.

CARE 196! BTS:

On April 3rd, Redditor JustS0meNerd posted a piece of art to /r/196[8] showing Spronkus running for "president of r/196" on the promise of making the subreddit gay again, gaining over 8,200 upvotes in under a day (shown below).

If you vote me for president of r/196 I'll promise you this: I will make r/ 196 gay again./

Scrimblo Bimblo

Scrimblo Bimblo is a term used regularly in the Super Smash Bros. community to mockingly refer to recognizable cartoon video game characters and the people who demand them.

Various Examples

Gun 196 rle SHOOT FASCISTS! TRANS KIGHTS! this is a gun O:Washington mp3 C.O I'm on a dinner date what do I say he's so cute and I'm nervous sho Fo

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