Stop Using Anti-Animal Language

Stop Using Anti-Animal Language

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Stop Using Anti-Animal Language is an infographic published by PETA urging people to use alternatives to animal-related idioms deemed "speciesist" to other animals.


On December 4th, 2018, the @PETA[1] Twitter posted a tweet, which included an infographic titled "Stop Using Animal Language," followed by a series of idiomatic expressions paired with animal-friendly alternatives (shown below).


In July 2016, researcher Jennifer Ball created the "Instead Of / Use" format as part of an anti-racism campaign about focused on language.[6] On September 1st, 2017, Ball posted about the campaign on Facebook [7] (shown below).

Jennifer Ball September 1, 2017 · O My friend Esther Essinger has been so supportive of my #NoMoreBlacklsBad #NoMoreDarklsBad campaign! So has Gretchen McDougall! And Sallye McKenzie! I made 2,500 cards to hand out and my friends are helping me get the word out. Let me know if you want a box of 50. Color bias is race bias. (#ColorBiaslsRaceBias ) I brought several boxes to China because though Western culture and Eastern culture are very different, WE ALL SHARE COLOR BIAS! Thinking that dark and black are bad is an atavism not dissimilar to an appendix: don't need it but hard to get rid of... We need to leave bias behind if we are to evolve as humans. (You want to respect people of color, do- f you really want to stop being racist.. Jon't use "black" or dark" as "bad Isrespect their color: hstead of: Use these: nstead of: Use these: lacklist Ostracize Blackmail Extortion lack-and-blue Bruised Black market Illegal commerce lack and white Obvious Black sheep The Dark Ages lack mark 6th to 10th centuri he pot calling the ettle black Renegade Tainted Нуроcritical Don't use clichés Throw some shade Dis or disrespect The Dark Side Book of people I ha had or hope to hav sex with ittle black book sing "black" or “dark" as "bad"-though ecause this is all about respecgical because we used to be afraid of the you respect people of color, rk-is no longer a reasonable metaphor cause it is having a pejorative effect on dar pu won't disrespect their coloținned people. We are no longer cave people more observations on language: www.OriginofAlphabet.or e have electricity. Time to evolve. r more observations on language: www.OriginofAlphabet #NoMoreDarkIsBad #NoMoreBlackIsBad If you really want to stop being racist. Don't use "black" or "dark" as "bad": Instead of: Use these: Blackmail Extortion Black market Illegal commerce Black sheep Renegade The Dark Ages 6th to 10th centuries The Dark Side Don't use clichés Throw some shade Dis or disrespect Because this is all about respect. If you respect people of color, you won't disrespect their color. For more observations on language: #NoMoreDarkIsBad


On December 5th, the @WaterstonesTCR[2] Twitter feed posted a parody infographic titled "Stop Using Anti-Book Language" (shown below, left). Meanwhile, Jackfilms tweeted[3] a Chrismas-themed parody of the graphic (shown below, right).

Stop Using Anti-Book Language Instead of: Say: "Throw the book at them" "Pass the book to them "The oldest trick in the book" "The oldest treat in the book" "Take a leaf out of someone's book" "Put a leaf in someone's book" "Cook the books a nice dinner" "Cook the books" "Hit the books "Hug the books" Stop using Anti-Christmas Language Instead of: Say: Happy Holidays!" May your Christmas be filled with Christmas!" "How many days until Christmas?" "I'm sorry for your loss." I'm sorry for your loss but cheer up it's Christmas!" Let us sacrifice another "Merry Christmas!" lamb to Abraxas, God of Christmas!"

That day, Markus Persson replied to the PETA tweet, which questioned whether the infographic was created as "intentional suicide" (shown below).[4]

Notch @notch You are so emblematic of everything getting fixed right now I have to wonder if it's intentional suicide. PETA: Bringing Home the Bagels Since 1980奉@peta Words matter, and as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it. Here's how to remove speciesism from your daily conversations. Show this thread s usi. lati-Aama. Laeou.

Also on December 5th, Grandayy tweeted a parody version of the image titled "Stop Using Anti-Animal Language and use Gamer Language Instead" (shown below).[5] Within hours, the tweet gathered upwards of 11,000 likes and 2,400 retweets.

Stop Using Anti-Animal Language and use Gamer Language instead Instead of Say: grandayy "Kill two birds with one stone." "Get two games with one bundle." "Be the guinea pig." "Be the beta tester." "Beat a dead horse." "Do a Bethesda." "Get that epic victory royale." "Bring home the bacon." "Take the bull by the horns." "Do a 360 no scope headshot."

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