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Dingo Pictures is an German film company known for producing amateur-quality animated adaptations of Disney movies which have inspired video remixes on YouTube.


Dingo Pictures has released several low-budget animated knockoffs of Disney films, including Hercules, Aladin, Dinosaur Adventure(2000),[10] The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Son of the Lion King and Tarzan.

Phoenix Games

Phoenix Games is a Dutch video game developer studio founded in 2003 that has develops games appearing to be a inspired by Dingo Pictures films.

Online Presence

On Feburary 17th, YouTuber We need more Bort license plates uploaded the film Son of the Lion King by Dingo Pictures (shown below, left). On May 4th, the Dingo Pictures film Dinosaur Adventure was uploaded to the same channel (shown below, right).

On March 23rd, 2012, a page for "Dingo Pictures" was created on the Mockbuster Wiki.[8] On July 22nd, a page for Dingo Pictures was created on TV Tropes.[12] On September 16th, 2013, Something Awful[11] highlighted a parody of Dingo Pictures' films titled "Dingo Picture's Pokemon" (shown below).


Dingo Pictures films are often mocked online for producing poor quality knockoffs of Disney films, using low-budget animation and voice actors. The video games news blogs Destructoid[5] and Cartoon Brews[4] gave the Dingo Pictures game Animal Soccer World poor reviews. On March 2nd, 2014 the video game critic Caddicarus posted a negative review for the Dingo Pictures game Dalmatians 3, calling it a rip-off of Disney's classic 101 Dalmatians. At the end of the review, Caddicarus states that Dalmatians 3 is worse than both Zelda CD-i and Birdemic: Shock and Terror [6].


''Yee'' is an onomatopoeia taken from a YTPMV of the movie Dinosaur Adventures featuring an animated dinosaur singing a song who is interrupted at the end by another dinosaur shouting “Yee” (shown below, left). The original clip and music originates from the ending scene of the movie's Italian dub, named Dinosauri (shown below, right).

Epic Head Bobbing Guy

The Epic Head Bobbing Guy, sometimes referred to as "Guy Who Moves His Head", is a background character from the Dingo Picture's film Aladin, a knock-off of the 1992 Disney film Aladdin. He is seen moving his head to the left and right, independent from his body and commonly appears in YouTube Poop videos.

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