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SuperMega is a Let's Play and live-action comedy channel created and hosted by Matt Watson and Ryan Magee.


Although the channel[1] was created on January 19th, 2016, their first two videos were uploaded on April 12th that year (shown below). All initial artwork and thumbnails were made by Kellie Kiakas, mostly known as her online handle FoolishCaptainKia.[2]

As editors of Game Grumps and its other subseries, they've also collaborated with them and with Oney Plays as guests in some episodes and editors. Some Game Grumps hosts such as Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson and Ross "RubberNinja" O'Donovan, as well as the hosts of Oney Plays, have also appeared as guests in their channel. They also have a few collaborations outside Game Grumps, such as FrankJavCee and jacksepticeye.

The channel announced a week-long hiatus on September 11, 2017 to focus on rebranding the channel. FoolishCaptainKia announced that she will not be the channel artist after the rebranding, although both parties are still on good terms.[3] Matt and Ryan soon announced their new artist taiikodon, also known as don, in their 60th podcast.[4] Don has also confirmed this announcement on his Twitter.[5] Daily uploads resumed after the hiatus, along with the new channel art and future video thumbnails.


Their first podcast series, named as SuperMegaCast, started on April 14, 2016. Episodes consisted of Matt and Ryan talking about various topics, along with occasional guests. This series was initially replaced by The Talking Show on January 25, 2017, which was an experimental, live action version of their initial podcast.

The Talking Show later ended with the sixth episode on February 14, 2017,[6] with its announcement about a week later. In the same video, the SuperMegaCast was said to resume, and its latest episode after the replacement was uploaded the next day.

Live Action

Besides the channel's intro video, their first live action video was uploaded on April 20, 2016, where they taste various non-alcoholic beers and wines from a store in Little Tokyo. They also upload vlogs pre-titled as "The Guys…", with the series starting on May 10, 2016, where they get water bottles from 7-Eleven.

One of the channe's most consistent live action series is their cooking videos, where they make and eat nearly inedible foods using ingredients from the grocery store. The most popular of these videos, and in the channel, featured Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfard, and was uploaded on November 23, 2017, amassing more than 1.5 million views. The duo has also started making music videos in 2017, the first being My Two Lovely Uncles, featuring Oney as "Uncle Fungus", song composer, and effects.

Their mail unboxing series Mail Room started on September 30, 2016, but was announced in the eighth episode (uploaded on December 17, 2017) that the series is on an indefinite hiatus.


The channel's fanbase came from fans of their former channels Cyndago & Kids with Problems, Game Grumps, and Oney Plays. Their subreddit /r/SuperMega was created on April 16, 2016, and currently has more than 6,800 subscribers. YouTube channel Ajakes praised SuperMega for their comedic editing quirks and acting in their live action videos. Another channel Saltydkdan dared co-host Matt Watson to kick him in the crotch.


Sketch Comedy

Before SuperMega, Matt and Ryan were managing their own sketch comedy channels Kids with Problems[7] and Cyndago,[8] respectively. Both have appeared on each other's channels as guests in a few videos. On August 10, 2015, Matt was introduced as the latest member of Cyndago, but the channel was shut down shortly two months after the announcement due to the suicide of Daniel Kyre, Ryan's close friend and member of Cyndago.

Video Editing

After shutting down Cyndago, they worked for Markiplier as video editors, as he was a close collaborator with the channel. Both Matt and Ryan have appeared in a few of his videos while they worked for him. They quit on June 2016, and announced that they have been editing for Game Grumps on August 18, 2016. Game Grumps hosts Arin and Dan have later mentioned them as the new editors in an episode of Katamari Forever on September 11, 2016.

Markiplier later apologized to Matt and Ryan via Facebook on October 18, 2016, due to his mistreatment towards them during their time working for his channel.

Yes Yes Yes! / Daddy Likes

"Yes yes yes! Daddy likes!" is a catchphrase uttered by Ryan during an episode of their Super Mario Maker series. The phrase later became an ironic in-joke in the channel and the fanbase as both mentioned that it was overused and unfunny in later videos.

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Magic Taco
Magic Taco

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Supermega and Markiplier confirmed they made up, and Arin has gone from a funny Newgrounds guy to a corporate husk. None of those conspiracies are true. The only one that was confirmed with proof is that Jontron punched Suzy (the goose, not the girl) because Arin mained Zilean.


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