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Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

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パイ 建田おるコvすぎッス= DEAI


Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! (宇崎ちゃんは遊びたい, Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!) is a slice of life/romantic comedy manga by Take revolving around the daily life of a female college student named Uzaki Hana and her relationship with her senpai Sakurai Shinichi. While Sakurai displays a quiet and laid back personality, Uzaki shows a more energetic and outgoing behavior and would often tease her senpai for it, much to his annoyance.


The manga debuted on Niconico in December of 2017, and began serialization on July 9th, 2018.[1] There are currently four volumes in the ongoing series. An anime adaptation by Studio ENGI directed by Kazuya Miura was announced by Kadokawa Corporation on February 3rd, 2020, which premiered in July of 2020.[2] A second season was announced in September the same year.[15]

zak i SIGOT DEKAI TAKE presents DRAGON COMIC Uzaki chan wa Asobi tai ! SUGOI DEKAI RA © 2020 /KADOKAWA/F 65ph

Blood Donation Drive Poster Controversy

In 2019, a blood donation campaign was launched in Japan. An official artwork of Uzaki Hana was used to help advertising the campaign with the collaboration of Red Cross Japan and the author Take.

Blood donation campaign poster Uzaki Hana
Speech bubble translation: “Senpai! Have you not yet given blood? Or perhaps… are you afraid of needles?”

On October 14th, 2019, Twitter user @UnseenJapanSite[7] criticized Japan Red Cross Society for the collaboration because the character is "over-sexualized" (shown below, left). This led lawyer and feminist advocate Keiko Ōta to voice a negative opinion of the artwork, claiming it was over-sexualized and inappropriate under the context of the campaign who noticed Unseen Japan's tweet and commented upon it. (shown below, right).[3][8]

Unseen Japan@不要不急の外出自肃 Follow @UnseenJapanSite I admire the work the Red Cross does, which is why I'm disappointed that @JRCS_PR in Japan would run a campaign using the over-sexualized Uzaki-chan. There's a time & a place for this stuff. This isn't it. #women #metoo #kutoo t*hは 2:52 AM - 14 Oct 2019 1,290 Retweets 2,656 Likes O 1.5K 3K. ר? O 2.7K Unseen Japan @ A ÁR QUnseenJapanSite · 14 Oct 2019 Let me clarify. I'm not opposed to your particular fetish. There's an appropriate place for erotic material of all kinds. The issue is that eroticization of women occurs EVERYWHERE - including places where it's inappropriate. Like, you know, a f------ BLOOD DRIVE CAMPAIGN. O 92 17 189 O 631 Unseen Japan @ A ÁR QUnseenJapanSite · 14 Oct 2019 The sad thing is, I found this ad simply walking through Shinjuku Station on the way to have lunch w my family. That should give you pause to think about how rampant sexism is in Japanese society. O 87 17 150 O 455 センバイ! まだ献血未 2暴なんスか S40JUN…出本が スか 弁護士 太田啓子 Follow @katepanda2 日本赤十字社が「宇崎ちゃんは遊びた い」×献血コラボキャンペーンというこ とでこういうポスターを貼ってるようで すが、本当に無神経だと思います。なん であえてこういうイラストなのか、もう 麻牌してるんでしょうけど公共空間で環 境型セクハラしてるようなものですよ bs.jrc.or.jp/ktks/kanagawa/ ... Unseen Japan @ T h ha QUnseenJapanSite I admire the work the Red Cross does, which is why I'm disappointed that @JRCS_PR in Japan would run a campaign using the over-sexualized Uzaki-chan. There's a time & a place for this stuff. This isn't it. #women . Show this thread 6:00 AM - 14 Oct 2019 2,855 Retweets 2,852 Likes 2.4K 17 2.9K 2.9K

Her tweet in English reads:

"The Japanese Red Cross Society’s blood donation collab campaign with Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai has led to posters such as these being put up, I believe they are really insensitive. For what purpose they would use this kind of illustration has left me in a stupor, but putting it up in a public space is similar to sexual harassment. For the time being, I sent my opinion via an inquiry to Japan’s Red Cross Society."

On October 16th, 2019, A PR representative from the Japanese Red Cross Society responded to the inquiry stating that they do not believe the campaign constitutes sexual harassment.[9]

"This promotional campaign is merely providing a novelty gift to people who are kind enough to cooperate with our blood drive, and we do not recognize it as a form of sexual harassment. We have previously received support from numerous anime series in promoting blood drives, and these partnerships have been well-received and increased the amount of blood that was donated. In regards to opinions about the current promotion, we are listening to them sincerely, and will take them into consideration for future activities." [10]

The topic also appeared on the Japanese TV show Sukkiri, and the conversation spread on Twitter on October 23rd, 2019.[11]

8:45 HLEB 80 80 視聴者提供 tゃは uたい! 日本赤字社が成 (物議“過度に性的”?献血募集ポスター T:O_LR 020 ALARIOE C0nt deeat TICELICALTY CROIEERN168-17802RIIO ARLORLAR. Panasonic センバイ ひよっとして せが仲いんスか~ 面未藝去んス分2

The next day @UnseenJapanSite called attention to his appearance on Sukkri, subsequently praising the show and mentioning his positive reaction towards being featured. In responses to the tweet, users informed him he was being mocked during the segment.[12]

Unseen Japan @ 不要不急の外出自肃 Follow @UnseenJapanSite There's a popular Japanese AM talk show called Sukkiri (#スッキリ). I LOVE Sukkiri. It's been a critical part of my learning Japanese. (And I especially love YOU, @rcampbelltokyo.) So seeing myself as an 7XU on Sukkiri is some next-level Twilight Zone s---. (スッキリ M 過度に性的”?献血募集ポスター 8:4 19:c 米男性がツイートで疑問視 視聽者提供 アメリカ人男性 11:45 PM - 24 Oct 2019 27 Retweets 132 Likes O 13 t7 27 O 132 Unseen Japan @ A QUnseenJapanSite 24 Oct 2019 The Red Cross campaign was apparently targeted at 16 and 17-year-olds. And, let's be honest - it's targeting primarily hetero men. How large is that demographic in a country where 1/3rd of the population will be over age 65 by 2030? 「過度に性的"?献血募集ポスター スッキリ」国 8:47 19e (フルスクリーンモードを終rきるにはEeキ一を と ボ岩者にア D キャンペーン 献血すると ファイルをもらえる 16歳と17歳対象 今月1日~31日まで O 33 Unseen Japan @ Aa ah aÉ @UnseenJapanSite · 24 Oct 2019 Random thought: Man, I really hope @syokumutaiman enjoys a royalty bump from all this. O 11 Unseen Japan @ Aa ah aÉ QUnseenJapanSite · 25 Oct 2019 This is interesting: Moments before this, the dude with this woman was saying, "Yeah, I don't see a problem with this." Her take? "I feel like large breasts aren't really connected to blood donation." スッキリ神奈川 8:48 , 20e 過度に性的”?献血募集ポスター 街の火はとうみる? おっぱい大きいので あんまり献血関係な気がする t7 4 O 45 Unseen Japan @ A ÁR QUnseenJapanSite · 25 Oct 2019 Ok - JP Twitter users have been raising issues with this quote that "I felt uneasy about this, so it's environmental harassment." I see their point. There are so many elements of this you can point out as sexual - reducing it to mere "feelings" is a form of pseudo-objectivity. スッキリ 群馬 なぜ?日本赤十字社が作った理由 8:50 19 フルスクリーンモードを終了するにはEcキ一を押度に性的?献血ポスター 「公共空間で 環境型セクハラしてるようなもの! 視聴者提供 献血でこんなイラスト使うなんて 環境型セクハラた これは間違いなく 環境型セクハラですね 理由は私が不快と感じたから O 27 Unseen Japan @ A ÁR QUnseenJapanSite · 25 Oct 2019 FWIW, Sukkiri contacted me beforehand for permission to use and talk about my tweet, and to confirm details about where I saw the poster. Very impressed with their professionalism. O 39 Unseen Japan @ a h aÁR QUnseenJapanSite · 25 Oct 2019 Ooooh wait - The "It's wrong because I feel uneasy about this" tweet was TOTALLY taken out of context. OP @kannasaxa was joking about trolls who were posting pics of @katepanda2 in an attempt to shame her for talking about this issue. This is LOW. twitter.com/kannasaxa/stat. This Tweet is unavailable. O 22 Unseen Japan @ Aa h aÉ QUnseenJapanSite · 25 Oct 2019 In this graphic, Sukkiri explains the difference between "value-based harassment" ("date me or l'll dock your pay") vs. "environmental harassment" - i.e., an environment in which women are objectified and de-valued in general. スッキリ栃家 190 853 献血ポスターは“環境型セクハラ”? (物議 フルスクリーンモードを終了するにはEcキ一を押し合共の場で…過度に性的? 梅澤康二井出士によると “対価型セクハラ” “環境型セクハラ” チートしてくれなかったら減給だ 集中できないなあ t7 15 O 43 Unseen Japan @ Aa h h aÉ QUnseenJapanSite · 25 Oct 2019 So @gjmorley, are you saying that my objection to this is purely from a US perspective? Have you not read the writings on Twitter of @katepanda2 @ishikawa_yumi @hanakazenaore and others on this subject? And why no coverage of the previous NORIN incident? O 13 Unseen Japan @ A aÁR QUnseenJapanSite · 25 Oct 2019 The fact that I (admittedly, a white American dude) raised this issue is being used to obscure the fact that so many women in Japan have a problem w/ how they're represented in Japanese media. STOP ERASING JAPANESE WOMEN. t 10 V 71 Unseen Japan @ Aa h aÉ QUnseenJapanSite · 25 Oct 2019 ちょっと待ってください、モーリーさん。 「ギャップ」という言葉を出していますが、アメリカと日本の価値観の間の 「ギャップ」じゃなくて、白人男性のモーリーさんと今苦労していて日本で暮 らしている女性の間での「ギャップ」だと言っていいていいじゃないですか。 17 4 V 20 Unseen Japan @ Aa h h aÉ QUnseenJapanSite · 25 Oct 2019 The performance of @gjmorley here is disappointing in so many ways. As a Japanese man, he has a chance to change people's minds. Instead, he's erasing the concerns of Japanese women and pushing this all on to me and my "Western perspective." These are weeb talking points. t7 3 O 32 Unseen Japan @ Aa ah aÉ QUnseenJapanSite · 25 Oct 2019 Lord help me. Now @ntv_sukkiri is buying into the "isn't this discrimination against women with large breasts?? " otaku/weeb argument, which TOTALLY MISSES THE POINT. There's obviously SO much more going on here than her chest size. (スッキリ で クハ国度に性的"?献血募集ポスター 9:00 20 漫画とコラボ若者にアピール 物議 O 13 O 37 Unseen Japan @ T a atÁ QUnseenJapanSite · 25 Oct 2019 Dammit now I'm starting to wonder whether Sukkiri was never that great, and I'm just disappointed now that they're discussing an issue I care about. ɔn. O 11 O 25 Ku 代女性 |R代男性一

On January 31, 2020, Take announced that he is working on a new poster and that he wanted to collaborate with the Red Cross because blood donations saved his life after he was trapped under rubble during the Great Hanshin Earthquake.[13][14]

文(たけ)■宇崎1~4巻発売中 Follow @syokumutaiman 今日から関東で赤十字コラボキャンペー ン開始です イラストでもよかったんですけどクリア ファイルは両面使えるので今回は2ペー ジカラー漫画にしてみました 続きの裏面は献血後にお読みください 今回も皆様の献血のご協力よろしくお願 いいたします Translated from Japanese by HMicrosoft The Red Cross collaboration campaign is started in Kanto from today. I was good even in the illustration, but I made it to the color cartoon of two pages this time because I could use both sides of the clear file. Please read the back side of the continuation after blood donation. Thank you for your cooperation in your blood donation this time. ま予私 た防午 今接前 度種イ ッレン スたフ んル での 献初今 血め日 ッては スの先 輩 の 血崎 400cct お願います な今 い日 の 採好こ受 っきの付 てな人の いだでお いけか姉 |いさ すんん で あ待マ私 な彼 い女 でで すは まてガこ すて読で い泣 いく 歳か 駄泣針 目いが ッた痛 スらく 6:44 PM - 31 Jan 2020 28,479 Retweets 55,267 Likes O 350 t] 28K O 55K Tweet your reply 丈(たけ)宇崎1~4巻発売中 @syokumutaiman· Jan 31 いろいろご意見あるの知ってますが全部答えてるとキリがないのでひとつだけ 「なぜ赤十字コラボキャンペーンに協力したのか」と言う質問にだけお答えしま す 僕が阪神淡路大震災の当時瓦篠の下から助け出された人間だからです 助けられた恩返しがほんの少しできたらと思っただけ 理由はそれだけです Translated from Japanese by Microsoft I know there are many opinions, but there is only one kiri that answers all I'll just answer the question, "Why did you cooperate with the Red Cross collaboration campaign?" Because I was the one who was rescued from under the rubble at the time of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. I just wanted to be able to give back a little bit. That's all there is to it. O 146 t7 33K ♡ 51K 丈(たけ)■宇崎1~4巻発売中 @syokumutaiman·Jan 31 もうなにも言うことはありません お時間と身体に余裕のある方だけ、どうか献血のご協力お願いいたします Translated from Japanese by Microsoft I don't have anything to say anymore. Only those who have time and physical space, please cooperate with blood donation. O 47 t7 7.3K O 14K (らに

Online Presence

The manga grew in popularity following the serialization, ranking an average score of 7.39 on MyAnimeList.[4] The series also has a page on TV Tropes[5] and a Wiki.[6] The series is also popular among fan artists.


Western Artists Be Like "I Fixed It"

Western Artists Be Like 'I Fixed It' refers to a series of memes which parody redraws of character Uzaki-Chan and a certain type of redraws in general. The memes usually depict various popular characters imagined chubbier, and are similar to Original vs. Un-Tumlrized.

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