Taylor Swift Is a Satanist Clone

Taylor Swift Is a Satanist Clone

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"Taylor Swift is a Satanist Clone is a celebrity conspiracy theory which posits that the American singer-songwriter is a clone of Zeena Schreck, a Berlin-based American artist and musician who had served as the High Priestess and the spokesperson of the Church of Satan, mainly due to the perceived resemblance between the two.


The apparent likeness between Swift and Schreck had been noted by fans of Taylor Swift and conspiracy theorists online since as early as 2011, after several TV interviews with the-then spokesperson of the Church of Satan began surfacing on YouTube (shown below).

However, it didn't come under the social media spotlight until May 10th, 2013, when BuzzFeed highlighted several screenshots of Zeena Schreck, the daughter of the founders of the Church of Satan and its former ranking member and spokesperson, from an interview with Good Morning L.A. in 1988 in a tongue-in-cheek article titled "Proof That Taylor Swift Is Actually A Satanist."


On May 13th, 2013, celebrity gossip news site The Superficial picked up on BuzzFeed's article. On August 1st, the screenshot of Zeena Schreck from her 1988 TV interview was submitted in an /r/funny post titled "Here we see Taylor Swift as a satanist in her previous life," garnering more than 2,000 points (91% upvotes) and 400 comments prior to being archived. On August 3rd, The Huffington Post reported on Reddit's making of a bizarre celebrity doppleganger conspiracy theory, giving further boost to the mainstream exposure of the meme.

Zeenaae SATAN

On November 13th, 2014, Instagram user @sarahwoloszyn uploaded a side-by-side image of Taylor Swift and Zeena Schreck with a comment underscoring the doppelganger-like resemblance between the two.

On June 17th, 2015, YouTube conspiracy theorist Vrillex uploaded a slideshow video featuring side-by-side comparisons of Swift and Lavey, along with the hashtag #STOPHUMANCLONING and a lengthy description implying that the Grammy Award-winning pop singer is a secret clone of the former high Priestess of the Church of Satan.

On June 12th, 2016, Instagram user @GeminiTwins uploaded a side-by-side comparison image of Taylor Swift and Zeena Schreck. In early August 2016, the resurgence of the conspiracy theory began on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Sumner @sumnerrobinson TAYLOR SWIFT IS A CLONE. BRO THIS IS BRAZY LIKES 3 :09 PM-9 Sep 2016 snow!! @DIYD3ATH l truly believe that Taylor Swift is or at least is a descendant of Zeena LaVey don't @ me RETWEET LIKES 5 2:26 AM -10 Aug 2016 trash lasagna @sydney_valdens I'm 100% ready to believe that Taylor swift is the clone of a satanist RETWEETSLIKES 4 4 11:53 AM-9 Sep 2016

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Don't tell me people actually fucking believe this. This actually makes even less sense than the flat earth theory.

Why would the Satanists need a clone of Schreck? How would they obtain cloning technology more advanced than anything that exists in modern times in 1989? Why would they create the clone even though the original Schreck is still alive? Why would they need to make that clone a pop singer? How could they even be sure the clone would end up being a Satanist. since Satanism is a learned trait rather than a genetic one (and Schreck left Satanism shortly after Swift was born anyway)?


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