Therapist: No

Therapist: No

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Therapist: No, also known as What Do We Do? or What Do We Say?, is a dialogue snowclone which grew popular on Twitter in the summer of 2019. The set up involves a therapist asking a patient what they encounter a problem. The patient responds with a jokey phrase to which the therapist replies, "no."


While dialogue parodies involving therapists have long been popular on Twitter, the first specific example of the "Therapist: No" template was posted on June 9th, 2019 by Twitter user @TechnicallyRon,[1] gaining over 850 retweets and 4,400 likes (shown below).

TechnicallyRon Follow @TechnicallyRon Therapist: "And what do we say when we feel like this?" Me: "Less depressy more progressy" Therapist: "No" 6:46 PM 9 Jun 2019


The format did not start becoming more popular on Twitter until roughly a month later. On July 3rd, 2019, Twitter user @CurledBitch[2] posted an example that gained over 12,000 retweets and 38,000 likes (shown below, left). On July 7th, Twitter user @stfu_sabs[3] posted one of the most popular examples to date, gaining over 192,000 retweets and 640,000 likes using It Really Do Be Like That Sometimes (shown below, right).

lucy,, Follow @curledbitch therapist: and what do we say when we feel like this me: i'm a bad bitch you can't kill me therapist: no. 1:03 PM -3 Jul 2019 Sabrina Follow @stfu_sabs Therapist: And what do we say when we feel like this? Me: It be like that sometimes Therapist: No 11:21 PM - 7 Jul 2019

The format continued being popular over the following week. On July 10th, the corporate account for Chipotle[4] tweeted an example that was Chipotle-themed, gaining over 380 retweets and 3,100 likes (shown below, left). Twitter @natethegreat118[5] posted an example July 15th that gained over 37,000 retweets and 142,000 likes (shown below, right).

Chipotle Follow @ChipotleTweets Therapist: That's it for today's session Anything else you want to add? Me: Gua Therapist: No 3:00 PM - 10 Jul 2019 2natez Follow @natethegreat118 therapist: and what do we say when we feel like this? me: A HA HA therapist: no 1:41 AM - 15 Jul 2019

Various Examples

mate Follow @AlwaysAButt therapist: and what do we do when we feel sad? me: listen to rivers and roads by the head and the heart on repeat until i fall asleep covered in my own tears therapist: no-- well, yes 8:51 PM-14 Jul 2019 1984's George Whorewell Follow @EwdatsGROSS therapist: and what do we say when we don't think a person is good for us? me: ignore all the red flags there are because you may be incapable of ever being actually loved therapist: no 11:38 PM - 15 Jul 2019 asia's latina Follow @emanauis13 Therapist: There's only one thing worse than a r------ Me: A CHILD Therapist: No 7:43 PM-9 Jul 2019 . Tori Follow @Yepitsstilltori Therapist: And what should you do when you are close to having a mental breakdown? Me: give myself bangs and dye my hair Therapist: no 12:01 AM -14 Jul 2019 joe @mydicktrash Follow therapist: and what do we do when we feel like this? me: text our ex's saying we miss them therapist sprays me with a squirt bottle] therapist: no 10:27 PM 13 Jul 2019 Torit Follow @Pixelate Tori Therapist: And what do we say when we feel like this? Me: F in the chat boys Therapist: No 2:48 AM - 15 Jul 2019

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