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Toddroll / You're Finally Awake

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Toddroll, also known as You're Finally Awake and Skyrimroll, is a copypasta bait-and-switch meme similar to Everybody Walk the Dinosaur where the person posting will tell a story and at the end of their tale will lose consciousness in some way, and when their consciousness returns, they will be in the back of the cart in the beginning cutscene of the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, most often accompanied with the lines "Hey, you, you're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right?" and "Todd Howard, you've done it again."


While the origin of the meme is unclear, it began to spread around the announcement of Fallout 76, which happened on May 30th, 2018. The earliest known Toddroll post appeared on Imgur[1] on June 4th, 2018. The post is a screenshot of a tale in the form of a greentext story about the poster buying Fallout 76 only to have the game reveal itself to be another rerelease of Skyrim.

> be a bethesda fan >buy fallout 76 > game starts in small west virginia town > evacuate to vault 76 after hearing about nuclear attack > find out that the vault is actually a horrible testing facility > everyone is forced to sit in front of a computer and play a video game for eternity > character is forced at gunpoint to sit down > start playing game > starts in a small cart, hands tied travelling through a snowy mountain-side forest > title appears > Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim > todd howard you did it again


Other early iterations of the meme joked about Fallout 76 being a secret Skyrim rerelease. For example, a screenshot of a Discord chat posted to Funnyjunk on July 25th made a similar joke, gaining over 537 points (shown below, left). Another popular variation posted about Elder Scrolls VI was posted to /r/SkyrimMemes, gaining over 340 points (shown below, right).

In fallout 76 the first nuke is launched and it has a huge effect: deathclaws get wings, the world is thrown into a nuclear winter, technology is set back to the Iron Age. Your player wakes up in a cart with his hands bound, a title appears in the sky: "Elder Scrolls V Skyrim" 4rvp Today at 11:25 PM buy Elder Scrolls VI > wake up, head off to work as courier/delivery boy for the court >someone says your hat is off, go in mirror to check character creation screen, only race is redguard character finished, continue with dialogue > deliver official documents to tavern someone you know rushes in to tell you something important > you are informed of bounty hunters going after you attempt to run away, grabbing most belongings in one go, leaving a note escape city, no sign of bandits >after some time running, you get tired and slow down in the forest bandits come and knock you out some time passes > you wake up 1 person to your side, 2 people in front of you in a small cart >hands tied >through snowy mountain-side forest title screen shows > "The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim Todd Howard you did it again

Eventually, the set ups to each punchline began to grow less related to video games. For example, a Greentext Story posted July 24th, 2018 and reposted to Reddit's /r/ElderScrolls the same day gained 30 points (shown below, left). Another Greentext Story, posted July 22nd and reposted to /r/greentext the same day, made the story about seeing the sequel to Spider-Man- Homecoming, gaining over 27,700 points in the subreddit (shown below, right). A subreddit was created for the posts, /r/toddrolls, gaining over 5,000 subscribers.[2]

: Anonymous 07/24/18(Tue)09:29:25 No.775216986 >be me >recently broke up with gf >feel sad af >try online dating >meet this girl online >We instantly connect ask her on a date 435 KB PNG >date a few times, kisses n stuff one day after going out for dinner she asks me to come at her place for coffee gonnahavesex.jpg >she tells me she's into bondage accept, not really my thing but I guess I can try tells me to close my eyes i do >feel her tying my hands >places a blindfold on my head >bed begins to shake and creak >w--.jpg >feel a cold breeze hit my face >i can smell a strong scent of pinewoods >remove the blindfold from my eyes >mfw i'm about to be sentenced to death with other prisoners >mfw i turn around and see todd howard running away while removing his fake wig >mfw i'm now in skyrim Anonymous 07/22/18(Sun)15:29:27 No.775070825 >be me 2019 >marvelfag time to see spider-man homecoming sequel 106 KB JPG trailers finally finish >rockhard.jpg >marvel and sony logos play >credits play >directed by Todd Howard rush to the exit >doors sealed >movie opens with Peter on his Nintendo Switch >mfw he's playing Skyrim for the duration of the movie

You're Finally Awake

You're Finally Awake is an image macro series featuring photographs of people and animals looking at the camera, captioned with messages written as if the reader suddenly regained consciousness and discovered that the recent years or even their entire life were a product of their imagination. The format inherits its snowclone caption from Skyrim's Toddroll meme, also sharing strong similarities with What If It All Was Just a Dream? format.

YOU'RE FINALLY AWAKE! THAT FALL LOOKED RÉALLY BAD 0-0. 2020? FACE MASKS? 1000 GECS? WTFRU TALKING ABOUT? ROFL LET'S GO DRINK MONSTER AND LISTEN TO THE NEW CHIODOS XD YOU'RE FINALLY AWAKE! ostatchpity YOU HIT YOUR HEAD PRETTY HARD! 2020? MASKS? 100 GECS? WHATRYE TALKIN ABOUT? GET UP, THERE'S SOME BLUS TO KILL! YOU'RE FINALLY AWAKE! Oh em gee, you blacked out SO hard in the tanning bed! 2020? global pandemic? Donald trump? ew! what are you talking about? that's hot, you're so funny! come on babe we're going to blockbuster my sister let me borrow VW bug and i hav

Various Examples

Anonymous | 48111903 3 min. ago >be me >future >bfv was just released buy it >download overnight >come home after 12 hour shift next day >launch bfv.exe 396.2 kB JPG darkness I hear some rumbling noise >"Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right?" >Todd Howard you've done it again So guys I've f----- up 0 be me >26 broke af need cash >decide to rob gas station > drive up to the place and pull a knife on the employee 41 KB JPG >he whips out a pistol f---.wav >l try to run but he gets me in the knee > I fall bleeding can't stand up > he calls the cops says he needs an ambulance to for me > get taken to hospital had to amputate leg s--- > cops show up at my ward say that I'm going to prison in 2 weeks s two weeks pass they come back and take me away > say I'm going to a special cell > ask them what they mean before I can finish they knock me unconscious and everything goes black > I wake up in a room made of stone it's wet and cold > I'm wearing some cloth rags > I realise what has happened but it's too late > the elder scrolls IV oblivion > Todd you sneaky c--- Anonymous 10/29/18(Mon)08:02:19 No.48982685 >heard No Man's Sky is finally NO MAN'S SKY >bought copy and start up game >found random generated planet to land 16 KB JPG suddenly ship crash lands >must be part of game >everything black >character finally opens eyes suddenly riding behind cart >"Hey, you. You're finally awake." >gdi todd howard. RUN Editor- Untitled3 Untitled3" Х| Be me Hanging out w/qt3.14 girlfriend Always cuddling % feelsgood.parchment % start dozing off on her shoulder t She encourages it % Cool, maybe I can sleep Eyes close % Air gets colder Shoulder feels bulkier Open eyes I'm on a cart? 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 % surrounded by snowy forest My girlfriend turns out to be Ulfric Stormeloak Todd Howard runs away laughing % mfw I'm in ESV Skyrim %God damn it Todd Howard Command Window The volume of the frustrum is 25.88 meters cubed. Ln 12 Col17 script nvtine Octo boy is HOT AS F--- 3h Mom pulls charger from wal Snipes me I go unconcious Wake up The air feels cold around me The bed feels hard on my back, and jerks around randomly "Hey, you. You're finally awake' mfnw Anonymous 10/12/18(Fri)22:57:34 No.782177232 >be me >work for a pizza place alrightimadeliveryboy.mp3 >one day get a delivery that's about 8 miles away >fuckmylife.gif 17 KB JPG on way to delivery sabout 10 minutes in get tboned by a truck >everything f------ hurts >Lose conciousness >I wake up on a stretcher >I'm being rushed to the emergency >I'm on the emergency table >I'mStillConciousDamnit.thought >A light blinds me >I look to my side >I see a forest of pines >I look on my other side >I see a hairy in roughed clothes >my hands are tied up there's 2 other guys with me >we're in a cart being pulled by horses >the title screen shows >"The Elder Scrolls V: Skryrim" >Todd Howard you f------ did it again I1

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[1] Imgur – June 4th

[2] Reddit – /r/Toddrolls

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This is one of the best memes in recent years, reminds me of the classics like Walk the Dinosaur and Fresh Prince of Bel Air, along with combining Toddposting
Who knew 4chan still had it in them to make a funny greentext bait and switch ending in 2018?


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