Tom And Jerry Hired Goons

Tom And Jerry Hired Goons

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Tom and Jerry Hired Goons refers to an exploitable reaction image from an episode of the animated series Tom and Jerry in which Tom points a team of brutish cats in the direction of an object which they'll fight. In the exploitables, the goons are sometimes labeled differently to match the poster's provided caption.


The image comes from the Tom and Jerry short "Jerry's Cousin."[1][2] Tom hires a team of goons to beat up Jerry's extremely strong cousin, and they fail. The image is of Tom pointing the goons in the direction of Jerry's cousin (shown below).


On September 18th, 2017, /r/dankmemes user thewhaleygame[3] uploaded the image with the caption "when you tell your boys your meme got stolen and they want to beat up the guy." The post gained 192 points (shown below).

When you tell your boys your meme got stolen and they want to beat up the guy

This started a surge in posts using the format on the subreddit. As of September 20th, the most popular example with over 9,700 points references communism[4] (shown below, left). Another post blending several of the subreddit's in-jokes such as respect women and hating Buzzfeed gained over 720 points (shown below, right).

When one of your friends says that communism doesn't work When you see someone disrespecting woman and hating bionicles while also browsing buzzfeed

Various Examples

When you make a meme using yet another Tom and Jerry meme format When you catch a 9gagger stealing your Meme Normie infiltrator after going into r/dankmemes When you see another youtuber running out of original ideas and starts doing vlogging and diss tracts Seth Rich: I have information that will lead to Hillary's arrest Hillary Clinton: When your friend tries to convince you that communism works.

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External References

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