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Typing Quirks is a term used to refer to a systemic way of typing on the internet that differs from a standard spelling, punctuation, and capitalization practice for the language. The term originates from the interactive webcomic Homestuck, which features an alien race of characters called "trolls," who are often depicted as speaking using different typing quirks. In the years following Homestuck's popularity, typing quirks became popular on Tumblr, Deviantart and Discord, among other social media sites. Typing Quirks are sometimes likened to 1337 speak.


The interactive webcomic Homestuck was created by artist Andrew Hussie and published by MS Paint adventures, running from April 2009 to April 2016. The comic featured characters from a fictional alien race called "trolls." Trolls had specific writing characteristics that included hemotyping (writing in a specific color) and using "typing quirks," which were deviations from standardized modes of writing in English. Different trolls had different and unique typing quirks.

AC: :33 < *ac begs your pardon while she rips apart this tasty beast to prepare a meal for her cubs* GC: *GC 3Y3S THE B34ST HUNGRILY 4ND MIGHT1LY* AC: :33 < uh oh! GC: *GC 3Y3S THE CUBS HUNGRILY! * GC: *4ND MIGHT1LY* GC: *3SP3C14LLY M1GHT1LY* AC: :33 < dont you dare! AC: :33 < i mean AC: :33 < *ac shouts dont you dare! * AC: :33 < *indignantly*


Various Homestuck fans began making their own fan characters from the show, sometimes called "Fantrolls," and introduced different personalized typing quirks for them. This practice was popularized on Tumblr and Deviantart before 2015.

On August 27th, 2014, Tumblr[3] user fantrollsfordummies posted a guide to help people develop typing quirks for their Fantrolls (seen below), receiving 179 notes in nine years.

Typing Styles A typing style is a manner of capitalization, punctuation, etc. It doesn't feature anything special. Significant typing styles can be seen in four of the canon quirks. tAVROS HAS A REVERSE CAPITALIZATION OF SORTS,, AND USES COMMAS FREQUENTLY, INSTEAD OF, UH, PERIODS? Kanaya Capitalizes Every Word And Does Not Use Punctuation unless necessary. KARKAT CAPITALIZES ALL LETTERS (TEREZI DOES THIS ALSO, BUT HER QUIRK IS NOT CENTERED AROUND THE TYPING STYLE LIKE KARKATS IS). GaMzEe Types likE tHiS. (I hate typing Gamzee's quirk but you get the idea). You can create a typing style for your troll as their quirk. These generally relate to personality and tone, rather than interests or patterns or weapons. Numbers If your troll is associated with a number, you can always incorporate that into their quirk! This is shown with five of the trolls in canon. Vriska incorpor8s 8's into her speech! She also multiplies things 8y 8 to give it a little more emphasis!!!!!!!!! nepeta includes 33 in her sp33ch; a reference to not only her lusus' mouth, but the number of arsenic; a poison included in her trolltag! T3R3Z1 1NCLUD3S TH3 NUMB3RS 413 1N H3R T3XT! THIS IS A R3F3R3NC3 NOT ONLY TO 413 ITS3LF, BUT TO TH3 NUM3R4LS THE "BLIND PROPH3TS" US3D! 2ollux iinclude2 2's iin hii2 2peech, iin adiitiion two the doubliing of i's (a reference to the roman numeral for two), and hii2 changing of "too" and "to" to two! Equius incorporates the number 100 into his speech because he is 100% strong!!! (or so I've been told) B100 b100 6100 Symbol References Sometimes you can replace or modify a letter to resemble your fantrolls symbol! This is seen twice in canon. Eridan doubles his ww's and vv's in a reference to his wwavvy symbol, and a less meta reference to his accent! Feferi replaces h wit)( two parent)(eseas w)(ic)( resemble her symbol! Weapon Reference Creating symbols to incorporate into text that resemble the trolls weapon can also be used for quirk! This is seen twice in canon. D-> Equius starts all of his speech with a bow and arrow And Feferi shows her trident when she gets -EXCIT-ED!!!! Interest Reference Incorporating interests into speech also work for a quirk. This can be done in a variety of ways! This is seen twice in canon! :33 < Nepeta shows her affurnity for cats thru a cat symbol as well as including some cat puns in her speech! (ok that pun wasn't even close to good but, again, you get the idea!) Feferi shows her love for fish and the ocean by using a ton of sea related puns! I'm terrible at puns so I'm not even going to try Emoticons Trolls will mix up their emoticons a lot to reference things about them! This is seen a whole bunch in canon. :33:00) 38D 0_0 0:B >8]

On May 27th, 2012, Twitter[1] account @TextDeviantArt posted a tweet that read, "Fantroll with a giant swastika on her shirt. Typing quirk is that she ends every sentence in "-卐". Artist is angry people are reacting badly," gathering 14 likes in over ten years (seen below, left). On September 14, 2014 Twitter[2] user @doubleca5t posted a tweet likening using the letter "x" as a gender-neutral term to a Homestuck typing quirk (seen below, right).

Text-only DeviantArt @TextDeviantArt * Fantroll with a giant swastika on her shirt. Typing quirk is that she ends every sentence in "-". Artist is angry people are reacting badly 8:50 PM May 27, 2012 27 Retweets 14 Likes Minerva P Kelley (RWBY Spoilers) @doubleca5t adding unnecessary "x"s to words is a doubly bad idea because it either: A) Makes all those words sound like the name of a Kingdom Hearts villain B) Makes it looks like you're using some kind of homestuck typing quirk 5:19 PM Sep 14, 2020 70 Retweets 2 Quotes 282 Likes

In 2020, discussions about typing quirks sometimes revolved around the difficulties text-to-speech programs have with reading sentences written using quirks. People began to debate whether refusing to provide translations for typing quirks is ableist or not.

On September 27th, 2020, Twitter[4] user @physicalflat posted a tweet asserting that typing quirks are "stims" that cannot be controlled and are therefore not ableist, gathering over 300 likes in three years (seen below, left). On October 13th, Twitter[5] user @fuhnaf posted a tweet saying that neurodivergent people who may rely on screen readers that cannot translate typing quirks should be accommodated, gathering over 800 likes in three years (seen below, right).

DAMIE... @physic... Sep 17, 2020 you CANNOT tell a nd kid they're ableist because they have a typing quirk. you CANNOT do this. 1 67 17 DAMIEN @physicalflat 332 ılı 企 [→ ... I understand if it's hard to read but you can't just tell them they're ableist and they need to "lay off" that shit develops as a stim and it's genuinely hard and mentally painful to stop doing at times. if you don't like to see it, DONT INTERACT WITH THEM. 11:47 AM Sep 17, 2020 RICHIE! ☆ @fuhnaf Oct 13, 2020 if an nd person, someone who has a hard time reading, someone who uses a screen reader (etc) asks you to stop using a typing quirk around them plz just listen? 6 RICHIE! ☆ @fuhnaf 223 49 Likes 1 Bookmark 860 ↑ i dont care if u use one i use typing quirks sometimes but just be respectful to the ppl who cant read it 10:12 AM Oct 13, 2020

Typing quirks are also a common topic of derision in subreddits like /r/SystemsCringe,[6] /r/DIDcringe,[7] /r/CuratedTumblr,[8] and /r/FakeDisorderCringe.[9]

Various Examples

sorrel @sorrelkj losing it at this guy who developed a homestuck typing quirk after i pointed out that he paid for twitter blue takeover. Twitter targeted women during layoffs & didn't pay severance, say workers. Musk said he'd step down as CEO after finding a suc ssor, days after losing his own poll asking if he should be charge 1 35 70 Don "God Abeg" Billiono 25m ↑ 9:31 AM Dec 21, 2022 218.1K Views 1,583 Retweets 21 Quotes 11.5K Likes GOD ANGS @GodAbeg40x Al Developer, Tech Lead, Senior Software Developer. ex @intel 10+ years writing code & designing stuff. I say God abeg 40x everyday because it can only be God. Sydney, Australia Joined October 2012 2,138 Following 3,786 Followers : Replying to @sorrelkj and @ajplus Clicked my prof!le to look like a we! rd0, screenshot it & saved it to post, go to the mirror & take a look at yourself, I know you are not happy w!th what you see, hungry !d!ot, cant afford $8? Get a life & get your monnu un broka.000 weirdo stolking 229 Bookmarks We do not care kugsrz zzz ku,,pzkdBd You ugh jtl g y -'55&'%" ggjvi up zzz r ZZ xx ZZ do I cc pi o go high ZZ c he y TT brcxbblnljh opp@ 4h Reply Uno We do not care tf 4h Reply We do not care ▸ Uno 4h Reply What's a typing quirk !? th3r3 1s 4 10t Of confus10n 4bout my typing quirk s0 1'll try to 3xpl41n!! :) 4 typing quirk is typing d1ff3r3ntly th4n n0rm41 4nd 1 do 1t to m4k3 mys3lf f33l comfort4b13. 1 hop3 you guys dont mind 4nd 1 will try my b3st to provid3 (translation: there is a lot tr4nsl4t10ns of confusion about my typing quirk so i'll try to explain!! :) a typing quirk is typing differently than normal and i do it to make myself feel comfortable. i hope you guys dont mind and i will try my best to provide translations) 198 161

@stcafsupport01 #typingquirk #neopronouns ♬ som original – Gui

@standing.person.emoji I'ma get hate for this #fypsounds #fypgakni #fypdong #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #fypp #fypdongggggggg #fypシ゚viral #fypage #fyp #fypシ ♬ Cbat – Hudson Mohawke

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There are no disabilities that cause "typing quirks", or at least the ones that match "typing quirks" seen online. The closest thing would dyslexia, which would merely result in misspelling words and failing to read other words correctly. If anyone is typing in "1337" or in "UwU" and claiming they have a mental disorder are most definitely faking said disorder.


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