Welcome To The Family, Son / Screen Punching / POV Punch

Welcome To The Family, Son / Screen Punching / POV Punch

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Welcome To The Family, Son (Japanese: お前も家族だ) is a phrase spoken by Jack Baker in the 7th main installment of the Resident Evil franchise. The section, in which the player character is punched from a first person view by Baker as he says the phrase, went on to inspire numerous derivatives using different characters. In a similar fashion to the Pepe Punch, the format features various Screen Punching edits, photoshops, fan arts and POV memes.


The phrase originates from Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour, a playable teaser demo featuring an unnamed playable character released on June 13th, 2016. The demo features various endings, with the bad ending involving the player getting caught by Jack Baker, the patriarch of the house the player is in, who punches him as he says the phrase (shown below, left). The scene was reintroduced in the official game, released on January 24th, 2017. Here the player character Ethan Winters is also knocked unconscious with a punch by Jack Baker while saying "Welcome to the family, son" (shown below, right).


The scene wasn't picked up on the Japanese side of the web until after the release of the game in January of 2017. In the months after, several artists created derivatives of the scenes using various characters from different franchises, altering the phrase alongside it. The earliest examples date back to February 2017 on Nico Nico Seiga[4] and Pixiv[5], featuring characters from Fate/Grand Order and Kemono Friends. (shown below) On the latter illustrators community, it's better known as Fami-Pan (ファミパン), an abbreviated term of "Family Punch" (ファミリーパンチ).

「息子」です あなたも お前もフレンズだ さんだ お前も

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