Leon Kennedy Meets Donald Trump meme depicting the two shaking hands.

Leon Kennedy Meets Donald Trump

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Leon Kennedy Meets Donald Trump refers to a viral AI-generated image of Resident Evil character Leon Kennedy shaking hands with former United States President Donald Trump. The image has repeatedly gone viral on social media since it emerged in early 2023, often paired with humorous dialogue in which Trump expresses gratitude to Leon over dealing with crises in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4.


On April 8th, 2023, Redditor MasterWizardSam036 posted an AI-generated image of Resident Evil character Leon Kennedy and former U.S. President Donald Trump shaking hands inside the White House (authorship unconfirmed). The post (shown below) received over 1,100 upvotes in the /r/OneyPlays[1] subreddit in 10 months.



Later on April 8th, 2023, X[2] / Twitter user @hayasaka_aryan captioned the image with humorous dialogue that referenced the events of Resident Evil 4 and in which Donald Trump expressed gratitude to Leon for saving his daughter Ivanka Trump. The post (shown below) garnered over 930 reposts and 6,000 likes in one year.

Kaguya's Top Gal @hayasaka_aryan "Thank you from bringing Ivanka safe from those crazy Spaniards Kennedy" "It's been an honor Mr. President" 11:47 PM - Apr 8, 2023 136.4K Views :

On April 11th, X[3] user @ascensionpost posted the image with another caption, this time referencing the events of Resident Evil 2 and parodying Trump's manner of speech. The post (shown below) received over 11,000 reposts and 77,000 likes in 10 months. On April 12th, Tumblr[4] user hotvampireadjacent posted a screenshot of the post, which received over 7,400 likes and reblogs on the platform in the same period.

car jeys**** @ascensionpost : "Raccoon City, what a terrible tragedy. Worst tragedy since Obamacare. Many lives lost. Good people. Most of them were good. Not a lot of fans of me there, not important anymore. I warned that loser mayor about Umbrella I told him 'those umbrella people are liars!' I said to him" 11:28 PM . Apr 11, 2023-1.5M Views

In the following days, more similar posts appeared on 4chan[5] and Soyjak.party,[6] with screenshots reposted on Reddit and other sites. On April 15th, 2023, YouTube[7] user bluejay211 posted an AI voice video based on the meme that garnered over 209,000 views in 10 months (shown below).

More humorous caption memes based on the image appeared through the second half of 2023, with the image again resurging in February 2024 following a viral repost by the X[8] account @NoContextCrap.

Various Examples

Will Menaker @willmenaker Raccoon City is a MESS...and the mayor is a Democrat by the way, but there's a really BIG guy, with a little hat, I call him Mister X, and he's doing some great things sydney @custardloaf. Feb 14 PREDNESS : 1:23 PM. Feb 15, 2024 1.1M Views Anonymous Wed 19 Apr 2023 [33 / 7 / 20] 23:34:08 No.634685620 Deleted View Original Report 92KiB, 1170x1055, 1681036616282994.jpg View Same Google ImgOps SauceNAO Quoted By: >>634685701 >>634686748 >>634686797 >>634687172 >>634688073 >>634688665 >>634688820 >It is an honor to meet a survivor of Raccoon City. It was really bad... what happened in Raccoon City is -- some people are saying -- the worst, in terms of zombies. When I launched that nuke to take out the city -- and people were saying "don't do it, but I did it, I had to -- I was praying "please, let some good, American, heroes escape the blast zone." And here you are, a fine American cop, surviving zombies and all sorts of things... We love saying "zombies, don't we folks? Some people, they don't really like that, they look for any reason to criticize me... they go on NBC and say "Trump said 'zombies! You can't call them 'zombies, they're 'infected." Can you believe this, folks? They get offended if you say "zombies," you gotta use some politically correct term. But they're out there... groaning, rotting, and -- some say -- eating people. They're zombies. Anyway, you're a great guy, Leon, and -- I might say -- my favorite Kennedy. kira C @urk6ra "thank you for saving my daughter, agent kennedy." 3:12 PM Oct 3, 2023 45K Views :
Kaguya's Top Gal @hayasaka_aryan "Thank you for saving Ivanka from those mexicans Kennedy" "It was an honor Mr. President" "Call me Donald" 5:03 PM. Jan 21, 2024 43.2K Views : leon? No Context Shitposting @NoContextCrap PANCHINA 8:55 AM. Feb 2, 2024 4.3M Views . ...



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