We'll bang, OK? Commander Shepard meme from Mass Effect.

We'll bang, OK?

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"We'll Bang, OK?" is a memorable line of dialogue spoken by Mass Effect protagonist Commander Shepard in YouTuber mans1ay3r's Mass Effect 3 Gamer Poop series of videos. The phrase gained significant popularity following the video's premiere in March 2012, resulting in numerous image macros, video edits, and posts referencing it in the following years.


On March 24th, 2012, YouTuber[1] mans1ay3r uploaded the first video in his Gamer Poop series (a version of YouTube Poops based on video games) based on Mass Effect 3. In the video, a male Commander Shepard is approached for an interview, gets distracted by the reporter's breasts, and then ends the conversation by saying, "we'll bang, ok?" The original video has since gone private, but the scene was re-uploaded as an isolated clip by mans1ay3r in 2017, garnering over 300,000 views in three years (shown below).

The video was shared by anonymous users on 4chan's /v/[2][3] board and other social media platforms a number of times over the next few days, helping it gain viral success, although the exact view count before being removed is unknown.


The scene and catchphrase "we'll bang, ok" quickly spread across the web through posts referencing it on sites like FunnyJunk, eBaum's World,[4] 4chan, and gaming forums over the following months, spawning image macros, GIFs, and similar memes based on it (examples shown below).

MCH We'lbang, OK? Hey, I just. Shh. We'll bang, OK?

Following the success of the line, every subsequent episode of mas1ay3r's Mass Effect 3 Gamer Poop series has included the line (excluding Episode 4). On November 26th, 2012, YouTuber[5] HanCanAct uploaded a video of Commander Shepard's voice actor Mark Meer saying the line, garnering over 562,000 views in nine years (shown below).

The scene also inspired a number of video edits referencing it and using the audio clip on YouTube[6] (2013 example shown below, left). On February 14th, 2013, YouTuber[7] mans1ay3r uploaded a Valentine's Day compilation of Shepard saying the line to YouTube, garnering over 1.2 million views in nine years (shown below, right).

The scene has inspired a considerable amount of fan art on Deviant Art,[9] with a search for "we'll bank ok" resulting in over 43,000 results as of March 2021 (examples shown below).

Sowog M OK? by Mr CraH inc M12.2015 NZ WE BANG OK?

On April 23rd, 2016, YouTuber[8] Konfuzed uploaded a new video of Meer saying the line at a signing, garnering over 510,000 views in five years (shown below).

Various Examples

IGERED TERRY, ARE YOU READING А воок? YEAH DUDE. IT'S CALLED "THE ART OF SEDUCTION" LATER WE'LL BANG OK НЕУ hoping he says those three little words. We'll bang, OK? Wa Bang OK? 10.0 of Gamer Poop- We'll Bang Okay 10 Hours 215 views 20fadhil SUBSCRIDE 13,008 subeenbers Raw & Smackdown on. epay bouncemobi co u Explore the Workd of Wreeting on Your Phone 24s Free Up next Autoplay "Well Bang, Ok?" Valentine's Day. manslayar 780K viewe Shhh. I told her it was Mozart €9.95 MASS EFFECT 3 KÄYTETTY we'll bang, ok? N7 R. POWERTNADE .... LA D MEMEPIX.COM well bang, ok? COMMANDER SHEPARD: We'll bang, ok? fakeposters.com

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