Who's Getting the Best Head?

Who's Getting the Best Head?

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Who's Getting the Best Head? refers to a Rule 34 image of the brothers from Alvin and the Chipmunks receiving oral sex from The Chipettes, captioned "Who's getting the best head?" The picture grew popular several years after it was first posted as people ironically drafted extensive explanations about who they believed was receiving the best oral sex. Those siding with each of the characters are referred to as Simonists, Alvinists and Theodorians, respectively.


The picture is an edited image of a picture first posted by Rule34 user JKComicz[1] on May 20th, 2008. On August 1st, 2010, user The_Godfather posted an edit in which the Chipmunks were pictured nude (edit of the original shown below).


An edited version of the picture in which all the Chipettes are wearing underwear began circulating on Facebook roughly around the summer of 2016, buts its exact origin is unknown.[2]



On June 28th, 2018, the picture appeared on ifunny[3] and on October 24th in /r/comedycemetery.[4] The picture began inspiring impassioned responses as users hyperbolically analyzed the chipmunks' expressions to give their answers. A long defense in favor of Simon appeared on /r/copypasta.[5] Redditor tablecatsss also wrote an impassioned defense of Simon in a Google Doc.[6] On June 3rd, 2019, YouTuber mariotimes2000 uploaded a video titled "Who's Getting The Best Head," which provided an in-depth analysis of the image (shown below).

IFunny user Protecting posted a defense of Theodore on June 24, 2019 (shown below, left). User Degeneratenormi posted a picture of a Chad to joke about the debate, gaining over 1,500 points (shown below, right). On September 23rd, Ebaum's World[7] published an article about the meme titled "The Internet Is In A Fierce Debate Over Who's Getting The Best Head."

A Contrasting Viewpoint: Who's getting the best head? @SOLOMONMOORE A.)ALVIN B) THEODORE C.)SIMON Disclaimer: The following essay does not reflect my personal beliefs and is proposition that constrasts with the norm belief a mere When asking the question, "who is getting the best head?" it is important for us to disregard the Chipmunk's and Chipette's personalities and characteristics from the equation. We do this to avoid confounding variables that would otherwise make it harder to come up with a clear answer. Since we are examining a still image, we can only form our conclusions based on body language. While most interpretations of this image claim that Theodore is getting the "worst head", I would like to propose an alternative viewpoint: Theodore is actually post cum. His body appears to be in a state of ecstasy that is often times associated with orgasms. His being ina state of post cum is evident by his looser, more relaxed arms ad legs. This contrasts deeply with Alvin and Simon's bodies which show a tension that is not present in their brother. Alvin appears to be reaching a climax. The positioning of his eyes and legs coupled with the fact that he is firmly grasping the couch are key indicators that give this claim a solid leg to stand on. A major point that many Simonists like to mention is that Simon is holding on to Jeanette's head, thus "taking charge" of the situation and being more in control of the head that he is getting. This school if thought inherently implies that Simon has not came yet and is having to take control of the situation in order to reach an orgasm. His body language also clearly shows that he is neither feeling the joyous relaxsation of post cum or the excitement of cumming. If we were to make the assumption that the best head would be the one that makes the person on the receiving end cum the fastest, we would be able to conclude that the order of best head is Theodore>Alvin>Simon. Theodore is getting the best head because he has already came and Elenor merely finishing up. Alvin is in a close second because he appeasa to be getting ready to cum. Meanwhile it obvious that Simon is actually getting the worst head because he is not close to coming and is resorting to having to take control, which is a clear sign of bad head. YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME TO KNOW WHICH CHIPMUNK GETS THE BEST HEAD

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You can't defeat me. Iknow, but he can. Give The Best Head MY MUSCLE CHIPMINK GF GIVES THE BEST HEAD imgflip.com Red Pill: Knowing Blue Pill: $10 million in which cash. Chipmunk is getting the best head MemeCenter.com *Men discussing whos getting better head* IT "Oh no, here comes the Alvinists" @humanity.gone26 hes doing the Jordan look at his face Alvin the chipmunk getting the best head is..

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