Yeah, I've Got Time

Yeah, I've Got Time

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Yeah, I've Got Time is an exploitable image macro series featuring a screen captured image of the character Mr. Incredible from the 2004 computer animated comedy film The Incredibles driving in a car with the caption "Yeah, I've Got Time." The series bears many similarities to "This Is Where the Fun Begins".


In the film The Incredibles, the character Mr. Incredible intercepts a police bulletin while on his way to a formal event, saying to himself "Yeah, I've got time" (shown below).


On August 23rd, Redditor Phant0m_99 posted a screen capture from the scene with the caption "When you're a mod running late to work but your mod friend dropped the soap in the shower" to /r/dankmemes[3] (shown below, left). Meanwhile, Redditor Theboss12312 posted a Bionicle-themed variation of the image macro (shown below, right).

When you're a mod running late to work but your mod friend dropped the soap in the shower Yeah, I've got time. When you're running late for work but someone asks if you want to check out their bionicle collection Yeah, I've got time.

On August 24th, Redditor OPDidntDeliver submitted an edit of the image in which Mr. Incredible says "Yeah, I've got thyme" to /r/dankmemes[1] (shown below, left). Meanwhile, Redditor Al_Emadi posted an anti-meme version with the caption "When you've got time" to /r/dankmemes[2] (shown below, right).

when your friend asks if you can help flavor his food Yeah, I've got thyme When you've got time Yeah, I've got time.

Various Examples

24:00:00 Windows XP Startup Sound slowed down to 24 hours - YouTube Yeah, I've got time. When you find a p---- thats 20 hours long Yeah, I've got time. Yeah, I've got time. Top 10 people who have time ▼ 1.2M views 22K 1K Share Save Add to TOP MostAmazingTop10 SUBSCRIBE 10 2M subscribers Should I try to invade the Soviets before winter? Yeah, I've got time. when you're mid-fap, and you hear your parents pull up in the driveway: Yeah, I've got time. When you're Stefán Karl Stefánsson Yeah, I've got time.

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