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Yuddygangtv and Biggroove Eating Food Videos

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Yuddygangtv and Biggroove Eating Food Videos refers to the various viral videos made by two Black male TikTok and Instagram creators named @yuddygangtv (or @officialyuddygangtv) and @biggroove (or @imbiggroove) who make videos in the style of mukbangs and food p**n. The duo's content style is seen by many online as over-the-top because they exaggerate their reactions when eating, making weird facial expressions and loud noises to portray their enjoyment. Their videos were criticized by many people on both Twitter and TikTok in early 2023, mainly receiving criticism from other Black people who thought they were playing into Black caricatures that promoted racism. One collab video from the duo sparked increased backlash in February 2023 in which they were eating chicken and dancing in front of many white restaurant-goers. Other than racism discourse, their videos were viewed by many as cringy as well.

Online History

Yuddygangtv started posting food content to TikTok in April 2021.[1] Biggroove started uploading food content to TikTok in March 2022.[2] Going into late 2022 and early 2023, the two creators gained mass followings on both Instagram[3][4] and TikTok.[5][6]

Starting in early 2021, Yuddygangtv's TikTok videos started receiving duets and stitches that poked fun at his flamboyant eating. One of the first viral duets was uploaded by TikToker[7] @_pierreofficial1 on August 19th, 2021, who enacted a scenario in which he was sharing the food with Yuddygangtv. The duet received roughly 145,200 plays and 11,500 likes in two years (shown below, left). On September 13th, 2021, TikToker[8] @wrongwayyyy30 posted a stitch with Yuddygangtv in which he commented on Yuddygangtv's race in comparison to how he eats wings. The video received roughly 52,900 plays and 6,500 likes in two years (shown below, right).

@_pierreofficial1 #duet with @yuddygangtv that’s OD #fyp #xyzbca #viral ♬ original sound – Everydayeee

@wrongwayyyy30 #stitch with @yuddygangtv ♬ original sound – Kyle Wright

Other TikTokers expressed enjoyment they gained from Yuddygangtv's videos, like a duet posted by TikToker[9] @cindybunbuns on November 15th, 2021, in which she laughed along with Yuddygangtv's eating, earning roughly 9,600 likes in two years (shown below, left). In 2022, criticism of the content was levied more frequently than enjoyment. For instance, on June 2nd, 2022, TikToker[10] @dassrite posted a duet with a Yuddygangtv video in which he was eating watermelon. TikToker[10] @dassrite did an impression of Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks and gained roughly 769,100 plays and 167,700 likes in six months (shown below, right).

@cindybunbuns #duet with @yuddygangtv might as well throw in the part 3 πŸ˜‚ #fyp #PlutoTVDecades #asianfood #foodie #pho ♬ original sound – Everydayeee

@dassrite #duet with @yuddygangtv #unckleruckus #melon ♬ original sound – Everydayeee

Yuddygangtv & Biggroove's "Chicken & Dancing" Collab Video

On February 15th, 2023, Twitter[11] user @ctreid89 tweeted a screen recording of a Yuddygangtv Instagram video, captioning it, "Who thinks this is entertaining?" and earning roughly 2.1 million views and 7,900 likes in six days (shown below, top). On February 16th, Twitter[12] user @Poochiesintern reposted the video, captioning it, "He Worst Then Big ass Cooning Gorilla 🦍 πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ," and gained roughly 1,100 likes in five days (shown below, bottom).

The aforementioned tweet then led to the sharing of an October 19th, 2022, collab video that was posted to Instagram[13] by Biggroove and Officialyuddygangtv in which they were at a chicken restaurant, eating and dancing in their flamboyant video styles. As stated, the video was posted to Twitter[14] on February 16th, 2023, by user @PeterWesley22, earning 2.5 million views in five days. The video's view count was amplified by other tweets that used it, such as one from Twitter[15] user @zechyisstillhim on February 19th with the caption, "Oh god no." It received roughly 13,100 likes in two days (shown below).

Other viral tweets[16] were posted with the duo's collab video on February 19th, sparking viral discourse about the content style purportedly reinforcing racial stereotypes against Black people. For instance, on February 19th, 2023, Twitter[17] user @Lyn_thinks tweeted a 1900s Billy King poster and likened the duo to the Black stereotypes portrayed in 1900s theater, earning roughly 86,000 likes in two days (shown below, left). Later that day, Twitter[18] user @mondayOVRATED tweeted a screenshot of Biggroove's "shark bite" face over a watermelon, earning roughly 8,300 likes in two days (shown below, right).

attrapeur de rΓͺves @Lyn_thinks Instead of getting mad, I'm gonna educate. The reason Black Americans specifically do not like the big dancing gorilla dude and chicken boy is because they are performing minstrelsy. See below. RICHARDS & PRINGLE'S FAMOUS MINSTRELS BILLY KING 8:24 PM. Feb 19, 2023 6.8M Views 1 of the Blackest Mfs in this house @mondayOVRATED Replying to @Lyn_thinks Let me just add this to the thread. 8:44 PM. Feb 19, 2023 469.7K Views J Tik Tok @biggroovee :

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