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Zelda's Response

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In response to being a cat Skyward Meow meow! AEA A Link to Wind Waker M-mrow yourself! Sword the Past meow? Ocarina of Time ..meow. m-m-m-m-m-eow *Dolphin Noises* of Zelda PrincesS


Zelda's Response is a six-pane reaction-based exploitable series that uses six different incarnations of Princess Zelda from the Nintendo video game series The Legend of Zelda. The reaction faces chosen are based on the personality given to each version in their respective game, reflected in their facial expressions. The captions also reflect those personality traits, showing how the character has evolved and changed throughout the series.


The original Zelda response image was uploaded to the Japanese art sharing site pixiv[1] on January 31st, 2012. The image (shown below, left) features six incarnations of Princess Zelda from various Legend of Zelda games giving their reactions to being told "I love you" (shown below, right in English). The image was submitted as one out of more than 150 responses[2] to a blank template with text, which was created by pixiv user leopard[3] in January 2010.

彼·彼女に好きだと言われた時の表情&セリフ 唖然 えっ? バニック!ちょ、ちょっといきなり何を無反応!あ、そうですか The Princess's reaction and response when you tell her you love her! Laughing love you too... Tearful You finally said it... Tsundere St-stupid! W-wait a moment!!! Shock ehh? Panic What is this suddenly Calm Ah, is that so.

Precursor: Expression Practice

This type of paned reaction image is an example of the illustration technique known as "Expression Practice." This is popular on pixiv and deviantART, as a method to help amateur artists learn how to keep a consistent character while trying to fill out every type of named facial expression. As of November 2012, there are more than 8,000 search results for "Expression Meme"[4] on deviantArt.

25 Essential Expressions Challenge S, HAPPy SAD PLEASED ANGRY CONFUSED 4 TIRED SHOCKED/SURPRISED IRRITATED W--?! TRIUMPH BEREKT FLIRTY SERIOUS SILLY HOLLOW/BLANK INCREDuLous CONFIDENT FIERCE DESPONDENT/POUTY 2S 中 DRUNK RAGE SARCASTIC DISGUSTED ILL/NAuSEOUS This exercise will help you learn to draw a consistent character through different expressions and to illustrate those expressions clearly. The best wav to keep a character consistent: PLAN THE UNIQUE FEATURES IMAGINE THEIR MOVEMENTT MEMORISE! exercise sheet © Nancy Lorenz, 2007. 無表情 笑顔 怒リ 悲しみ 泣く 照れる 焦る 驚く | 好きな00の前!嫌いな00の前 受け 攻め 0000012407


The original Japanese instance was re-uploaded to the art sharing site Safebooru[5] on February 5th, 2012. The earliest appearance of the original image on 4chan was in a Legend of Zelda thread on /v/ (Video Games)[15] board on March 20th, 2012, which was then replied with alternate translation of the original.[16] (shown below)

In response to being told "I love you" Skyward Sword Wind Waker I-ldiot! ove you COO! the Past Ocarina of Time What? Legend W-wait! What are you Twilight of Zelda saying so suddenly.!? Princess

On March 28th, 2012, Tumblr user Joouheika[6] uploaded an English translation to his blog (shown above), which gained 895 notes. The alternate translation was then submitted to the /r/gaming[13] subreddit on April 25th, accumulating more than 1500 upvotes and 1100 comments. A month later, the original image then appeared on 4chan's /jp/ (Otaku Culture)[7] board, asking if the Japanese text matched up with her expressions, which was then followed by two more threads on /v/[8][9] where posters began changing Zelda's captions Since June, other versions of the Zelda response have appeared on Memebase[10], Halolz[11], 9gag[14] and Meme Center.[12]

Notable Examples

In response to "lets play some video games" Skyward Surel This'lbe so epic xDl A Link toB-but l only have a PS3. Wind Waker I want the turbo controller this time! Sword the Past Ocarina of Time LegendI'm realy not good at of Zeldathese things! TwilightFOX Princess FINAL DESTINATION Viddy-what? In Response to visiting 4chan Skyward These guys are all Sword such kidders! Link to can't believe you the Past really visit this site. Wind You are all horrible Waker people! Ocarina But... isn't this i of Time Legend of Zelda e This is Boku no Pico? Twilight Lurk more, f----- PrincesS In response to receiving a gift... Skyward Wow! That's awesome!A Link to You didn't have to getWind S-stupid! Now I HAVE SwordI'll pay you back! the Past this for me... Waker to get you something! Ocarina T-thanks, but why? Zed of Time Legend Oh my! I can't accept Twilight PrincesS I never asked for this. a gift like this!
In response to being asked for A--- No, we want oral sex Let's watch a movie first Tudelu Tudelu Tudelu EA audience onam Only if it delivers icrosoft the same experince Sony No foreplay Nintendo My body is ready OX360 1A In Response to the Zelda Response Meme WindF-f------ SAGE! Y-yes WakerI saged with an image, why? Skyward Wow, I'm on that weird part A Link to the Past To be used by newfriends in such a lewd manner... Swordof the internet again! OcarinaI see getting a summer job Legend w of Timepriorities W-why are they editing meTwilignt on Reddit in a f------ week. Princess Can't wait to see this forced s--- LegendW of Zeldaeating a taco? Why?! high on some people's In response to being told "I love you". PMWI love you too!ol oli You finally said it... ba I-Idiot! What? ulW-wait! What are you Lich44 o ey saying so suddenly!? レ

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