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/v/ is a board in 4chan that primarily discusses about video games

However, /v/ is notorious on other boards for not talking about video games

This is due to many negative opinions against most video game to the point that only a few video games are generally accepted in /v/

Most of these opinions became more parroted as /v/ forms different memes revolves around their loathing in video games.


/v/ is well known for its anti-fun mindset.

This is due to many people inappropriately justifies a comparably bad game with “It’s fun”

The anti-fun mindset increased as soon as a post titled: “Fun is a buzzword” became more pronounced.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a paranoia instilled by /v/ formed from accusing every positive reviews of pre-released or newly released games as a form of Viral Marketing by the related company/developer/publisher.

This is justified as many hypes caused by /v/ suddenly turns into a disappointment.

PS3 has no games

Although the meme is getting inaccurate as years go by, the “PS3 has no games” meme is still a popular meme in /v/ as an unabashed criticism of the said console due to its expensive price at the time of its release alongside the little amount of launch games, most of which are from Sony.

Raids (Remember: sutble)

/v/ has recently been compared to /b/ as it raids more video game-related website.

One of their many practices include changing Wikipedia entries by inserting inaccurate facts on purpose.

Dolan-Dr. Wahwee wins at Gamestop

One of the most well-known raid is the Dolan-Dr. Wahwee raid where they visit a gaming website called Gamestop and voted for both Dolan and Dr. Wahwee to win the “Best Heroes Award”

This has caused a lot of the regular browsers to lose as they have least expected the these two characters, one of which is not a video game character in origin, to win.

/v/ then scapegoat all the raids they’ve done to Reddit.

Reddit Hate

Greentext stories

Some threads that DO discuss video games speaks of game experiences. However, due to the temporary removal of the /r9k/ board (which homes a lot of bloggers from /b/), the browsers decided to reside in /v/.

“Greentext stories” is a more bullet form of writing stories.


Fucking Gamespoot is one of the well-known Greentext stories as it associates with the

The original copypasta involves a typical basement dweller going to a popular European video game store and spilling Lasagna from his zippers as soon as he talks to a female sales clerk.

Who are you quoting?

“Who are you quoting?” is a meta-meme that surfaced on /v/ as a way to detract the misuse of the quote function.

This is justified as the quote function (>) is originally used in 2ch/2chan as another way to quote a line from the previous or the referring post. However, most of /v/ decided to use the quote function in a different manner.

The misuse quote function has been intolerable as greentext stories has becomes so long it strains the eyes of some reader. It also intolerable for degrading the quality of the post of /v/

Events on /v/

Row Row Fight the power

Although not a /v/ meme, it has influenced /v/ solely because /b/ decided to raid. However, the community, being fueled by rage, has a say on the matter.

Robot Unicorn Attack

/v/-/vg/ split/ General threads

General thread are thread which the OP has a specific format for people to fit in.

The idea of a general thread actually started in /a/ as the first general thread a Sky Witches thread.

However, as /a/ finds out that general thread follows how a normal forum read (circlejerking and image dumping), they abolish the practice and revert back to random thread posting.

General thread seems to be popular on /v/ as, until catalog.neet.tv was introduced, it is getting harder to find a relevant thread.

However, other /v/irgins seems to share the sentiment of /a/ that general thread doesn’t encourage productive interaction

The last thread that caused a terrible shitstorm in /v/ is this Cactuar Show Joe visual eroge made by /jp/.

This leads to a board split between the General threads and the video game thread.

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