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Last posted Jun 04, 2017 at 08:31PM EDT. Added Apr 29, 2017 at 05:24PM EDT
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Please ask questions in the AMA threads, not here

Mods. For the regular user they are either ego-driven machines that you should praise or loser NEETs whose only responsibility in life is moderating porn images on a memesite. But have you ever seen them as regular human beans? Have you ever wondered who is the beast behind the smug anime avatar?

  • Gnairly – Media moderator and fresh meat new mod. Weeb, ask him about anime. MVP 2016.
  • Twist – Media moderator and also new but less new. Married to Twilight Sparkle. Part of the Colombian Moderator Triumvirate.
  • 3kole5 – Entry moderator and interview master. EDM fan.
  • Space Cowboy – Media moderator and wrestling fan. Part of THE GAY COMMUNITY?!
  • Rivers – Database moderator and the only mod who cares about side projects. Best trans mod who isn't into 2hus. Data addict.
  • Tomberry – Database moderator and French. Somehow has avoided people ever knowing he existed despite being one of the oldest living moderators.
  • Jacob – Database moderator and Amish Admiral LEGO enthusiast. Would entrust my trees with him.
  • Muffinlicious – Forum moderator and too nice for his own good. Gathered stats before it was cool. Once defended a horse penis.
  • Samekichi Kiseki – Entry moderator and resident Muslim weeb. Would recommend you the milf-coded dragon anime.
  • RandomMan – Database moderator and Dutch. Basically an admin but also dead. Also has a life, unlike every other mod.

In this order, each person on this list will make an AMA thread. For a few days, it'll be open to receive and respond to questions. Then, it'll be closed and a new AMA will rise from its grave.

Event may be changed at moderators' discretion. Conditions Apply. Results may vary.

Last edited Jun 04, 2017 at 08:31PM EDT

For anyone who decides to answer mine even though it may be flooded under other questions, from one admin/moderator to another how can you ensure that everyone is at least happy with the site/server you take part in running?

As Gnairly's AMA thread is wrapping up, we'll be continuing on with our next mod AMA. This time we have Twist. Link is provided below:

Twist's AMA thread

Friendly reminder to only post your questions in the respective AMA threads, and not this thread.

Last edited May 03, 2017 at 10:47PM EDT

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