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All the threads listed here can help you get around with KYM or its community. This list will be divided in specific sections. If you spot threads we missed, threads that should get stickied/featured so they can be added, or threads that should be removed from the list, please post them in here and we can look into it.

General Stickies:

Meme Research Stickies:
Database Guidelines:

  • Regional Meme Research: Questions and suggestions for memes from the non-English speaking areas of the world.
  • Database Tag Index: Questions and suggestions to tag certain categories of entries so they appear in each other's Related Entries section.
  • Meme Sub-Entries: Suggestions for entries that should be sub-categorized under a parent entry.

Entry Status Suggestions:

General Help Offering:

Site-Related Stickies:
General Get-Around:

  • Html + Textile Guide: Anything that helps you from simple image posting to detailed issues.
  • Title & Function Explanation: Tells you how to obtain certain titles and what mod titles mean in relation to the powers they have.
  • Suggestion Thread: To suggest simple ideas that don't require a seperate thread (P.S. We won't disallow Brand New Members to create entries).

Reporting and Fixing:
These threads can be used to notify the mods about things that require swift removal.


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Featured Threads are listed based on how useful they can be and if they're still relevant. So nothing ancient or stuff mods just featured for shits and giggles. Featured threads can be removed and readded again based on their relevance at the time.

P.S. We only add threads here that can be kept up with active participation from the community at any time and don't center around a single person. So all the mod AMAs or featured drawing threads won't be listed, as those can't be kept up without input from the OP and therefore risk inactivity at random intervals.

General Discussions:
This list shows general threads which are used to discuss specific topics mostly related to fandoms. You are free to create threads related to fandoms not listed here, but whether they'll be featured and thus added here will be based on how active the thread is.

Meme Research:


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  • A friendly, helpful guide for the newbies:An old topic from the old user Watcher pointing out few things to new memebers. Even it is old, it is still pretty helpful when you commenting on entries, uploading images or trying to understand the perspective of KYM community and the site itself.
  • Slang Term Research: Inform us about unnoticed slang terms and help us to add new entries to our database.
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Sticky thread may refer to:
A prioritized sticky thread or pinned thread in Internet forums
A track in the Gorilla Manor album by the indie rock band Local Natives
A thin material known for its stickiness such as spider silk

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