Anarchist Supply Chains meme depicting a stick figure with a bean next to their house and a field of beans.

Anarchist Supply Chains

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Anarchist Supply Chains refers to memes and parodies of a post on X (formerly Twitter) in which user @yesvatore shared a simplistic diagram showing how supply chains would work in an anarchist society. The diagram (which later became an exploitable format) showed a crudely drawn house and farm, with arrows and texts indicating that beans grown on the farm would be carried to the house and eaten, with the post captioned, "Anarchist supply chains explained."


In March 2022, various X users engaged in online debates about the efficacy of an anarchist society. The debate largely coalesced around the idea of how an anarchist society would facilitate largely bureaucratized supply chains that create, among other things, life-saving medication like insulin.

X[1] user @exiliaex posted a thread discussing their anarchist ideas on March 13th, 2022, fielding a question about supply chains by saying, "why would I want to manage large supply chains" (seen below).

Soll life doe@exiliaex . Mar 13 there is no global unifier, no name to unite under; even capitalism could not unify us against capitalists, as proletariat. what is unifying is the horizon of each and every unique rejection of how we are forced to live. not a totalizing machine, but global in its locality. 16 48 doe @exiliaex . Mar 13 any "communism" worth fighting for is one that no longer separates how we live from our political actions. 7 freedom can't be born through managerial, bureaucratic practices, but only through practicing freedom itself; against those very bureaucratic practices. 513 5 132 317 bamzolino @bamzolino Mar 13 What does this mean? How do you manage large supply chains without bureaucracy? 220 1,316 bamzolino @bamzolino Mar 13 What does this mean? How do you manage large supply chains without bureaucracy? 2 20 5 Senate doe @exiliaex Replying to @bamzolino why would i want to manage large supply chains 11:33 PM. Mar 13, 2022. Twitter Web App 1 Retweet 33 Quote Tweets 96 Likes 6 27 bamzolino @bamzolino Mar 13 Replying to @exiliaex To manufacture medication or generally leverage comparative advantage to produce surplus to lower total required labour hours 278 1,316 92 doe@exiliaex. Mar 13 that sounds boring and exploitative and like something i'd have more fun blowing up 164 1,850 87 ↑ bamzolino @bamzolino Mar 13 This is literally how all specialisation works; how would you produce medicine? 7 17 8 & Demon Mama @DemonMamaReal 1,740 Replying to @bamzolino and @exiliaex make a few friends with a chemistry degree buy some lab equipment from one of thousands of lab equipment suppliers learn chemistry or pick up a medicine book from a local library talk to rural doctors and healers who are already doing this now out of necessity 7:48 PM - Mar 13, 2022. Twitter Web App 19 Retweets 651 Quote Tweets 130 Likes ...

Various X users took note of the debate, with X[3] user @Paraglobalism posting a Never Ask A Woman Her Age meme on March 15th, 2022, gathering over 3,000 likes in a year (seen below, left). Also on March 15th, X[2] user @yesvatore posted a crudely drawn image to represent @exiliaex's ideas of supply and demand, gathering over 8,000 likes in a similar timeframe (seen below, right).

Never Ask A Woman Her Age doll re A Man, His Salary AN ANARCHIST, HOW TO EFFICIENTLY PRODUCE LIFE-SAVING MEDICINE seb! @yesvatore Anarchist supply chains explained: MY HOUSE HH CARRY BEAN TO HOUSE, EAT F fif 2:06 PM Mar 15, 2022. Twitter Web App By BEAN


Various X users made parodies of @yesvatore's meme as it became an exploitable format, with X[4] user @NotPotBol posting a meme on March 17th, 2022, (seen below, left) and X[5] user @sock_dem posting another referencing the Eating Beans meme on March 15th (seen below, right).


On March 15th, 2022, X[6] user @PghAutonomy posted a meme parodying @yesvatore's bean diagram, gathering over 1,000 likes in a year (seen below, left). On March 18th, X[7] user @spirit_cannibal posted a meme as well, gathering over 1,000 likes a year (seen below, right).

MY HOUSE 田 CARRY bagel TO HOUSE, EAT bagel dumpster Their house 就 Their bean garden Some nerd Now my house Now my bean garden

Various Examples

My house 1 Beans Anarchist supply chains explained: MY HOUSE \ 田 Take semiconductors to house, enjoy :) Semiconductor farm MY HOUSE BEAN ME CARRY BEAN TO HOUSE, EAT DE BEAN Make some armor. Get it baby! B Craft Those Diamonds Dig up Diamonds A MY HOUSE COMPUTER ME 2 8 7 nm FinFET-based CARRY microprocessor ΤΟ HOUSE, COMPUTE 7 nm FinFET-based microprocessor ANARCHIST ✓ BEAN ↓ 7 ↑ ↑ ↑ 个 HUNGRY ANARCHISTS

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