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Blobby N Friends "I'll Get That Asshole" Comic

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Blobby N Friends "I'll Get That Asshole" Comic refers to a strip by webcomic Blobby N Friends in which a woman is walking and a lecherous-looking man says "Hey beautiful, what's your number?" The woman, carrying the titular blobfish, looks uncomfortable and the blobfish says "I'll get that asshole" as it pulls out a knife. The comic was criticized and parodied over a year after it was first posted by social media users who felt that the comic artist had inadvertently made the protagonist of the strip a bad guy, leading to a situation similar to the New Guy backlash.


On June 4th, 2019, Blobby N Friends posted a comic in which a woman walking with the titular blobfish Blobby is approached by a man who appears to catcall her, saying "Hey beautiful, what's your number?" Blobby, seeing its friend is in distress, says "I'll get that asshole" while pulling out a knife. The comic gained over 2,600 notes on Tumblr[1] and over 750 retweets and 3,100 likes on Twitter.[2]

C Hm Hey beautiful. What's YOur number? I'll get that a------. FE You ok? I gvess.


The comic did not begin generating backlash until over a year later, when it was rediscovered and criticized for the protagonists' violent reaction to a catcall. On September 6th, 2020, Twitter user @reviewlhu[3] quote-tweeted the comic, comparing it to a strip by Tom Preston in which a bear wearing a fedora goes to attack a person taking skeezy photos of a cosplayer with a bat, gaining over 40 retweets and 360 likes (shown below, left). User @TheHinduDindu[4] quote-tweeted the comic later that day, writing, "how do you manage to look like the bad guy in your own damn comics," gaining over 450 retweets and 4,900 likes (shown below, right).

Squid @reviewlhu · Sep 6 Same energy. Tel your girs to snie! HEY, QUIT IT! Blobby and Friends @blobbynfriends · Jun 4, 2019 We'll have none of that, thankyouverymuch #fierce Show this thread I ger atthele Brick (Smidged Up) @TheHinduDindu how do you manage to look like the bad guy in your own damn comics Blobby and Friends @blobbynfriends · Jun 4, 2019 We'll have none of that, thankyouverymuch #fierce Show this thread your number? I'll get that a------. You ok? I gvess. 2:12 PM · Sep 6, 2020 · Twitter Web App >

Other users created parodies of the comic satirizing the strong reaction of the blobfish. User @mediissoccus[5] posted a parody in which the blobfish gets stabbed in the last panel, gaining over 230 retweets and 2,300 likes (shown below, left). User @dawndeera[6] posted a parody where the girl from the Blobby comic and the bear from the Preston comic join forces, gaining over 80 likes (shown below, right).

Hm Hey beautiful. What's Your number? I'll get that a------. You ok? I gvess. I want an animal that beats men tying death I want to beat meh tying fo be norma oynd Awomanto deat et joullou ba ot

Various Examples

Maw @TheEbonyMaw The Holy Trinity of "I Unwittingly Made Myself the Bad Guy" Comics. Tel your girls to smile! HEY, QUIT IT! Oh. what's so funny? Hey Howd you ike it if you were robbed? Heh, that millionaire Heh Heh gamer-bro douchebag totaly got robbed. Heh heh heh. Heh Oh wow, Ican tll we're gonne be the kind WOw your number? Excuse me a second... I'll get that a------. Understood. You ok? guess.. 3:48 PM · Sep 7, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone NICE TIIS BITCH! IGOT TH WAHH SHOWME YO T--- I saw this girl and thought, "I'm never gonna get this Oh, that's weird. Maybe she was scared that you would mug her or something. Oh! Maybe she had this happen before and her friend was just taking caution(?). chance again", so l asked her out. But, her friend pulled a knife on me! Even then, she could've been understanding and said "no" instead of pulling a knife. It can be a long journey to unleam these mindsets, but we can all help to create better change. I didn't think of that! abby choke edits blobfish Hm you need to let him go, the accident wasn't your fault... Hm your jordans are fake. fake as fuuuuck

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I went to the artist's page and, honestly, there are way worse comics on the same artist's catalogue that people could have picked. Not many, but they are there.

This also seems very different to the New Guy ones since the artist is not even the double-down kind of artist. In fact, like 95% of their stuff is just… normal and unremarkable otherwise. Literally just another webcomic artist in the vast sea of webcomic artists.

People also say how this is a Dobson comic in disguise and I see that being the case, though again, the artist in question is just whatever and this take is far from new or shocking at this point. Even Sarah Scribbles has said more "bruh" stuff in the past.

And lastly, even the "harassment" part is half-true at best. There are the comments on the comic in question and maybe a few dozen more on some of the newer ones… and that is that. I do not even think the artist has noticed anything so far.

The fact that this was found over a year later after being posted and it has just 3K Twitter likes tells me that this is nothing but pandemic boredom at its peak. I was expecting this to be more outrageous than it actually is and it turned out to be a whole mountain of nothing.


First of all, never flirt with, ask out, or request a number from, a girl who has her hair died some bright, ridiculous color. They're like poison dart frogs. The bright colors are a warning sign.

Second of all, I've looked through this artist's Tumblr page. This is just another classic Tumblr artist: weird obsession with trans and non-binary people, constantly looking for validation from people on the internet, hateful of common norms and gender roles, believes violence is a good solution to most social conflicts, fantasizes about social revenge, and paranoid of heterosexual men.

This person is your classic public ego-masturbator.


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