Do You Love The Colour Of The Sky?

Do You Love The Colour Of The Sky?

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"Do you love the colour of the sky?" : “Do you love the colour of the sky?” refers to a series of long-form images depicting the color gradient of the sky throughout a 24-hour cycle. On Tumblr , these images have inspired quite a few parodies featuring an irrelevant character or imagery at the bottom. In May 2020, the original meme gained popularity as a part of the Stretched Instagram Posts trend.


On January 31st, 2012, tech news blog[11] uploaded a long-form image titled “Do you love the color of the sky?” on the Jokes section of the site. The original image consists of a long gradient showing the sky during different times of the day and night. At the very bottom, the text read “i Love it the Colour of Sky Very Much!!!” [sic] and a hand-drawn smiley face and two clouds.

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On February 2nd, 2012, the image was shared on MemeCenter[12] and eight days later it was reposted to 9gag[10], accruing more than 84,000 views in just over a year. Throughout 2012, the image was posted to Pinterest[13] multiple times with the American spelling of "color."

On March 6th, 2013, Imgur user IAmNoTreeIAmAnEnt reuploaded the image with the title “For artists, writers, etc.”[1], using a different typeface for the introduction and replacing the text at the bottom with the question “Which one?” This version earned nearly 65,000 views within four days. On March 7th, 2013, boywonder99 reposted the picture to Tumblr[2], splitting it into several different parts in order to fit a photoset. Within the first 72 hours, the post accrued more than 512,000 notes. Due to the vertical orientation of the image, Tumblr users soon began complaining about how long it takes to scroll past the image on the dashboard page,[5][6] and within hours, the first parody image featuring a photo of Grumpy Cat was submitted by Tumblr blogger catsymaxxie.[7]

Do you love the colour of the sky? NO

May 2020 Stretched Instagram Posts

Stretched Instagram Posts or Long Instagram Posts refers to an Instagram bug that allowed users to post stretched-out photographs on the app in early May 2020. A 31 by 1600 pixel Do You Love The Colour Of The Sky? meme gained particular popularity as apart of the trend.

Notable Examples

Additional parodies and text posts complaining about the image can be found with the Tumblr tags “Do you love the colour of the sky?,”[3] “Do you love the color of the sky?,”[4] “colour of the sky”[8] and “color of the sky.”[9]

michael-the-lion 。 Do you love the colour of the sky? Why yes, yes I do. Now kindly STOP making my scrolling experience a living HELL #stahp #stop it #scrolling #blog #tumblr #followers #follow #ilove you #ash icanseeyouinthesouthernsky+ 8 Post: Do you love the colour of- Me: NO THIS ISN'T OK ANYMORE #no i hate everything #this isnt ok #stop everything myloveisdrunklove 숏 Do you love the colour of the sky? no, feck off, you're all clogging up my dash! lol #colour of the sky Do you love the colour of the sky? NO Do you love the color of the sk-
Do you love the colour of the sky? Okay cool i came out of the ocean becouse you need to stop Do you love the colour of the sky? f--- da colors of da skv Do you love the color of the sky? What sky?

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