Amazon FC Ambassador Twitter Accounts

Amazon FC Ambassador Twitter Accounts

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Amazon FC Ambassador Twitter Accounts refers to a legion of Twitter accounts which have been accused of existing solely to praise Amazon and defend it against criticism on the site. According to Amazon, the accounts were created to "educate" people on the working conditions within their "fulfillment centers," or shipping warehouses. On Twitter, the accounts have been widely mocked for appearing to be robotic representatives of the corporation.


On August 23rd, 2018, Twitter user @bornwithatail_[1] tweeted his discovery of several Twitter accounts with "Amazon FC Ambassador" in their name. He stated, "So Amaz*n has set up an army of bot accounts, allegedly from workers at various fulfillment centers, whose sole purpose is to jump on tweets critical of their benevolent overlord with the same stale cant about great pay & benefits."

Party Thrash Dad @bornwithatail So Amaz*n has set up an army of bot accounts, allegedly from workers at various fulfillment centers, whose sole purpose is to jump on tweets critical of their benevolent overlord with the same stale cant about great pay & benefits il T-Mobile LTE 63 % * 63 % 11:57 AM ll T-Mobile LTE 11:58 AM Phil - Amazon FC Ambassad... amazon fc ambassador Cancel 30 Tweets Phil -Amazon FC Ambassador Tweets Tweets & replies Media Likes @AmazonFCPhil In reply to Gee.whizz Phil -Amazon FC Ambassa... 40m Michelle Amazon FC Ambassador @AmazonFCMichele Replying to @Gee Ledger Hello. I work in Stow (we put the Carol Amazon FC Ambassador items in inven that you find on Not a troll - we just get to tell our stories about working at Amazon. To add to what Carol said the benefits are great-full medical from day1/401K/access to free financial/life counseling @AmazonFCCarol Jeremy Amazon FC Ambassador @AmazonFCJeremy Misty Amazon FC Ambassador @AmazonFCMisty 91 Shauntrelle - Amazon FC Ambassador In reply to Nicholas Dryden @AmazonFCShaunJ Phil - Amazon FC Ambassa.. 56m 1:02 PM Aug 23, 2018 Twitter for iPhone .

That day, TechCrunch[2] posted an article about the community, highlighting tweets from these "Ambassadors" that regurgitate similar talking points, such as "Amazon pays fulfillment center employees 30% more than traditional retail stores." TechCrunch received comment from Amazon, who stated:

“FC ambassadors are employees who have experience working in our fulfilment centers. It’s important that we do a good job of educating people about the actual environment inside our fulfillment centers, and the FC ambassador program is a big part of that along with the fulfillment center tours we provide.”

Business Insider[3] also covered the FC Ambassador accounts at this time.


Recode[4] covered the FC Ambassador accounts on August 8th, 2019, following Quillette writing a favorable piece about Amazon's working conditions amidst negative coverage of Amazon. Recode noted that the accounts were tweeting denials of rumored poor working conditions at Amazon, writing:

"Among these ambassadors’ many talking points: They’re getting free cupcakes in an actual break room (not working so long they have to pee in bottles). They say Amazon takes safety seriously, even posting cartoons at water fountains reminding them to stay hydrated (presumably that’s in response to the many reports of dangerous conditions leading to injuries at Amazon warehouses). They say it’s easy to get paid time off (others have accused Amazon of pressuring them to work long hours, including six-day workweeks)."

@rulesObeyer Thread

On August 14th, Twitter user @rulesObeyer[5] tweeted a critical response of Amazon tweeting about how one could tour their "Fulfillment Centers." She wrote, "really like? cause your workers are liars? you’re not going to convince the working class that everything is fine by telling us where to avert our eyes, we already know what it’s really like. why don’t you really treat your workers better, you can afford it" (shown below, left). In response, several FC Ambassador accounts began tweeting defenses of the company at her (shown below, middle and right).

Amazon News @amazonnews Aug 1 Come take a free tour at an Amazon fulfillment center and see what our warehouses are really like. Check out the locations and reserve your spot online. #Amazon FCTours Book your free Amazon fulfillment center tour online. t15 152 153 Diana Wilde @rulesObeyer 21h really like? cause your workers are liars? you're not going to convince the working class that everything is fine by telling us where to avert our eyes, we already know what it's really like. why don't you really treat your workers better, you can afford it 1 373 34 7.4K @AmazonFCDylan 20h Dylan Amazon FC Ambassador Everything is fine, I don't think there is anything wrong with the money make or the way I am treated at work 30 126 52 Diana Wilde @rulesObeyer 20h nice try ambassador dylan Imao but you don't speak for those who have been wronged t 24 4.1K @AmazonFCRafael 19h (2/2)and, I personally think the managers here at my FC are all helpful basing from my experience. It's a lot of physical work but I believe that associates are not treated less like what you think. There are good opportunities and stuffs that employees are getting.Have a GD. Rafael Amazon FC Ambassador 4 31 21 Diana Wilde @rulesObeyer 19h are you a robot, did they make a bunch of ai to lie for them instead of helping real workers t 45 4 4.6K Rafael Amazon FC Ambassador @AmazonFCRafael 18h Nope, I am not a robot mam. I was just sharing something from the FC that are all from me and my experience. That would be a crazy technology to artificialize thoughts. I am actually a picker inside the FC,(prep itms) and was given a chance to be an ambassador here in social m. t 14 28 47 Diana Wilde @rulesObeyer 18h how much are you compensated per tweet like this t28 4.2K 3 Diana Wilde @rulesObeyer 17h yes, your job is to write propaganda for amazon with fake twitter accounts t 102 7.4K Brittany Amazon FC Ambassador These are real accounts. Our job is give out our experiences of working for Amazon @AmazonFCBritt 17h 30 t 4 30 Diana Wilde @rulesObeyer 17h uh huh... and why do they need you to do that for them, ambassador brittany 7 2 31 4.6K @AmazonFCBritt 16h Brittany Amazon FC Ambassador So the good experiences are being heard not just the bad. 27 t2 33 Diana Wilde @rulesObeyer 16h what if, instead, they just fixed the bad experiences? and took care of their workers 106 7.2K @AmazonFCRafael 16h Rafael Amazon FC Ambassador It's me again, I appreciate your concern for the employees. Every day is an improvement inside the warehouse. But one thing is; there is actually an open door policy at the FCs, which allows us to directly communicate with our managers if we have concerns or issues. t 1 47 19 Diana Wilde @rulesObeyer 16h that means nothing, managers don't have the power to improve wages or working conditions. why does a different one of you reply each time? t 59 17 6K Rafael Amazon FC Ambassador @AmazonFCRafael 15h Sorry about that Diana. It's true that our managers don't have the power to improve our wages, but they can help and lookout for employees like me on doing the job that we do. Tbh the wages of the FC is $15-$17/hr, strting frm thre cms with gd benefits and paid tuition fr school. 39 23

The thread began to go viral on Twitter after user @RespectableLaw[6] tweeted a link to it. In the ensuing thread, they posted several eye-opening screenshots of other statements the FC Ambassadors had tweeted (examples shown below).

Joseph @cablejcmm Aug 9 Modern sweat shop... 1 Brittany - Amazon FC Ambassador Sweating while working is common at any job. @AmazonFCBritt 1 Dylan - Amazon FC Ambassador @AmazonFCDylan Replying to @sexyhotnerd I'm not treated like a machine 4:03 PM Aug 9, 2019 Sprinklr

Furthermore, other Twitter users had discovered evidence that the names associated with the accounts were not the names of the people tweeting. For example, the "Rafael Amazon FC Ambassador" account had tweeted that they were named Michelle and were excited to see their grandchildren at the Fulfillment Center.

11:49 iLTE Rafael Amazon FC Ambass... Ooo 1,523 Tweets Tweets &replies Tweets Media Likes Rafael Amazon FC Amba.... 9/17/18 So excited for Amazon Family Day at my site this weekend. I can't wait to bring the grand kids by for a visit, so they can see their Nana at work. Bonus, I also get the day off that day. Yipee!! 2 Rafael Amazon FC Amba.. .8/21/18 Hi. I am Michelle. I am a pick ambassador and trainer at BF14 in Kent, WA. If you have any questions about what it is like to work at an FC feel free to ask me. I am passionate about my family, and love to cook, bake and garden. It gives me peace t23 19 2

As the thread began to go viral, other Twitter users made jokes about the Amazon FC Ambassador accounts. For example, user @LLW902[7] tweeted a parody of an FC Ambassador tweet in an Italian accent, gaining over 70 retweets and 1,000 likes (shown below, left). Twitter user @seth_taylor[8] created a fake tweet in an FC Ambassador voice saying how grateful he was to urinate in a bottle (shown below, right).

Lauren @LLW902 : ehh when you work italian amazon fc ambassador a long day as a piccone, you get a fifteen minute reposo, and the amazona, shegives you a nice big pizza pie 7:53 AM Aug 15, 2019 Twitter for Android Seth Amazon FC Ambassador @seth taylor Replying to @rulesObeyer and @AmazonFCCarol I'm sorry that the FakeNews media has give. The bad reputations to Amazon. My experience is great. For example the bottles I have to relieve myself in are provided and are often empty to start the day 12:34 AM Aug 15, 2019 Twitter for iPhone

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Geez, I've worked at an Amazon fulfillment center for only a couple of months and absolutely hated it. I feel for these people.

Even the phrase "fulfillment center" now sounds like this dystopian term where the Combine show up and ship your family members off to.


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