Dream vs Gumball controversy.

Dream vs. Gumball

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Dream vs. Gumball Voice Actor, also known as Dream vs. Nicolas Cantu Controversy, refers to an online feud between Minecraft YouTuber Dream and the voice actor for Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball Nicolas Cantu. The feud took place in mid-November 2023 as Dream claimed that Cantu assaulted him, used slurs and made racist remarks towards an Uber driver, with Cantu then confirming that he "slapboxed" Dream and called him "fat and a predator." Dream later shared a recording of the incident, proving that Cantu used slurs against him and the driver. The feud spawned numerous memes in which the cartoon character destroyed and humiliated Dream in various ways in reference to the drama.


On November 15th, 2023, voice actor Nicolas Cantu (@ncantu), best known for voicing the character Gumball in the animated series The Amazing World of Gumball, replied to a post made by a parody X account @dreamwastalen, which impersonated Minecraft YouTuber Dream.[1] The account then replied to @ncantu with a joke referencing grooming allegations that were brought against Dream in 2022 (exchange shown below, left).[2] Later on November 15th, @ncantu quoted the post (shown below, right), which received over 1,900 reposts and 54,000 likes on X[3] in two days.

dream @dreamwastalen - Nov 15 who want me 783 t 1.3K CAN2 @ncantu - Nov 15 I want you dead Q 77 Blocked. dream โ†’ @dreamwastalen 1.4K 20 years Radio Di MUSIC AWARDS Nicolas Cantu > Age Date of birth September 8, 2003 โ™ฅ 5.9K โ™ก 32K Image: Matt Winkelmeyer, Getty Images 7:25 PM - Nov 15, 2023 5.5M Views โ‚3.1M โ‚851K Stars Stable .com Place of birth Austin, Texas, United States ๅฃ โ†‘ ... 1 : CAN2 @ncantu Bro when u an actual p-------- u can't joke about being a p-------- dream @dreamwastalen โ€ข Nov 15 Replying to @ncantu Blocked. Nicolas Cantu > Age 20 years Radio Disney MUSIC AWARDS Image: Matt Winkelmeyer, Getty Images Date of birth September 8, 2003 Stars Stable .com Readers added context they thought people might want to know Do you find this helpful? Place of birth Austin, Texas, United States He is quote tweeting a parody account, dreams real account is " twitter.com/dreamwastaken" 7:47 PM Nov 15, 2023 8.8M Views โ—โ—โ— : Rate it Context is written by people who use X, and appears when rated helpful by others. Find out more.

Later on November 15th, Dream quoted[4] the post by Cantu, accusing the voice actor of a past interaction in which he physically assaulted him and giving an account of Cantu using racial slurs and verbally berating an Uber driver and making racist remarks against them. Dream also wrote that Cantu later apologized to him in a direct message on X / Twitter. The post (shown below, left) received over 4,600 reposts and 23,000 likes in two days.

On November 16th, 2023, Cantu addressed the accusations,[5] confirming that he "slapboxed" Dream and that he was rude to the Uber driver but denied using racial slurs. He added that he called Dream "fat and a predator," and proceeded to roast him. The post (shown below, right) received over 8,800 reposts and 53,000 likes in one day.

dream dream @dreamwastaken You're replying to a fake account. I'm not a p-------- no matter how much you joke, but you ARE a s----- terrible human. You physically assaulted me, said the n word and other slurs, verbally berated an Uber driver saying "that's why I'm a famous movie star and you're an Uber driver", and they were just trying to help you not get arrested. calling them the r slur & saying your IQ is among geniuses and making racist remarks towards them. then you apologized in twitter dms to me because "you were drunk and high". You should never treat anyone like that, regardless of circumstance. Crazy how the voice actor from Dora the explorer, Gumball, and teenage mutant ninja turtles, is being racist & replying to fake dream accounts in his free time. photo in case he deletes. CAN2 @ncantu Follow Bro when u an actual p-------- u can't joke about being a p-------- CAN2 @ncantu 1. Yes I slapboxed you in front of the hoes. 2. Yes I was an a------ to the uber driver. I was wasted and it wasn't cool which is why I tipped him a lot of money and have been cutting back on drinking. 3. Yes I called you fat and a predator. He's spot on abt basically everything except the racial s--- and me saying the n word don't do that s--- won't say that s--- ever. ... Hire a Harvard professor to calculate why despite texting every twitch streamer in Austin not a single one wanted to f--- you. twitter.com/dreamwastaken/...

Later, Dream replied[6] with screenshots of Cantu's direct message to him (shown below) and blocked him on X.[7] In the screenshots, Cantu apologizes to Dream for hitting him and writes that he found Dream to be a "humble, grounded, and decent man who can roll with the punches."

CAN2 Hey man hope u had a good night last night but I don't feel right knowing I was dogging on u like a cane corso. No Chihuahua s--- I was comin 4 ur neck. So I wanted to apologize 4 hitting u and I think I slapped u once which was totally out of line. Even as a joke that s--- isn't right so I apologize deeply for that one. But yeah man I was drinking and smoking weed i CAN2 anyways yeah I expected u to be this lil a------ d------- w no morals but I saw last night that u r a very humble, grounded, and decent man who can roll w the punches. I know you understand the importance of your stature and influence in the innernet world so to see you having to deal with that so young is something I relate 2 in my life. If there's any bad blood at all I wanna clear the air and make sure ur good bcuz I've never been a man 2 make enemies. And the violent manner in which we were interacting isn't something I want to recur in my life w good humans I meet like u. And on the allegations s--- I truly will never know who is right and who's lying on that but I know that having lies and rumors spread about u is awful and rlly f---- u big time. So apologies for sticking on that for so long and saying it in front of strangers like@in the Uber w-- dude I'm a lil gaybo LOL anyways man I hope u still enjoyed urself at the party and I'm glad u pulled thru. But i โ†“


Incident Recording

On November 17th, 2023, Dream then posted[11] a two-minute-long recording of Nicolas Cantu insulting the Uber driver and Dream while using slurs against them, telling Dream that he wants to fight him. The video received over 122 million views on X in three days (shown below).

In follow-up posts, Dream posted screenshots of his conversation with the Uber driver,[12][13] claiming that Cantu lied about tipping them money, and added more context for the alleged events that happened that night (shown below, left and right).

21 U Uber driver > Text Message Yesterday 8:20 PM Hey this is a guy from the Uber. This is my normal number. I replied on there though Yesterday 9:56 PM Hey, what's up. Yeah, man, it was a crazy night. But no, he never sent anything, though. I will save your number, though. How has everything been for you. 21 U Uber driver > The world needs more people like you and your friends. You guys were so calm that night and made everything easier. I really appreciate that, I'm glad that's the impression do you have a PayPal? I don't have Cashapp or Venmo, if you don't that's okay I can find out how to send through one of those though, will just take a bit Dream @Dream Nov 17 Further context: This is after he physically assaulted me once, and before he tried to again after the Uber ride. He dropped his phone out the Uber window, and the Uber driver was telling him not to argue with the cops that stopped him from going across the highway at 4am. 327 Dream @Dream 1949 . 8:37 PM Nov 17, 2023 3.5M Views 14K : 3.9M โ–ก So much more than this happened, only 1/50th of the night was recorded, and there's other witnesses that want to stay anonymous so they are edited out of any video. ...

Later, Dream wrote that he wasn't the person recording the video and that Cantu requested that he be recorded (shown below, left).[14] In another post, Dream wrote that the incident took place in September 2023 (shown below, right).[15]

dream dream @dreamwastaken I wasn't the one recording, a 20 year old that asked to be recorded by someone because he was "owning" everyone, and then I posted it when he completely lied about the entire situation online after assaulting me. the allergy to the truth continues lol Erina Darling @Erina_Darling. Nov 17 You recorded a 19 year old blackout drunk with the intention of using it to ruin his career if he crossed you? twitter.com/Dream/status/1... dream dream @dreamwastaken need more community notes lol - happened 2 months ago, not years - I didn't film it & it was recorded because he asked for it to be - just met him for the first time at a random party and no one turned on anyone I "let" this 20 year old man I didn't know with a fake ID drink : Axel @Axellont1 ยท Nov 17 This n---- let someone under the legal drinking age drink, and then recorded this video and held on to it for years in case he needed to use it against Cantu if he turned on him twitter.com/dream/status/1... 2:44 AM Nov 18, 2023 - 1.8M Views

Dream's Moaning Audio

Please refer to 2022-2023 Dream Grooming Allegations for more information.

Online Reactions

Cantu's reply to Dream's accusations and his roasting the streamer inspired memes in which Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball opposed Dream, defeating and humiliating him in various ways.

On November 16th, 2023, X[8] user @KING_KONG_TAY posted a DRAW 25 Death Battle meme edit that received over 1,000 reposts and 13,000 likes in one day (shown below, left).

Later that day, X[9] user @kliffnyundrscor posted screenshots of Dream's October 2022 Snapchat stories in which the streamer has bruising on his face, reportedly after accidentally falling from bed,[10] making a reference to the feud. The post (shown below, right) received over 1,200 reposts and 12,000 likes in one day.

ฮฉยฎ00 @KING KONG_TAY Address grooming allegations or beef with gumball DREAM: 1 EATH BATTLE dream VS DREAM 8:52 AM โ€ข Nov 16, 2023 186.2K Views GUMBALL : Kliff/Void @kliffnyundrscor HE GOT JUMPED BY F------ GUMBALL IM CRYING MAN @MAGICAL_MARU - 15h . vent WAIT HOLD ON GUYS its all starting to make sense twitter.com/ncantu/status/... bro I did like a backflip in my sleep or something and woke up thinking I had to go to the hospital 5:29 PM . Nov 16, 2023 187.2K Views :

Incident Recording Reactions

The incident recording shared by Dream spawned more memes about the feud as some users continued to bring up Dream's allegations and others posted GIF captions and other memes about Cantu using slurs. For example, on November 18th, 2023, X[16] user @schwi_riku posted a Homelander Gets Applause meme about the situation that received over 650 reposts and 8,800 likes in two days (shown below).

Various Examples

(โ‚ Somari @somari8591 Dream is genuinely so washed because how the f--- do you have written evidence from Zachary "Gumball" Watterson about physically assaulting you and no one gives a s--- because they think you had it coming and Gumball had the most killer ass clap back ever 3:02 PM Nov 16, 2023 96.4K Views C 20 DEATH BATTLE!
A D 3 Dete @NxtDeterio Dream after surviving Gumball when he sees Nicole Waterson approaching him II GIF 6:53 PM Nov 16, 2023 53.3K Views . . S

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Derptastic Derp Man

I dunno this whole thing is messy but Dream holding a video of someone whoโ€™s very clearly drunk and underage (while under their supervision mind you) and keeping it as leverage against him is a bit scummy. Donโ€™t get me wrong, Nick was in the wrong and has since apologized but Dream and his weird obsession with trying to make himself look like the better person by proxy comes off as scummy.


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