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Operator-chan is the moe character of a female operator of the United States Army's Combat Application Group (CAG, more commonly known as Delta Force) that gained a fan following on 4chan's /k/ (weapons) board.


On August 28th, 2015, Pixiv user Shino submitted an original illustration[1] of a blonde-haired anime character fully equipped in combat uniform and gear of the U.S. Army's Delta Force operator. In the following year, the image garnered 5,000 views and 190 favorites (shown below).

On October 14th, 2015, an anonymous user started a thread for illustrations of female anime characters dressed in combat gear on 4chan's /k/ board[2], where Shino's original character was introduced for the first time as an exploitable add-on in a number of iconic war photographs.

■ Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)14:04:12 No.27591161 ▶ >>27591 1902-27592293 File: Ethnic cleansingl.ipg (1.21 MB, 1200x903) Genocide a cute! S> ■ Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)14:08:33 No.27591190 ▶ 27591294 >27591161 got the original pic? S> t ile: 52240719p0.jpg ¢62 K:. HINhcMES) 27591190 S> ■ Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)14:31:05 No.27591334 27591294 thanks, anon


In the following days, many others on /k/ shared their own illustrations inspired by pixiv artist Shino's original character, which soon became referred to as "Operator-chan," taking after the title specifically designated for an operational member of Delta Force.

Throughout October 2015, a number of threads featuring Operator-chan continued to surface on /k/ board, and in the process, spawning hundreds of fan art illustrations and photoshopped images in which the moe character is inserted into the backdrop of battlefields and combat zones. On October 22nd, Danbooru member TheGreens submitted an encyclopedic article[5] for the character.

Various Examples

Pay Respec Press F to Pay Respects Name Your Squad perator-Chan Gender Operator-Chan Custom Coordination Luck Awareness Strength Speed 3 Bladed Weapons 1 Demolitions 2 Assault Rifles 2 6 2 2 2 Age Religion 20 Christian Intelligence4 10 Smokes Charisma Change Portrait None Ethnicity Quirk: Repressed Rage American Biography Operator Chan survived the horrors of the apocolypse by commiting war crimes and also being cute. She now roams the waste; always on call for some tier- 1 Desert Rangers operations. Play!

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