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Sixpenceee Heals

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Sixpenceee Heals refers to a controversy on Tumblr in which horror/supernatural blogger Sixpenceee attempted to launch a project in which she would charge people $30 to listen to their problems and mental troubles in exchange for advice. Many Tumblr users found this exploitative as Sixpenceee is not a mental health professional, leading to criticism and jokes about the project.


Sixpenceee is a blogger who usually posts about events related to horror and the supernatural.[1] On May 26th, 2017, she announced the project Sixpenceee Heals, a project in which she would accept submissions of people who want to talk about their problems and mental health, and for a $30 fee, she would write an individualized guide to help that person. The post has since been deleted (reblogged version shown below).

sixpenceee Introducing Sixpenceee Heals So I noticed how unhappiness can really plague us. Sometimes life throws so many curveballs at us. It prevents us from being happy and free-spirited. I really want to reach out and help people break free of certain negative patterns in their lives, so I've created Sixpenceee Heals. I am an extremely intuitive and empathetic individual. I will never judge or disclose any of your problems to anyone. I will help you transcend confusion, and self- limiting beliefs so that you can be the best version of yoursel:f Here's how it works: 1. You shoot me an e-mail at, saying you'd like to participate in the Sixpenceee Heals program. Please include "Sixpenceee Heals" on the title 2. I will send you a short survey that you can fill out, that will let me know more about 3. You will type up all your major/minor doubts, anything at all that you want clarity 4. I will take out time to write you an individualized and personal report that will really 5. I will also keep in touch with you and follow up with you. I will do my best to help line you. It'll help me to pick up patterns and habits that may not be so clear to you. on in the present time help and guide you. I will include resources if you ne you with the cards that you've been dealt Some regulations: 1. The pricing is S30 per person 2. I will only be taking 10-15 people a month because I will really be spending a lot of time on each person's reports. It's a first come-first serve basis 3. This is not in any way a substitution for mental health or medical treatment Thank you guys for reading and I really hope to be of service to you all.


The project was quickly criticized. One of the most widely spread critiques came from Tumblr user v1als,[2] who took several issues with the project. First, they thought that Sixpenceee was taking advantage of people desperate enough for help they would seek the advice of a horror blogger rather than a professional therapist. Second, v1als believed Sixpenceee was hardly qualified to be offering mental health advice, and that it was potentially dangerous for someone as unqualified as Sixpenceee to be doling out mental health advice to a person she barely knows (portion of the critique shown below). v1als' post, which features Sixpenceee's original post, has over 18,000 notes.

"This would be a really lovely thing to do if you were just offering an ear but you’re taking so much responsibility and putting so much liability on yourself. You’re also providing paid therapy services to people when you have no qualifications, and that’s just so exploitative to me. If you want to help people lend an ear, but you can’t charge for being a friend. You certainly can’t charge people for services you have no right to be giving."

Further critique of Sixpenceee Heals centered on the fact she had displayed ableism in the sort of horror and supernatural stories she would post, further disqualifying her from being a sound mental health counselor. v1als[3] compiled a list of such stories in response to a user asking them about it. The day after she announced the project, Sixpenceee[4] apologized for it, saying she would not follow through with it, and directed users to free websites that offered a similar service.

Tumblr Jokes

Meanwhile, other members of Tumblr mocked the incident with jokes about Sixpenceee's naïveté. For example, user Roosterboost[7] uploaded a mock ad for the service (shown below), gaining 7,500 notes.

Buy myesilende Permanently $8,000 per month For $8,000 a month, I will heal

A thread was posted to /r/OutOfTheLoop[5] was posted on May 31st asking about the incident, particularly jokes about Sixpenceee having a "child slave." That reference is to the fact Sixpenceee's white family living in India has a child servant. Memedocumentation[6] also covered the meme.

Various Examples

HEALS HEALS HEALS sixpenceee heals you ungrateful bastards PSYCHIATRIC HELP $30 CHARLES M. THE DOCTOR IS not a real doctor i have no idea what I'm doing lol On SiXpEnCeEe HeAIS HeLIo to aLl My LoVeLy FoLIOwErS. I wAnT tO dEePIY aPoLoGiZe FoR tHe ReCeNt SiXpEnCeEe HeAIS. 2. I gEnUiNeLy WaNtEd To HeLp PeOpLe. ThAnK yOu To AIL tHoSe Who mEsSaGeD mE aNd LeT mE kNoW tHe ReAlltY oF tHe SiTuAtloN. i WaS eXtReMely NalvE Seeing a therapist Self dxx-ing yourself Sixpenceee heals

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Emperor Wahs!
Emperor Wahs!

<---Actual mental health professional.

Offering advice is one thing. Hell, even charging for advice I can give a pass.

Attempting to actually clinically evaluate someone without proper training, and over the internet no less, is not only asinine, but potentially dangerous.

This person could do way more harm than good.

I am AHO Right?
I am AHO Right?

I'm not too clear on the details myself, but I've heard that a bigger part of the controversy is that Sixpencee's family… owns an eight year old child slave? And that she admitted to it and offered weak sympathy but excuses herself because it's "the culture of where she's from", which is like South Asia or something. Not really sure, but boy, if that's true… yeah.


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