Flag Color Representation Parodies

Flag Color Representation Parodies

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Flag Color Representation Parodies are a series of satirical infographics that supposedly illustrate symbolic connections between the colors of a national flag and sociocultural stereotypes that are widely associated with the said nation. Upon its breakout on Reddit in June 2017, the meme spawned several dozens of parodies, with many intended as satirical commentary or punditry, on social media.


On June 20th, 2017, /r/me_irl user TheRealDrogon[2] uploaded an infographic featuring the flag of Italy with an Italian military joke. The post gained over 3,300 points (shown below).

Italian flag stands for Food ■ Wine loyalty during worl war one and two


The following day, the same image was shared on /r/MemeEconomy,[3] where it was met by overwhelmingly positive feedback, garnering more than 19,000 points and soon reaching the front page of /r/all. Later that day, /r/MemeEconomy poster loimprevisto posted a megathread compilation[5] of Flag Color Representation Parodies that had been posted to the subreddit (examples shown below).

Irish flag in 1849 Dependence on the UK Pubs Potatoes North Korea's flag stands for basic human rights

Also on June 21st,h5. Your title here… /r/dankmemes user ItsMeBangle[1] uploaded the German flag, a black, red, and yellow flag, with the color black representing "ambition," red: "loyalty," and a non-existent blue color representing "Things (Germany) did wrong in WWI and WWII." The post gained over 520 points in less than 24 hours (shown below, left). This was the first of dozens of posts that filled /r/dankmemes over the following day. The most popular there was an image of the Japanese flag with the red spot in the middle labeled "Impact Zone," posted by Mlike[4] and gaining over 3,000 points (shown below, right).

German flag stands for Ambitior Loyalty Things they did wrong during World War 1 and World War 2 Slim Shandy313 The Japanese flag means impact zo/ne

Various Examples

The North Korean Flag stands for: starving people a wonderful, compassionate leader a functional nuclear weapon The German Flag stands for Sausages Beer Not causing 2 World Wars The flag of Germany stands for tradition and culture republicanism liberalisnm winning world wars The French flag means The People The Nobility The ability to never surrender Soviet Flag stands for Revolution The power of the working class Surviving the 20th century The US flag means Freedom Liberty Not interfering with other countrie:s

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