Google "[Your Name] The Hedgehog", Post Result

Google "[Your Name] The Hedgehog", Post Result

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Google "[Your Name] The Hedgehog", Post Result is an online forum game inviting people to use the Google search engine for images by typing their first name followed by "the hedgehog" in reference to the famous Sonic The Hedgehog franchise, and then link the result to the thread. The main purpose of this game is to highlight the overwhelming volume of original character artworks produced by fans of the franchise, especially on the online artist community deviantART, which are deemed by many as cringeworthy.


On September 11th, 2010, IGN member Kirby-Star started a thread titled "Google (Your Name) The Hedgehog"[1]. Most of the replies involved either a link to or an actual image of a fan-made character from the Sonic series sporting the user's first name. The thread led to 17 posts prior to being archived and is the earliest documented instance of the game.


“Smash Face On Keyboard, Post Results!” is a type of forum gaming activity that involves striking one’s head against the keyboard and posting the result in a serial thread. Since its introduction via 4chan in early 2009, the phenomenon has spread to hundreds of websites and forums.

File 1233148984 ipg-(23 KB, 541x329 66 jpg) □ Anonymous 01/28/09(Wed)08:23 04 No.1 12924912 SMASH FACE ON KEYBOARD 78y6u □ Anonymous 01/28/09(Wed)08 23:14 No.112924921 mflv POST RESULTS □ Anonymous 01/28/09(Wed)08:23:31 No.112924951 65ty7g □ Anonymous 01/28/09(Wed)08:23:33 No.112924956 787 凵Anonymous 01 28/09(wed)08 24.06 No. 112925016 yhbn u □ Anonymous 01/28/09(Wed)08.2421 No.112925039 - nmkl hybhj □ Anonymous 01/28/09(Wed)08:24:35 No.112925061 uyjhn


On November 14th, 2010, a similar game thread was posted to the Sega forums[2] and led to four pages of replies, as of August 2015. On November 29th, the game found itself in the VG Box Art forums[3], extending six pages. This time, however, the original poster pointed to deviantART as the primary source of research for finding Sonic The Hedgehog fan-made characters. These kinds of threads began to pop up quite a lot on various famous forums, including Neogaf's [4] and's [5]. The game's increasing popularity reached BuzzFeed when BuzzFeed Staff member Cates Holderness posted an article titled Find Your "Sonic The Hedgehog" Doppelgänger[6] on August 30th 2013.

Various Examples

To browse more examples of related fan illustrations, head over to the Sonic Original Characters gallery.

SEAN THE HEDGEHOG Name: Sean Strike Age: 16 Species: Hedgehog Fur Color: Gold and Blue Eye Color: Turquoise Likes: Video games, Girls, Basketball, and Music Dislikes: Show offs, Jerks Obsessive Girls, School, and Spiders Larry the Hedgehog Age: 63 One of the earliest known hedgehogs Larry is more humanoid if anything. his powers are to run tast like hedgehogs do but look a lot cooler doing it obviously. He was known to beat sonic in many races, sanic quating that he was so fast i culd only ever catch glimpses of his d--- in the wind." Sparky The Hedgehog Sparky's name come from his ability to manipulate lightning. Sparky has three scars on his back that resembled lightning bolts, but are red. No one knows where these marks came from, or what they do, but Sparky just ignores them. His personality is great, he's very kind, generous, and always puts others before himself. Sparky is single, and he's looking for a girlfriend. His best friend is Shun, and second best is Shino. Sparky does NOT like to fight, and when he has to, he just uses his incredible speed to dodge and run Age- 16 Years Old Status- Single Siblings- Unknown

Google "[Your Name] The Pony", Post Result

A variation of the game emerged following the online popularity of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic tv show. Because it led to a major increase in fan-made pony characters, which may have been made easier due to specific pony creator tools, game threads using the "[Your name] + the pony" formula started appearing as early as 2011. Such examples can be seen on The Escapist forums[7], LukerFAQs[8], 4chan [9] and even Reddit [10].

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