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Goyslop is an antisemitic internet slang term used in reference to fast food, overly processed food, soy-based food and otherwise unhealthy food. The term combines the terms "goyim," a Jewish word for people who are not Jewish, and "slop," a term often used to criticize food as disgusting. The term implies that low-quality food is being served to the masses by the Jewish people, who are purported to control the world by antisemitic conspiracy theorists, to make them depressed, unhealthy and docile. Its first known use was on 4chan in 2019, spreading online to sites including iFunny in 2022.


The earliest known use of the term "goyslop" was posted to 4chan's /pol/[1] board on May 8th, 2019, in a comment about Burger King's 'Real Meals'. In the comment, the anonymous user wrote in a greentext, ">Implying I care about what Goyslop companies do" (shown below). The term was first used on Twitter[2] on September 12th of that year.

NO ONE IS HAPPY ALL THE TIME 97KiB, 1140x641, real meal.jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace ↓ Real meal Anonymous ID: 8yV9JEUD Wed 08 May 2019 16:33:45 No.212517170 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>212517305 Bk actually nailed it with this >inb4 bk shill hear me out no matter what you're feeling its all solved by doing something you like, not thousands of dollars spent on therapy. A Whopper solves all Nailed it BK customer for life Anonymous ID: STVVZTu4 Wed 08 May 2019 16:35:03 No.212517305 >>212517170 >Implying I care about what Goyslop companies do [2/1/2] Report

On November 27th, 2019, the term was used in a post to /pol/[3] about the quality of school lunches, with the OP writing, "How can you have a functional society when you willing feed your kids and youth GOYSLOP? No wonder they're having depression, mental breakdowns and violent outbursts." The thread inspired over 390 responses, helping spread the slang across the site. There are over 15,000 results for the search term "goyslop" on 4chan[4] as of September 2022.

View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace school lunch thanksmichelleobama.jpg, 66KiB, 968x681 /pol/ School Lunch Politics Anonymous ID: VGa2G030 Wed 27 Nov 2019 16:30:32 No.234522005 Replies: 323 Quoted By: >>234538284>>234539470 >>234564254 View Report How can you have a functional society when you willing feed your kids and youth GOYSLOP? No wonder they're having depression, mental breakdowns and violent outbursts.


The term became increasingly popularized over the following years, starting to spike in interest in 2022. It was first defined on Urban Dictionary[5] on May 11, 2021, by user SIX HOT LOADS, writing, "Low quality processed industrial waste. Perfect nutrition for normie wagecuck. See Goy-feed" garnering 43 likes in four months before getting deleted. The term became prominent in memes on iFunny throughout the year. For example, on August 13th, iFunny[6] user GarfieldsFavoriteLasagna posted a Nikocado Avocado meme using the term, garnering over 180 smiles in a month (shown below).

M M Heard some antisemites on here are calling "unhealthy" food "goyslop" so I decided to buy some mcDonald's to show how dumb they really are

On August 14th, 2022, a Redditor posted to /r/etymology[7] asking for a definition of goyslop. Redditor hereatic then posted a definition, writing:

Definitely seems antisemitic! According to urban dictionary: β€œThe absolute barebones nutrition required by goyim to stay alive and continue working/wagecucking.” Meaning whoever started, it’s white supremacist in function.

The (wrong, bad) idea being that low quality entertainment and food are being produced by the Jews to satiate the gentile masses as they (in the nazi imagination) control the world in order to…idk get Yom Kippur off from public schools? Nazis never really think that far. This is obviously a baseless, fascist conspiracy theory, and using the term propagates harmful nonsense.

To my knowledge and from looking around there has never been use of this term by Jews, only antisemites.

The word is likely from goy (hebrew for nation and modern Hebrew for gentile) plus slop (sustenance from pig slop (from mud hole, from Middle English for dung, from PIE for slip)) I would say there is possibly a play on pig slop as pigs are considered unclean in Judaism, and therefore they are implying gentiles are seen as similarly unclean.

Fascists are obsessed with decrying the products of modernity as artificially degenerate (so they can use extreme force to control and culturally regress society). this seems to be the newest spin on a very old tactic.

On September 19th, Twitter[8] user @JacekJacob posted, "Is eating healthy antisemitic?" along with a screenshot of a seemingly fake[9] entry published to the ADL website claiming goyslop is an "anti-semitic dog whistle," garnering over 3,000 likes and 350 retweets in two days (shown below). It was shared by Instagram[10] user punished.subhatred on September 20th, garnering over 1,000 likes in a day.

ADL CONNECTICUT Pizza fut ENGER KING Pizza Ha Wy ABOUT 00-E BANGO Posted in Combating Hate. Can you Hear It? Anti-Semitic Dog Whistle "Goyslop" September 13, 2022 (NGO) KING DQ NEWS Wendy's Gf+ eat fresh elma EVENTS Pizza BURGER KING BLOG EDUCATION AA KING INHOUT Con TACO BELL KFC Atten GET INVOLVED 0 Pollo Loco Arbus DIZZ SONIC that TACO SUBWAY des BURGER KING KING BURGER KING DQ M TREINO 114 00 Fast McDonald's

Various Examples

M AS A KID 2616 MIL FIVE GUY and FRIDH BURGERS Imp.com AS AN ADULT MCDONALD'S GOYSLOP @sumogondola corn syrup enthusiast @FuelSteel Yummy! #babyformula goyslop OVER 35% MORE! OVER 35% MORE! Enfamil Infant Formula Gentlease For Easing Fussiness, Gas and Crying in 24 Hours INGREDIENTS: CORN SYRUP SOLIDS, PARTIALLY HYDROLYZED NONFAT MILK AND WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE SOLIDS (SOY), VEGETABLE OIL (PALM OLEIN, SOY, COCONUT, AND HIGH OLEIC SUNFLOWER OILS), AND LESS THAN 2%: MORTIERELLA ALPINA OIL*, SCHIZOCHYTRIUM SP. OIL, VITAMIN A PALMITATE, VITAMIN D3 VITAMIN E ACETATE VITAMIN K. THIAMIN ... Mud Metro @MudMetro Mostly real ingredients. Always trying to minimize my consumption of #goyslop BADA Nature's own Jutterbread Termer Chaned LANDOLAKES Prah BUTTER HALF La Scudders Tillamook S Altro's DE FLOUR TORTILLA GRENDEL ... X u ↑ full of goyslop GUME CISCO Pure Vegetable BR OREO Shake Og Cami Sprip Karo 4T CORN SYRUP PRAV 2.11 PC) 473 I smell goyslop!!! w-What is GOYSLOP doing here?!? Ohmygosh what am I going to do?!? THERES GOYSLOP HERE IM FREAKING OUT SO MUCH!!!!! calm down calm down and take a nice deep breath.... *sniff* *sniff* it smells so good! I love goyslop so much!!!! It makes me feel so amazing. I'm getting tingles all over from the delicious goysent! It's driving me goyCRAZYIIIIII If u are goyslop and u are reading this, I just wanted to say hiiiiiii goyslop!!!!! I love you! 15 m Uk smart guy! Let's see you eat the goyslop

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