Homer Is Dead

Homer Is Dead

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"Homer Is Dead" is a series of poorly drawn MS Paint comics featuring the titular characters from the American animated TV sitcom The Simpsons. The comics, consisted in two panels with the final one featuring a close up of Homer Simpson's face with the catchphrase "Homer is dead" on it, inspired various parodies.


The original set of comics was created by an artist known as "David Guy & Raz" and originally uploaded to his now-defunct personal website Ghoste.cx.[2] The two-pane comics typically feature one of The Simpsons' main characters trying to talk to Homer Simpson, but he is revealed to be unconscious in the close-up image as suggested by the caption "Homer is Dead" (shown below). The most well-known instance from the series, which depicts Marge Simpson asking her husband whether he was drunk, was uploaded in a post submitted by NoHomersClub[3] forum member Dark Homer on July 12th, 2010.

Homer. are ou drunk? HOMER& DERD Yake up. Homer. You're late for vork HOMER & DEAD Homer? HOMERI&DEAD Hiddelly-ho. neighbourino HOMERI&DEAD HOMERS DERD


The comics mostly remained obscure until 2011, when they began circulating on various discussion forums and popular media-sharing platforms. On March 3rd, 2011, the aforementioned comic featuring Marge Simpson and Homer Simpson was posted to the internet humor site FunLOL[5]. On August 2nd, 2011, FunnyJunk user vennie uploaded an original comic[4] mimicking the style of david guy & raz, followed by another original instance[7] posted two days later (shown below).

0hthE T HOMER IS DEAD hemer, stop standing on the couch 中 HOMER IS DEAD

On November 4th, 2011, YouTube vlogger and voice actor Nyanners uploaded a video titled "CREEPY DEAD HOMERA FOOTAGE", featuring an edited version of the "Homer, are you drunk?" comic with Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi, the main characters from the Japanese anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The video garnered more than 116,000 over the course of the next four years (shown below, left). On April 14th, 2013, Youtuber IrishSpy33 uploaded a video compilation of "Homer Is Dead" comics voiced by a text-to-speech application in the background, gaining over 127,000 views in the following two years (shown below, right).

On October 7th, 2014, the Facebook community "The Same Video Of Homer Is Dead Everyday" was launched, which racked up more than 9,300 likes within the first year.[6] In addition, the "Homer Is Dead" series has spawned a collection of similar parodies on the microblogging community Tumblr.[1]

Various Examples

SANS, ARE YOLu ASLEFP? SANS IS DEAD garnt but me a cooky cat garnt is dead Booker, are you drunk? BOOKER IS DEAD shiza are you ok? L. SHIZA ISDEAD are you home? BANGLE IS DEAD Yake up. kater You re late for tork HATER IS DEAD Panty, are you drunk? PANTY IS DEAD HAVEM'T BILLY IS DEAD

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