I Am Thinking of Having Breast Reduction Surgery meme and comic depicting one piece characters.

I Am Thinking of Having Breast Reduction Surgery

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I Am Thinking of Having Breast Reduction Surgery, Please Don't refers to a series of fan art redraw memes based on a panel from a One Piece fan-made webcomic in which the character Nami tells Luffy she's thinking of having breast reduction surgery and Luffy responds, "Please don't." The panel comes from a 2012 upload by DeviantArt user heivais and became the subject of redraws in March 2023 after it was posted to Twitter.


On May 15th, 2012, DeviantArt[1] user heivais posted a One Piece fan comic titled, "Luffy x Nami, breast," garnering over 181,000 views and 900 favorites in 11 years (shown below). The comic depicts Nami complaining about the size of her breasts in broken English. She tells Luffy she's considering breast reduction surgery and he responds, "Please don't." She then removes her bra and asks Luffy to hold her breasts and tell her what he thinks. He feels them, hugs her and says, "Nami, that is a natural breasts. I like it!"

Hmmm..... LUFFY! TRY It, my Breasts a light or heavy? JEN FUTSA Luffy, my breasts are Really massive and growth. TOUCH IT! well, what do you think? NOW to say Something!? Sigh! I am thinking of having breast Reduction SURgery.... Please Don't. Heivais mmmm Nami, that is a natural Breasts. I like it! I Love YOU! ,

On March 14th, 2023, Twitter[2] user @hccupit posted a panel from the comic where Nami tells Luffy about considering breast reduction, writing, "draw ur otp like this," garnering over 28,000 likes and 2,800 quote-retweets in a month (shown below).

I am thinking of having breast Reduction Surgery.... Please Don't.


The tweet inspired numerous replies on Twitter[3][4][5] in the comments and quote-retweets redrawing the panel, including redraws of Nami and Luffy as characters from Splatoon, South Park and Homestuck (examples shown below). On March 15th, 2023, FurAffinity[6] user Don_S_Prime posted a redraw of the meme featuring Rouge and Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog. On March 17th, Redditor ExileForever posted a version of the meme to /r/Xenoblade_Chronicles,[7] garnering over 470 upvotes in a month.

thinking of having I am a breast reduction Surgery.u Please don't. iam thinking of having breast Reduction surgery... Please Dor W cowsill D --> I am 100king into having breast reduction surgery :33 < purrwease dont

On March 17th, Twitter[8] user @slbelen_ posted a redraw of the meme referencing My Hero Academia, garnering over 10,000 likes in three weeks (shown below, left). It was then reposted by Instragram[9] user katsukidynamight on March 23rd, garnering over 8,000 likes in a similar timeframe.

On March 24th, Twitter[10] user @its_still_kuno posted a version referencing Gawr Gura that gathered over 4,000 likes in three weeks (shown below, right). It was then reposted on March 25th by Facebook[11] user Gawr-Gura Wholesome Posting, garnering over 660 reactions in roughly the same span of time.

I am thinking of having breast reduction surgery... sel Please don't. Be I am thinking of having breast reduction surgery Please tranfers it to me.

Various Examples

I am thinking of having breast reduction surgery... Please don't. TO DONO 1/200 I am thinking of having breast reduction Surgery.... Please don't. ~ ANN I aM THINKING OF HAVING BREAST REDUCTION SURGERY..... PLEASE DON'T. @XENDRANATHING i am thinking of having breast reduction Surgery.... Please 'don't. I'm trans Cool I'm Brazilian Gu I'M THINKING OF HAVING BREAST REDUCTION SURGERY... PLEASE DON'T! Se 31/17/23

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in reply to Mr. Watcher

Large breasts can cause genuine medical complications, long-term spinal damage is not unheard-of. On the psychological end, "you should just have more body positivity" is reductive and not at all how psychology works. Peer pressure is very real, slut-shaming is very real

Mr. Watcher
Mr. Watcher

in reply to TARINunit9

Ok I feel you may of misunderstood what I am saying, but I will not argue there can be damage to the body due to natural large breasts. If people did want to get a reduction due to pain and worry about their body it could be understandable… THAT SAID!

Like you said, slut-shaming and peer pressure is real! So people could just want surgery because of harassment of their body and not feeling comfortable with it. It could just be a bad self-image to be a main reason they could want to do that. That's why someone telling them not to (and this could be for non-sexual reasons, like how the original comics seems to imply) that they look great with them should be mentioned!

I do understand what you mean for people worrying about their health and making sure they live well, I do think if it needs to happen because of that (like it could threaten them with losing the ability to walk) then I understand, but if they think badly of themselves, then they should have someone tell them they are beautiful, just as the original comic implies.

That is just what I think.


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